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Vol 9 Idle talk 1

 [9-3] Mark-kun, doing his best. 3


“Mark, cut the branches of that tree nyext”

“Alright mom!”


The pioneer land in late autumn. The voices of two beastkins resounded outside the fence that divided the pioneer land and the forest.

Who gave directions while climbing a tree and clearing away the branches was the catkin Nina. Perhaps she liked high places; she looked to be in quite a good mood.

And the one who received instructions from that Nina, and ascended a tree was the dogkin Mark. On his waist was a hatchet.


The pioneer land’s defense fortification.

The watch towers and the wooden fence had been made under Yuuji’s command as its first stage.

It was a dangerous job where they would work at high places, but Nina and Mark announced their own candidacy and took on that responsibility. The two were brimming with feelings of responsibility. It just did not mean at all that it was because they merely liked climbing trees. Probably.


Nina and Mark. And of course the pioneer citizens including Yuuji. By all of their work, the preparations steadily advanced and the pioneer land’s defense fortification plan with Yuuji in command, took its first shape.

  □ □ ■ ■ □ ■ ■ □ □


Early morning.

“Wan wan wan” a furiously barking Kotarou’s cry reached the ears of the beastkin household, who were sleeping in the tent.

Perhaps they sensed the strangeness of it; Marcel, Nina and Mark got up restlessly.

Nina, who had moments where she would go hunting with Kotarou, moved her ears and nose in twitches.


“It’s probably enyemies. Marcel, Mark, get ready”


Nina told her husband Marcel and son Mark with a stiff and slackless expression.

Her facial expression had turned awe-inspiring like when hunting game, but as usual, her “N”s was kept to “NY”. 

The two dogkins listened to the instructions of Nina who is the mother, and got themselves ready excitedly. Nina quickly got herself ready and turned over tent’s entrance with a thud. 


And then.

*clack clack clack*, the sounds of colliding wood resounded on the pioneer land.

The clappers that had been laid outside the fence had responded.

Just as Nina predicted, enemies have appeared.


“Then just as planned, the three archers on the watchtowers. The two seamsters and Mark, please aim with the crossbow from the openings in the fence”


What appeared on the road connecting to the pioneer land were fifty goblins and ten orcs.

After hearing the information from the former adventurers party’s scout, Yuuji issued instructions to the pioneer citizens.

It was according to the defence plan they had erected beforehand.


“Mom, dad, do your best!”

“It’s your first combat, isn’t Mark? Don’t panic and do it well, alright!?”

“Reave it to us, Mark. Goblins are just targets for me”


The beastkin family barely exchanged words to each other before battle, and scattered to their respective positions.

The dogkin Marcel, who was also Yuuji’s slave, towards in front of the fence with Yuuji.

The catkin Nina, to the watchtower with bow and arrows in possession.

And it was arranged that Mark, with the supplied crossbow in hand, would be shooting the monsters from the crevices in the fence.


Mark waited in the inner side of the fence for the oncoming group of monsters. His body was trembling slightly. However much he was protected by the fence, however much he was told that their fighting power is at an excessive level, large amounts of monsters with hostility were running up to them. It would’ve been difficult for Mark to keep his composure for his first battle.

While Mark’s body could not stop shivering, Yuuji’s spell, which signaled the start of the battle, burst out.


“Light oh light, emit your radiance! Flash(But I’m not going bald okay)!”


Its effects were immediate.

Goblins plunged into the abatis with their running momentum and got pierced.

Goblins tripped over their feet and fell down and got stepped over following that.

Goblins got caught by traps without noticing the holes.

They were in a miserable state.


At Yuuji’s signal, the ropes were spread and it increased the chaos in the monster’s group even more.

And then.


“Everyone, the arrows!”


Yuuji’s signal reached the shivering Mark’s ears.

It was his turn.

Mark put up the crossbow in his hand.

But, unable to stop shivering, his aim was not fixed.

That time, Mark’s shoulder was tapped.


“Calm down, Mark. The enemies are many. You’ll hit even if you shoot sloppily”


It was one of Kevin’s exclusive escorts, Ianis.

This time, Kevin’s group functioned as a support because the pioneer citizen was playing a central part of the defense.

Finally, Mark’s shivering stopped from Ianis’s words, whom he let oversee his training many times over.


“Yes, Mr Ianis!”


Perhaps he got over it; Mark loosely aimed and pulled the trigger on the crossbow without properly aiming like Ianis stated.

The fired bolt directly hit a goblin.

“Alright” Mark made a small triumphant pose, and afterwards undid his posture in order to wind up the crossbow’s bowstring.


“Nice, look at you go, Mark. Right, lend it to me a bit”


Perhaps worried about his student, Ianis, who was still watching over Mark, called out to him and took the crossbow from him.


“Look, the enemies are many. Shoot them one by one. It’s a good chance to raise your ranks”


Ianis quickly wound up the bowstring after taking the crossbow from Mark, and then passed it to Mark.

Kevin’s exclusive escort Ianis was a blunt but compassionate man. He was balding though. No, he was bald though.


