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Chapter 53

The Humans and Demons Cooperate


“Hey, that guy…”

“It’s the human from before!”

“I knew that guy caused this uproar!”

“There are more of them!”


The townspeople noticed us.

They’re approaching me to catch me, but an explosion erupted as if to prevent that.


“You all, be silent for a moment. We are having an important discussion now”

“Sir Gidara! But――”

“I am telling you to be silent. Because we are now discussing in order to drive away those monsters”



The townspeople became quiet.

As expected of the minister of the demon lord army, there is dreadfulness in his words that doesn’t let you say yes or no.

Leona and Silvar, who were in front of me, behaved like they were pondering something.

The atmosphere was heavy.

The one who opened their mouth first within there was Leona.


“――What, so it was like that. It’s no wonder that I thought you were strong!”



Leona put her hand on her head and laughed.

When I dumbfoundedly looked at her, Silvar sighed and calmly smiled.


“Hero Adel, therefore ‘Al’ is it? Is that not rather simple?”

“Aren’t we the idiots for not noticing that?”

“Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that the Hero would be acting as an adventurer like other people”

“That is true as well!”


For whatever reasons, the two didn’t appear to be shaken all that much.

It didn’t seem like I was found out, so I don’t know what is what.


“What are you making that gloomy face for! And at a time when we’re going to fight from now on”

“I mean…Wouldn’t you two hold me responsible for for abandoning my Hero work?”

“Huuh? I’m not going to hold you responsible for it you know. It is right to refuse that kind of generally excessively difficult work where you’re badly treated. If it was me, I wouldn’t even hold it for three months”


Says Leona, and she once again blew up in lively laughter.


“If I were king of our country, I would not have done something like leaving the work like the Hero to a single person. You are merely a victim, one made by a foolish country”

“That’s how it is. That’s why there’s absolutely nothing for us to hold you responsible for not having fought the demons”

“Before you call yourself a Hero, you are my retainer. There is no meaning in not assisting you, now that your background has come to light”

“You’re like a sweetheart to me! I wouldn’t do something like refusing being requested by you”


While Silvar drew his sword and Leona hit her fists together, they gave their support to me that way. 

I was stupid for worrying and hiding it until now.

It would’ve been better if I had said it much earlier if it was like this.

――No, that’s wrong. It’s because it is now that it has meaning.

We probably wouldn’t have this sort of relationship if I had said it when we met.


“Let’s go, Adel

“Summoning us here means you have some strategy do you not?”

“! Yeah! I’ll explain it now”


There is still some time until the gigantic monsters lands.

The falcon above us did not look like it would attack until the two lands.

I’ll be able to communicate our strategy if I do it during this time. 


“I see, so we will be using the magic of you, elderly one”

“Yes. I will transfer you and place you on the back of the monsters. Thereafter will depend you”

“So we can just make them come down and beat them up right?”

“Let us leave it as that”


The enemies are three, and there are four us excluding Gidara.

It should be important who will be responsible for which.


“Unfortunately, I have no techniques that allows me to take down those monstrosities in one hit. I am a little hesitant in saying in exchange, but I have absolute confidence in relation to protection”

“In that case, shall we have you protect the town, Silvar? When we fight them, the aftermath of that would come after all”

“Leave it to me. I shall promise you there will be no damage in this town”


Silvar put his hand on his chest and declared so.

I’m convinced that this man would absolutely protect it to the end if he says he will protect it.


“Then it means we can let the big ones fall down!”

“If that is the case, I wonder if you could leave the dragon to me. I would like to cut what is called a dragon scale” 

“Well that’s okay right? In that case I’ll take the turtle! I’d like to try smashing that shell!”


If the two would be in charge of those two, then the enemies I should face has been narrowed down.


“I’ll cut down the falcon above us. This decides our opponents then”


The instant I declared so, Gidara thrust his staff to the ground again and deployed the magic circle.

That light wrapped up me, Leona and Eleira, and finished the preparations for the transfer.


“If you have decided it, then prepare yourselves. I will transfer you as soon as possible”

“Right, please”

“I’m ready anytime!”

“They are just right to test my new blade on”

“Vigorous lot are you not… Alright, I’m transferring you!”


The light became much stronger.


“Teleport magic――Transfer!”


I was once again wrapped in a floating sensation, and the scene I was seeing instantly changed.

What spread out was blue.

And then I felt intense coldness.

Of course it would be like that. Because this is a place that is higher than the clouds.


“…It’s as if I’m standing on the ground”


So I stood on top of the falcon that is flying in the sky.

I have this sense of stability like you would not think you were standing on a living creature, but it makes fighting easier and convenient.


“Let’s go, Echsdarc”

‘So it is finally my turn. The time has come to show the strength of my perfect self after being polished by you, milord!’

“Yes, please prove it, that you are my best partner”

‘Entrust it to me! I shall be sure to make any sword except me unsatisfactory!’


I unsheathed Echsdarc and swung down towards the back of the falcon――


“――You are called Gidara, is it not. You, are you alright?”



Having transferred the three, Gidara breathed out painfully.

He languidly hung his head, without being able to stand anymore if he did not use his staff as his support.


“It would seem to be magic overuse… You must need recovery potion”


Silvar took out a container with blue liquid inside from his pocket.

He held that out to Gidara, but he did not try to take it for some reason.


“It’s useless… *cough*”

“Gh! Hey!”


At the same time Gidara brushed away Silvar’s hand, he spat out large amounts of blood.

He spilled enough of it to create a pool on the ground, and it stained a little of the tip of Silvar’s shoes.


“Be silent to them… Milady demon lord as well, this is still not known to her after all”

“――So, it would not be for long, is it?”

“Yes, my magic circuits are no longer fit for its purpose, you see… It must be compensation for overusing it. Seeing that it is like this, I do not even know how many times I will be able to fight from now on”


Gidara put his hand on his knees and he managed to stand, though he put his body on his staff.

He forcibly wiped the blood with the back of his hand just after, and erased the blood on the ground with his feet.


“I have magic power… My circuits are just not catching up”

“Teleport magic takes tremendous cost. I can agree that it would be this way if you continue using it for several dozens of years”

“It is proof that I have fought to the bitter end. However… I should not have to rely on you all if my circuits are still flawless”


Said Gidara, his face strangely so pitiful to look at that even Silvar frowned.

So the destination of a magician who continued his services to the demon lord army for dozens, no hundreds of years, is so cruel.


“Is it really fine not to tell them?”

“Yes. Please do not tell them. Rather than strangely being worried and being driven out, continuing to fight to the end as the minister of the demon lord army would be a more appropriate place of my death”

“… Admirable. Is all I can say”

“There is something strange about being recognized by humans. I have been living a long life”


Gidara, who laughed vigorously, would be the lively elder itself when seen from an onlooker’s perspective.

It is because nobody knew of the fact that the insides of his body was collapsing.


“I too did not think I would be able to speak like this with a demon. It is thanks to my retainer”

“Adel, is it… To think that he would not look at us as hostile while being a former Hero… He is a strange man”

“That man is gifted with the power to see people not as a group, but as individuals. My association with him itself is short, but I know at least that much. Therefore, I recognize him as my retainer”


Silvar told as a matter of factly, while pointing his gaze towards Adel, who should be up in the air.


“I have yet to hear of the circumstances――but, so long my retainer is on your side, his king too shall lend his strength to you demons. I shall exempt your way of life and prepare a place for you to die without regrets”

“Kah kah kah! That is promising. I entrust it to you then, oh knight king”


They themselves had not noticed that they had crossed the barrier between humans and demons at this very moment.

Only unnameable ties were here.

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