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Chapter 44

The Hero Is Touched


“I’m, I’m finally here…”


Around half a day has passed since leaving the ship, and I arrived at the demon continent. At a period of time when I can already call it evening, I put my feet on the beach very far away from the port.

Truthfully I was supposed to arrive here much earlier, but for some reason the black magic was dissolved several minutes after departing, so I ended up having to swim from there.

It could be that the black mage’s magic power was used up, and it could be a magic that’s useless when too far away from the caster.

I can no longer investigate their true intention, but what’s important is that I have arrived at the demon continent.


‘Quickly… Wipe me and do maintenance on me please… I will rust’

“You’re not that weak of a sword are you… Well, I got it. I’ll be sleeping in the open air for now”


Responding to Echsdarc like that, I sat down on the beach.

I was very worn out.

I was washed away by the waves, I don’t know where this place is either.


“What should I do…”

“――Why did you arrive at a place like this?”


When I was about to be at a loss, a voice came from behind me.

When I turned my head to look, there stood Eleira, Phantom’s subordinate.


“Did you come to pick me up?”

“Our plan was to wait at the port though. Since the response of the magic stone you held moved to quite a far location, I have chased after that.”

“Now that you mention it, I was given something like that”


I searched my pockets and took out a tiny magic stone fragment.

This looks like something a scraped off part of a magic stone and could transmit its current location to the magic stone that was its origin, or so I was told.

It’s something Phantom made me carry, and I was told that someone would come to meet me at worst, but――never did I think that the vice-captain would come.


“I’m grateful that you’ve come to pick me up like this Eleira, but is the military strength alright?”

“It isn’t like the battle would start immediately. And besides, it is basically plenty enough with just milady Demon lord and Sir Phantom. Sir Gidara is also there”

“That troublesome-looking grandfather, huh… Wouldn’t that mean I’m not needed?”

“Yes, you not being necessary is most preferable”

“ … I agree with that”


It’s certainly better that the situation doesn’t turn into one where I have to cooperate.

Taking the hand Eleira held out to me, I stood up.


“I don’t understand why you came here not by ship but by swimming, but you must be tired. We have a simple shack nearby, so we’ll make use of that place.”

“I don’t want to talk about the reason, because it’s too stupid. If you have such a shack, then I’ll gratefully make use of it”


I walked with Eleira while loosening my body and after a while a small shack could be seen.

It seems quite old, but it’s made of solid structure.

It’s sufficient as a bedroom.


“Let’s spend a night here today and leave tomorrow. Even if it’s you, moving during the night is not a good plan, is it?”

“Yeah. And besides, I have a hunch I won’t be able to fight satisfactorily in my current condition”


I had been fighting a gigantic octopus


“Right? There are monsters in the demon continent too after all…”


Eleira, while saying so, opened the door to the shack.

It appears to be built for camping-purposes in the first place, so at the center was a fireplace installed and four beds, which is just spread cloth.


“I will light the fire, so first take off those wet clothes please”

“Su- sure…”


She said it like it was nothing, but undressing is embarrassing in its own way.

And we’re man and woman, though of different races.




When I reluctantly took off my clothes, the sense of liberation was tremendous in proportion to how much water it sucked up and became heavy.

Then I took off my trousers, and so I was in underwear.

Both top and bottom sucked up water and were like weights.

For the time being I’ll start wringing them all to make them easier to dry.


“ …”

“ …What is it?”


Eleira, while she was making a fire, was staring at such appearance of mine.


“Well――You have a good body don’t you”

“? Tha- thanks?”


After saying those few words, Eleira averted her eyes.

What’s up with her all of a sudden?


“Heroes have it hard as well isn’t it?”

“That’s… well, I guess. You’re all strong, you see, so humans and the likes won’t be able to oppose you if they don’t train themselves to death, don’t you think?”

“And like that, you completed that body, isn’t it?”

“Yeah. When you struggle for life every day, then of course you would”


When I think about it now, I’m conscious that I’ve been quite rash.

I was fifteen years old when I became a Hero, so I went through experiences many times over where I’m about to die up to now.

I have just a little self-consciousness that that was clearly insane.


“Uhm… Could I ask you something?”

“If it’s something I can do then I don’t mind…”

“Thank you very much. Well then――I wonder if you could allow me to touch your body”



I looked at Eleira’s eyes, thinking what kind of joke is this?

… No, this isn’t a joke.

This girl, she seems to be saying this seriously.


“Despite how I look, I like men’s lean muscles. Your body is projected greatly attractively Mr Adel, so I wondered if you could let me touch it by any means”

“ … That’s fine though”

“Thank you very much. Excuse me”

“No hesitation at all, huh!?”


Eleira’s hand was leaning to my chest.

A body temperature that’s slightly higher than my own was transmitted from her palm, turning it into a mysterious sensation.



“ …Gh”


What in the world is this about?

Eleira’s hand moved little by little and traced my muscles.

It is quite ticklish, so my body sprung up reflexively.



“Hey, right now it feels like you’ve let out a strange voice”

“You’re imagining it. Thank you very much. I’m already satisfied”

“ …”


Her crumbled facial expression instantly returned to normal, Eleira turned her back to me and left to a bed.

Still, you can’t judge someone by their appearance, I guess.


“You muscles are wonderful Mr Adel. I consider it the most desirable as of now”

“Thanks for that. I’m more than happy that you’re pleased with it”

“Please let me touch them again”

“If the situation allows it”


I sat near the fire that Eleira had lit for me and fluttered my wet clothes.

If I don’t dry them off quickly, I may yet again get violated.

If something like this was the outcome, then I would’ve put in other clothes in my magic bag.

I resent myself for not taking my situation seriously and leaving behind just about everything.


“We will head to the port first tomorrow. We will not be able to go straight to the demon lord castle from around here after all”

“Don’t go back to a serious conversation so suddenly please… Sure, I got it”

“Then, if you excuse me. Have a good night”

“You really are outlandish, you know that!?”


Is this really the woman who fought with me?

Did her personality switch somewhere?

While looking at the Eleira’s back who began to breathe while sleeping on the bed after a while, I decided to wait for the clothes to dry.


‘Uhm… Would you truly not wipe me soon?’ 


――I forgot.

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