STOS Sequel Chapter Introduction

Hello readers! Here comes the sequel to second summon.

I had it titled as afterstory on patreon, but I think sequel makes more sense given the story. This is a short introduction to it, which coincidentally was released during valentines day. I could go with just STOS 2, but I guess this is fine. On another note, today’s the day I catch up to the author. This means more time for me to do other things! I’ll let you know my plans in the next monthly(or not monthly, since I skipped this month’s) report that I will post next week. Look forward to it.


Let me know if you find anything odd or wrong about my translation, I’ll review and fix if it whenever I can.

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Sequel Introduction


“Aah, today’s valentines, huh?”


While watching the state of Japan, I casually muttered such thing.

I sighed just a little bit at the sight of cheerful guys and girls.

The people in the other world don’t know valentines.

So my only hope would be Yuuhi though…


“Thanks for waiting! Yuki-kun!”

“Welcome back~… Geh, don’t tell me, did you just-”


Hanging in Yuuhi’s hand was a supermarket bag.

It’s one from the supermarket in that area, no matter how I look at it.


“It is valentines day today after all! I’m going to put all my effort into making it!”

“The chocolate…?

“Uhuh! The chocolate!”


…I have a bad feeling about this. 

Yuuhi headed to the kitchen with skips.

Well, the kitchen in this room is just floating around there though.

I’ve been spending quite a long time in this room, but there are still more mysteries here .


“So wait for me, okay!? I’ll make the Yuuhi Special!”

“… Sure”


Yuuhi said and searched for ingredients.

――――To be honest, Yuuhi is bad at cooking.

Whatever she makes, she’ll usually mistake the heating power and so,scorched black substances would come out.

I’ve taught her sufficiently, but you know, ultimately there was no signs of curing that until now.

I’m worried about this.

I’m super worried about this.


“Uhmmm, there’s probably not enough of what’s me after all…”

“You- you don’t have to add such twist to it you know? The basics are important if anything, you know?”

“That’s true but, uhmm…”


This is not a good trend.

This is an act that must not be done by someone who is bad at cooking.

She can destroy the dish by putting in a unique twist.


“Ah, that’s right! Let’s go to the other world for a bit!”


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