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Chapter 54

The Beast Queen Burns Life


“All right! Here I am!”


The place where Leona was transferred to was on the shell of the large tortoise.

The moss grown shell was somewhat simple to slip on, but it had no effect to Leona who could fight even when placing her hands on the ground when the necessity would arise.


“Now, I don’t bear any grudges to you, but I can’t let you land. I’m gonna have you let me knock you down for a bit!”


Although the tortoise had slow movements, it steadily advanced to the port town.

Clear hostility dwelled in those eyes, and if it were to land on the port town, it would be certain that many people would become victims.

In order to stop that from happening, Leona unleashed her fist towards underneath her feet.


“Gh! I said I want to break it, but it really is hard, isn’t it…”


The fist that she swung downward as a test did not incur even a single damage on the tortoise shell.

And this gigantic tortoise was a listed monster.

If it knew it was attacked by ‘people’ it would come to conduct an attack in its own way.


“What are…these”


Leona glared at that with uncovered wariness, and then the light of the light spheres became gradually more intense.


(This isn’t good!)


Feeling a bad premonition, Leona immediately took evasive actions, and the next instant, the light of all the light spheres reached its limit, and all of them exploded simultaneously.

Leona, who broke free from the center of the smokes that rolled up, looked out over her surroundings while preparing her stance.


“This guy’s trouble…”


From all over its shell, light spheres poured out over and over.

Those indiscriminately floated in the air and exploded one by one from the ones nearby Leona.

Therefore she had to continue to move, and so her physical strength was shaved off little by little.

Furthermore, being unable to completely avoid the bomb blasts, the burns on her increased the longer it dragged on.

If Leona were unable to subdue the tortoise as soon as possible, she would end up using all her strength before long.


“Got no free time anymore to be finicky about its shell, huh!?”


Leona ran off towards its head while avoiding the light spheres.


“If I crash my fist into its head, then I bet it will show effect !”


As Leona jumped, she held up her fist while landing straight to the tortoises’ head.

An attack at a speed that would be impossible to dodge at all with its slow movement would certainly hit――was what it seemed.

However, Leona’s attack did not hit its mark.

Tortoises are able to move its head and limbs into its shell.

There was no exception to that, even for this gigantic tortoise.

By retracting its head inside its shell in an instant, Leona’s fist did not hit it.




As a result, Leona was pushed out towards the sea.

Falling straight into the sea, Leona opened her eyes wide as if realizing something, while thrashing her hands and feet around in a panicked state.


“I’ve never used it in this kind of way, but there’s merit in trying, I guess!”


Opening her mouth widely and breathing in, Leona, after bending her body greatly backwards, breathed out towards the sea surface.

That which she released along with an ear rupturing voice was not ordinary air, but a high pressure energy sphere that was solidified by magic power.

It was a technique peculiar to beastkins, and they call it the ‘Beast Cannon’.

When the beast cannon was released, Leona rose somewhat to the surface by the recoil.

However, she still did not reach the top of its shell.


“Burst open…!”


However, the beast queen’s blow did not end with that.

The beast cannon that crashed into the sea surface, generated a shockwave the instant it burst and scattered.

It repelled the sea and simultaneously affected Leona as well.

Being blown up towards the sky with fierce momentum, Leona ended up overviewing the tortoise from far in the sky.


“Oopsie… I guess I flew up a bit too far. But, if I have this height!”


Leona’s heartbeat pulsated loudly enough to be heard in the vicinity.


“Beast Beat!”


It was a technique that was available to a limited number of beastkins and dangerous while extremely powerful.

Increasing the speed of one’s blood flow around the body, it boosts one’s physical strength, speed and reflexes to the utmost.

In this state, Even Leona, who was called Beast Queen, could only hold on for two minutes.


“It’s the Beast’s power with gravity and my physical strength added!”


Leona clenched her fist, and then held it up while falling straight down.


“Beast Fist!”


And then, the fist of the god of beasts, hit the tortoise shell.

Shock and thunderous roar echoed, and the shock ran through the ocean.


“――You’ve got to be kidding me”


Even so, she did not put any cracks in the tortoise shell.

What broke instead was Leona’s fist; her skin was torn and blood was flowing out.


(Tch… I accidentally cracked my bones)


Leona immediately knew how she damaged her fist.

However, she still could do nothing beside swinging her fist.


“What about it!”


She once again released Beast Fist with the same hand.

Even so, it did not put any single damage on the shell.

However much she did it, that fact did not change.


“I give up…”


The bleeding on Leona’s fist became even worse.

The state of her bones grew seemingly worse as well, and the color on the back of her hand began to change blue.


(One attempt to hit him… and my left hand won’t bring out as much strength as my right――It can’t be helped anymore then)


There was a little more than a minute time where Beast Beat would be effective.

Overusing any further than that would be a matter of life and death.

Nevertheless, the tortoise would end up landing at the port before that however――


“Argh geez! Can’t be helped!”


Leona once again jumped up to the sky.

There was also  exploding light spheres drawing near, but the greater part of her reason was because she wanted to utilize height once again. 


(If I use this then I won’t be able to use my strength for the time being, but it’s not something I can say that anymore)


Far in the skies, red aura began to leak from Leona’s body.

Her Beast Beat concluded, and Leona’s expression changed from a ferocious one to a calm one.


“――Beast Aura” (獣神の命炎;Beast god’s flame of life)


The red aura flickered in her surroundings.

That was no doubt, the flames of her life.

Using her life force as fuel, a vast amount of magic power was produced inside Leona’s body at that moment.

Rather, her state was that she had excess magic power, and it leaked outside.


“In this mode, even I can only hold it for ten seconds. Enough playing around, let me finish it with this”


Leona’s expression was calm enough to be unimaginable from her usual state.

That was evidence of her burning her life.

She, who was on the border of life and death, was in a certain enlightened state of mind.


“Beast fist――”


Leona kicked the sky and drew near the tortoise instantly.

The monster who had recognized her as an overwhelmingly strong person, began to pour out large amounts of light spheres from its shell.

However, it was already too late.


“――Life Blaze”


Leona struck her fist lit by a small flame onto the shell.

An exceptional impact with a mere Beast Fist, went through the tortoise and split the sea surface.

The shell broken, her fist sunk into the flesh below it.

The internal organs under its flesh ruptured, and the tortoise’s body sunk deep and profoundly.

Dark red liquid streamed out to the sea, and Leona, who sat down on a broken shell around the time it began turning all that could be seen dark red, took a breath.


“*sigh* … I really didn’t want to to use this”


Leona threw down her body on the floating shell, closed her eyes and began to breathe while sleeping.

Even if it was said that it was a woman who broke the giant tortoise, nobody would believe it.

As long as the people I know of know, is what she would say however.

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