In any case.

Thus, Mark continued to shoot his crossbow, until Kotarou swiftly defeated the orc leader.

  □ □ ■ ■ □ ■ ■ □ □


“Uaaaah, it, it hurts! My body hurts!”

“Oh, I see, it’s your first time, huh Mark. Endure it, this means you’re raising your ranks”


The night after the defensive battle was over.

The pioneer land, inside the tent of the beastkin family.

Lying on the spread carpet and each wearing their favorite blanket, dogkin Marcel, catkin Nina and their son Mark were all groaning.

Their tails and ears hung feebly, and sometimes unintelligible *Kuu~n* voices leaked out. Are they dogs?


It hurts, but this would make me able to protect everyone, Mark thought and endured the pain.

I will protect mom and dad, and Alice-chan, he thought and gritted his teeth.

Crossing the long night, it became dawn.

Finally the pain ended, and Mark fell asleep.


“My body’s light! Amazing, the water vessel feels lighter than before! I’ve become stronger! With this, I won’t be scared of anything anymore!”


The next morning after going up in ranks.

Mark was in high spirits after confirming his physical ability. He spat out dangerous words out of excessive joy. One would want him to be careful being above his head.


“Ooh, Mark, you’ve done your best yesterday. You’ve raised your rank right? Alright then, let’s increase your training.”


Who called out to Mark who was swinging his tail excitedly was Ianis of Kevin’s exclusive escorts. It was the man who encouraged and supported Mark in the defensive battle. His baldness glittered upon getting basked by the morning sun.


“Yes, please! Today I’ll definitely show you I’ll score a point from you!”


Perhaps he got confident in himself by raising his rank; Mark boasted like never before.


For that very reason, Ianis called out to Mark.


“Gu- guuuh…”


Mark’s groans resounded in the pioneer land. His body was in pain. It was not the pain that raised his rank last night. Ianis knocked down Mark, who attended the training with excess self-confidence after his physical ability had raised. It was a training that had never been this severe.


“Hum, you’ve got a long way to go before you’re strong, Mark. Don’t you get carried away and die, alright?”


Ianis called out to Mark who was lying face up. He was working as Kevin’s exclusive escort, but his abilities were around fourth rank when speaking of adventurers. He talked down in order to treat Mark and the like as a literal child.


His self-confidence he just possessed crushed, Mark once again began striving earnestly in the training from this day forth.

While biting on the vexation of having to watch house Mark continued his training after Yuuji and company headed for subjugation of the monster village.


On a side note.

Mark’s parents, Marcel and Nina, had been watching over Mark’s speech and conduct of the morning he raised his rank.

If Ianis were not there, the two would have broken Mark’s fighting spirit.

Since then, Mark was teased by his parents once every so often with words like “I won’t be scared of anyithing anyimore! Today I’ll definyitely show nyou I’ll score a point from nyou!”

  □ □ ■ ■ □ ■ ■ □ □


A finger whistle resounded in the pioneer land.


That was former adventurer scout, Enzo’s signal.

Yuuji and the others, who had gone for the subjugation of the monster village, had returned.


Hearing the whistling, Mark ran to the entrance of the pioneer land. While murmuring everyone is safe right? I’m sure Alice-chan is too.

And there Mark ended up assailed by a great shock.

Certainly, they had returned without anybody missing.

However, the subjugation group that returned had increased by one person.

They were increased by a beautiful elven girl.


“Aah, she’s Riese-chan. She says she’s a twelve year old lady”


All pioneer citizens gathered en mass in the simple plaza in front of Yuuji’s house, where stubs were lined up.

Kevin and Yuuji began their conversation, but it didn’t seem to have reached Mark’s ears.

Mark absentmindedly stared at the elf. His face red. No, you can’t see his color by his fur however.

Mark was poked by Nina and finally noticed it was time for his self-introduction.


“E- err, I, I’m Mark! I’m a dogkin! I’m still weak, but I’ll become a strong guy who can protect mom and dad and Alice-chan and, err, uhm, Riese-chan too, everyone…”


While Mark began vigorously at the beginning, he gradually began to mumble and hesitate to speak. He seems to be tensing in front of the beautiful elven girl. Witnessing Mark ready to let out steam from his head, the pioneer citizens showed a smirk on their faces.

The likes of the former adventurer scout Enzo jeered “Heyhey, which is your first choice, Alice-chan or Riese-chan~?” and such. However, that could not be helped. He was in front of a beautiful girl around his age. Could a boy going through puberty stay unabashed? Could they stay without harboring light awakening of their love? No, they could not.


I will protect both Alice-chan and Riese-chan! Such novel determination in his heart, Mark made even more efforts in training and pioneering.

Ignoring Enzo saying ”which is your first choice.”


On a side note, Mark himself did not seem to know.

Such is the life of a young boys in puberty living near two beautiful girls.


But then again, the two girls did not seem to be able to recognize Mark as anything other than a good neighbor.

There were truths better left unknown for the boy in puberty.

Large quantities of them.

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