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Vol 10 Chapter 1

Yuuji, hearing the story about the movie adaptation from Sakura


“Oh, mail from Sakura. …Huh? Okay?”


As usual, it was time for Yuuji to sit in front of his PC.

Having checked the mail, Yuuji learned that a mail had arrived from his sister.

And then he stiffened.

He had read the contents.

At that moment there was winter’s first snow storm outside.

Thunderous roars and howling voices of the wind could be heard even inside Yuuji’s room.

  □ □ ■ ■ □ ■ ■ □ □


Having read Sakura’s mail, Yuuji, after being frozen for a short time, opened Sky*e and called Sakura. Not a telephone call, but a group chat. 


Yuuki : Sakura, I saw the mail. Is now a good time?


Sakura : Onii-chan! You’re finally here! It’s terrible!


Yuuji : So… is it true?


Sakura : It is! When we met a well-connected married couple by Lewis-kun’s introduction and was introduced to the patternmaker, the married couple turned out to be a producer and scriptwriter, so


Yuuji : Ri- right. Sakura, calm down a little


Sakura : Ah, sorry Onii-chan. I’m still a little amazed. Actually, Yuuji-nii, you’re calm, aren’t you?


Yuuji : Naah, it just hasn’t hit me yet


Sakura : Well, that’s true I guess. So Onii-chan, the movie adaptation in Hollywood… what should we do?


Yuuji : Hmm~, I’m fine either way. Maybe there are people over there who knows something about it, so if they’re making it into a film and is talked about, then I wonder if it’s better over there


Sakura : Oh really… That’s right, yup. This isn’t the time to be in high spirits I guess


Yuuji : But, I’d like to make it so I can upload information like images and videos on the bulletin board like I’ve been doing until now.


Sakura : Uhmm, no matter what?


Yuuji : Yup. Because I’m indebted to everyone. Or rather, it wouldn’t have been strange that I would’ve died if they weren’t here, so yeah


Sakura : Onii-chan…


Yuuji : That’s why you know, I won’t give up that part


Sakura : Okay, got it. But the adaptation isn’t decided. We’re tied to a contract(?) where they’re going a review period of whether or not they would make a movie out of it from now on, and we won’t do a movie adaptation anywhere else in the meantime, or so it seems


Yuuji : Oh o


Sakura : Onii-chan, you’re not really interested are you?


Yuuji : Oh, yeah…


Sakura : Okay. I’ll get Gunji-san and his skilled attorney teacher that’s around there on duty here. Do you have other non-negotiable things?


Yuuji : No, nothing in particular… Ah, I want to continue the support on the offline camp. If we get money with this, will we be able to afford it again?


Sakura : Onii-chan… it’s not a sum at that level you know… No wait, they’ve only just considered it, so I wouldn’t go that far though…


Yuuji : Eh? Seriously?


Sakura : Yup. Also, Gunji-san and the others said that they are thinking if there is anything that we can support on beside the support for the offline camp right now


Yuuji : Oh really! Yup, even if I get money, there’s no way for me to use it


Sakura : Uhuh. Then I’ll contact you if there are any changes! Ah, and this subject is still secret, okay!? Make sure not to let the bulletin board know either!


Yuuji : Right, got it!

  □ □ ■ ■ □ ■ ■ □ □


Movie adaptation, huh… Somehow it hasn’t hit me yet”


Yuuji tilted his head in front of the PC. He took a breath and languidly reclined on his chair. It seems he had stopped thinking about difficult things.

Kotarou, who had curled up in Yuuji’s room, rushed over to Yuuji, went up the chair and sat down on Yuuji’s lap.


“O-ooh, Kotarou, what’s wrong? This is unusual. Hey wait, Kotarou, didn’t you become bigger somehow after all? You look like you’ve become a little heavier…”


Kotarou play-bit Yuuji’s hand to such words. You don’t talk to a girl about her weight, is what she seemingly wanted to say. She was a delicate female.


“Sorry, sorry. Say Kotarou, she said we may become a movie. What do you think?”


