STOS Sequel Chapter 1

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Sequel Chapter 1


“Otherworld Gate – Close”

“It’s been a while, isn’t it? Coming over here!”


I entered the other world from nearby the human country where we would not really be suspicious of.

They can’t misuse it, but I closed the otherworld gate just in case and then once again breathed in the other world air.


“It hasn’t changed either huh, this world”


I’ve always been just watching, so it’s really been a long time since I’ve stepped on this ground.

I even have the feeling that I’ve gone back to the countryside already.


“So, what are you going to do, coming to this place”

“Fu fu fu… I was thinking of going to collect a fantasy ingredient, you see!”

“A fantasy ingredient?”

“It’s another world, so I thought there’s at least that much somewhere”

“I see, so no plan, huh?”


She seems to have come to this world while not knowing if there is a phantom ingredient or not.

Oh well.

Searching it from the beginning would be again a strange thing to do.


“In that case, since we’re nearby, shall we go and ask in the human country? I wonder if we’ll learn something if we ask the king”

“You’re going to meet Tia aren’t you?”

“She also has extensive knowledge after all, that girl”


If it’s Tia, the world’s most prominent magician, then she should at least be aware of places where you can gather unusual ingredients.


“Alright, let’s go”



First would be a carefree walk to the human country.


After walking for about an hour, we finally arrived at the human country.

The inspection has become quite simple too; we were able to enter smoothly.


“It’s nicely crowded here”

Only a little time passed yet since they switched kings and yet, it’s amazing isn’t it…”


The streets hardly changed, but the expressions of the citizens are somewhat bright.

Tia told me something like she reduced taxes, but she must’ve reduced it quite a bit.


“Now then, shall we go and meet such savior of a king?”

“We got no appointment, but would that be fine?”

“Well, it’s us, so they wouldn’t do us anything bad”


What does she think the king is?

But she’s my companion, so if it’s impossible now, they should let us meet later.


We went to the road that leads to the castle where the king should be and after a while, we arrived at the castle gates.


“Identify yourselves!”

“We cannot let those unauthorized pass!”


We were stopped by the gatekeepers when we tried to enter just like that.

Come to think of it, the castle should’ve met with an attack at that time with Creasyl.

Naturally they would reinforce their security system.


“Erm, we’re acquaintances of the king, so couldn’t you let us through?”

“You thought we would simply let you pass after being told that?”

“You won’t I guess”


Uhhm, no appointment is no good like I thought.

… No, it looks all right.

A man came walking here from inside the castle.


“Eh! Mr Setsu! You’ve come!?”

“Yoo, Glain! Are you well?”


I pat on the shoulders of Glain who came rushing to me.

Having become commander of the knights, his facial features has become even more seemingly steadfast.

Seeing his healthy skin, his current life seems to have improved.


“I am of course doing well. Ah, this lady and gentleman are people closely related to us. Let them through”

“Sir! We apologize for our rudeness!”


You’ve done well educating them.

They’re performing this job well without cutting corners as a ‘business’, and they did not even put in their personal feelings.


“Looks like you’ve been really working well, Glain”

“Well, just within my capacity. Have you two come to meet us on a whim?”

“Well, that too, but…”

“We came here to look for some unusual food! I thought there should be plenty of them if we look in the world over here!”

“I see! In that case, Tia should be well-informed”


Just like I thought.

But Glain’s expression turned instantly worn out the instant he spoke of Tia’s name. What is this situation?


“ … Did Tia do something?”

“No… Tia is doing her work properly. She hasn’t neglected her work, but… She is often away, you know”


“Yes. After she properly performs her work, she disappears. She is the queen, so I’d like her to sit on her throne if possible though”

“That can’t be possible”

“Yes, that is why Elka and I take charge of sudden audiences. Occasionally important matters come in, so there’s a need for us to brace ourselves you know?”


Is that why he’s worn out?


“Well, we do know where she is though”

“There’s one possible choice right?”

“Yes. Since we are already here, shall I guide you there?”


Yuuhi and I began walking behind Glain.

Towards Tia’s magic research institute――

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