STOS Sequel Chapter 3

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Sequel Chapter 3


“Glain, step back for a bit”

“ …Okay”


With a mortified expression, Glain moved back to a location where he could protect Tia.

I understand his feelings, but human beings with no divine powers has no effective techniques against a divine power user.

Those who can really fight with them are currently just me and Yuuhi.


“Get ready, you”

“There is no need for readiness!”’


The man pressed his hands together in prayer and then freed them.

Upon doing so, a shining spear appeared between his hands.

From the fact that that itself gave off hints of divine powers, it is probably made of only divine power.

If I were to stop it with a normal weapon, it’ll break in one attack.


“Gate, Kuromaru Mark 2”


I opened a small gate with my privilege as a god of death, and took out a jet black greatsword.

It’s my partner with whom I lived through in the other world.

It’s been broken once, but now I’ve remade it by mixing in my divine powers and remodeled it to suit me, having become a god.


“Yuuhi, please support me from behind. And when the worst case happens, get the two behind us”

“Okay, I just have to protect them right?”

“Yeah. Here I go! 


I thrust Kuromaru towards the man.

The man stopped that with his spear, but due to the difference in divine powers itself, he was blown far away to the back and he flew outside from the hole Yuuhi had made.


“It’ll be difficult to fight if we do it here. Here we can swing to our heart’s content”


I jumped out from the hole while putting Kuromaru on my shoulder.

It looks like he flew out behind the castle.

When I looked down while I was in mid-air, I was able to witness the moment the man slowly stood up.


“Come at me, skinhead”

“You bastard… Who are you”

“I’m working as a god somewhere. You’re being arrogant here”


I instantly moved in front of the man and struck him with Kuromaru.

He immediately tried to stop it with his spear, but I have already grasped what kind of strength he has.

Kuromaru who I swung straight down severed the spear and deeply cut open the left half of the man’s body.



“I’m the head of the household. You’re not going to guard it with that level of divine power”



The man went on his knee while bleeding in large volumes.

Game, set, match.

However, when I approached him to make sure of it and get information out of him, the man suddenly began laughing loud.


“I see, I see! So you are the god of death at the time of the war of gods and men! It is an honor to be meeting you!”

“ … You, what are you”

“We are the sanctuary association, an organisation who conducts research for the sake of bringing forth a god with human body. We will control divine powers that are beyond control of man and approach godhood while possessing human powers. It is this great association that makes this possible!”

“Really now, those people have forgotten who they are haven’t they”

“Let me tell you. We will surpass you living gods before long. And then we will force out the gods who are in the sanctuary!”


I drove a kick into the man’s face.

The man grandly bent backwards, blown away and stopped after bouncing on the ground several times.


“I ain’t gonna let you do such a thing. Or rather, there’s no way you can do that, don’t you think?”

“Kuh――――Kahahahaha! I wonder about that…”


This guy, he’s quite tough like I thought.

Although I’m going easy on him because I can’t actually kill him, it’s strange that that kick only did just this little damage.


“I shall first… show you, the god of death! How I will force you out of the seat of gods!”


The man’s divine power skyrocketed.

And this is――――his magic power too?


“Limit Break”



The injuries that the man bore were healed in the blink of an eye.

And then the next instant, a shining robe wrapped the man’s body.

That robe appeared to be created by combining divine power and magic power.

No doubt should I call him the coexistence between man and god.


“This is the celestial robe that we embody! The one to get ready should be you――――”

“You talk too much!”


I put in divine power and swung Kuromaru.

With just that I cut apart the robe and sunk the blade in the man.

When I swung it out as is, a bleeding even more severe than before occurred on the man’s body.


“You ain’t gonna reach us with divine powers like that. And I’m still at the tip in the world of gods, you know? If you can’t stop my blows then you’re not even going anywhere”

“Impossible… the celestial robe is…”

“Must be the mistake of the stupid robe. Sorry that you’re dumbfounded, but you’re gonna have to let me restrain you”


While saying so, I reached my hand out to the man.

That instant, I had an extremely bad feeling about it and jumped back.

There was something wrong with the man’s look.

No, I wasn’t talking about how he looked strange from the beginning.


“I was unable to accomplish my mission… There is only death, to the useless”

“What do you think you’re saying by yourself!”


I judged what the man was trying to do, and kicked the ground in order to catch him again.


“Long live the Almighty Man-God!”



I won’t make it―― the next instant I thought so, a flash that won’t let me open my eyes, and a shock broke out from the center of the man’s body, and a thunderous roar that would rupture my ears resounded.

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  1. … sigh humans….

    hate to admit (cos i still hate her arrogance), but that ‘bitch’ goddess actually right,
    Humans really a Disease of the world…..

    well in a way, this time enemies is like counterpart of her, she thinking all humans is trash bugs, while this enemies thinking they can overpower gods with half-baked divine power…
    both are arrogant fuvktard ~

  2. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    Another guy who thinks the end justify the means. Even when the end itself is questionable.

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