Yuuji spoke while slowly stroking Kotarou’s head.

Kotarou barked as if to answer. Really, isn’t that quite fine? was her not all that dissatisfied answer.


Fourth winter since Yuuji had come to this world; he had spent the blizzard night that informed him its beginning like this.

Leaving behind Yuuji, who warded off the tempest-like story of making him into a movie in Hollywood without realizing it.

  □ □ ■ ■ □ ■ ■ □ □


“Yuuji-nii, good morning~! Huh? What’s wrong? You’re going to take pictures?”


The next day after hearing the story of the movie adaptation.

Yuuji immediately used the camera even inside the house. 

At any rate, make sure to record various things, was the order he was given by Sakura.

But then again, Yuuji had no way of knowing how tough it is to edit the videos he shot with the camera he had into a movie. 

However good of a camera Yuuji’s father used for his hobby, it is different from the equipment used in movies like earth is different from heaven. It is where one would wonder whether Yuuji’s camera would be useful for the television.


“That’s not it, Alice. We may become a movie they said!”

Movie, is that the thing like Cinderella that I saw on your Peesee, Yuuji-nii!?”

“Uhm, how it will be… I still don’t know though…”


Perhaps Yuuji’s words could not be heard, Alice was making merry, going “Wow, amazing” and such.

Riese, who held hands with Alice, was flabbergasted. Alice was suddenly making merry in front of Riese who could not follow the conversation. It was natural to be surprised.

Teacher Alice’s local language course was at the point where she finally finished teaching her greetings.


‘Yuuji-nii, why is Alice delighted? Tell Riese too!’


Hearing those words of Riese, Yuuji began to explain from the beginning.

But Riese did not seem to quite understand him. Of course she would not. Riese had not experienced movies, photos or animations. She was merely tilting her head in confusion.

As if astonished by Yuuji’s shoddy explanation, Kotarou barked wan wan. Okay okay, never mind that, we’re starting with the pioneering now, is what she seems to be saying. But then again, those words were not understood by anybody. Since she was a dog.

  □ □ ■ ■ □ ■ ■ □ □


“You’re here, Mr Yuuji- wait, what’s wrong?”

“Aah, no, please don’t mind me”


Where Yuuji headed to after leaving the house was the daily morning practice.

The minute that they arrived, Yuuji immediately put up the tripod and set the camera, covered in his handmade black impact-absorbing package. To make sure the tripod would not fall over, he seemed to have taken care of it by putting the legs around a tree and tying it with rope.


Finding it strange, the former adventurer Blaise asked Yuuji.

However, Yuuji’s answer was curt and distracted.

“O-oh, well, sure I guess,” Blaise spilled out. It was not that the eccentric behavior that Yuuji showed sometimes started recently.


“This looks good! Oops. Sorry to keep you waiting, so shall we start!?”


The morning practice that Yuuji began with just himself and Kotarou. That had now turned into eight or nine people, and many more when Kevin’s group were here.

The four of the former adventurers party, dogkin Mark, Yuuji, Alice, Riese and sometimes the catkin Nina. The time when Kevin’s group was in the pioneer land, they would be increased by his two exclusive escorts or the adventurer trio.

Incidentally, Alice and Riese’s daily routine was running around the training grounds under Kotarou’s guidance and casting magic under Yuuji’s supervision.



The elven girl Riese was able to cast magic.

Differing from Alice, her forte was water magic and earth magic.

According to what Yuuji heard, elves seem to be strong in any of three types, these two and wind magic, and are usually weak in fire magic.

Hearing that, Yuuji said “Uwah, that’s elf-like.” But then again, Yuuji’s image was centered on games and novels from Japan.


In any case.

Like this, Yuuji continued to take various footages while spending his winter days in the pioneer land.

Yuuji becoming aware of the fact that they were unusable for the movie due to the influences of his equipment is yet another story for the future.

But then again, the producer, who would design the movie adaptation even without making use of the film itself, would seem to have an idea.

Yuuji becoming aware of that is again yet another story for the future.

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