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Chapter 108

Blazing Assault


(What the… What happened!?)


Glain and Tia saw from under the rubble that their own clones collapsed. 

Just in case, they had created a substitute with Tia’s clone producing spell, when Creasyl’s vision was blocked by the rubble.

While the collapsed clones were turning back into wood in front of Creasyl’s eyes, Glain exchanged glances with Tia.


(What do you think?)

( …Likely, it’s Creasyl’s powers of creation. She may have created a stone inside our bodies and disrupted it from the inside.

( … How do you say we should oppose that?)


The two conversing in whispers, sighed towards the problem in front of their eyes that was grandly blocking their way.

Creasyl gazed curiously at the block of wood which had been the clones.


(It doesn’t look like Creasyl can perceive magic power. She probably hasn’t realized that we are here either)

(So if there is an opportunity to take advantage of… it would be that part)


The two nodded and leapt out of the shadows of the rubble.

Creasyl noticed the them by the sound and slightly raised the corners of her mouth.


“I see, so it was substitution”



Tia invoked an explosion spell on the ground.

Together with an explosion, the pebbles and soil danced around and covered Creasyl’s field of vision.



“<Flying blade – Cutting Petals>!”


The spread flying blade assailed Creasyl.

Creasyl hit that depressingly.


“How dull. Do the likes of you think your powers would be accepted by I?”

(So it doesn’t work…!)


Glain held Tia by in his arm under the cover of the cloud of dust.


“Temporary withdrawal!”



Remaining held like that, Tia began to converse in a voice low enough to not expose their position.


“Glain, listen”

“What’s wrong!”

“I think Creasyl’s power is likely a coordinate type of power”

“Coordinate? They’re spells that are invoked after specifying a location wasn’t it?”


Glain asked, while once again hiding in the shadows of the rubble.

Tia similarly stood beside him and spoke of Creasyl’s situation


“Yes. I think she likely had specified the coordinates of inside our bodies and created a stone there. If she were in a state where her field of vision isn’t functioning like just now, then Creasyl would be unable to attack. We should end it instantly if possible and we should be able to kill her if we’re hiding like this”

“ …We certainly can”


When the smokes cleared, there was Creasyl with unchanged attitude, floating in the air.

Letting her eyes swim around her, she looked to be searching for Glain and Tia.


“First… let’s separate from this place. The current us won’t be able to oppose her”

“Agreed. Link up with everyone?”

“That would be best. If that’s decided, then we should quickly――――”

“――――What a bother, I will just blow away all around me”



Creasyl put up her hand in the sky.

She must likely be trying to create something in the air, Glain and Tia predicted.


(This is not good!)


Glain immediately reacted and grabbed Tia by the scruff of her neck.

An intense premonition of death controlled Glain.

And then――――


“Ice Lance!”



Ice lances directly hit Creasyl’s face.

They did not seem to have put in any sort of damage at all, but it attracted her attention.


“Who is this?”


Creasyl looked around, but the being who released the ice lances was nowhere to be seen.


“Glain, Tia”

“! Elka!”


Elka appeared in the shadows of the rubble where the two were hiding.

As expected of her intelligence, she seems to have understood the situation and hid herself nearby.


“I understood that you two were hiding and doing a wait-and-see from the fact that you two have no injuries that sttood out, but… could you let me hear the details of the situation?”

“Yeah… It’s good that you’ve come to us. First, exposing our figures in front of Creasyl is not good. Creasyl can create objects at a specified location, so we would die  by having her create a stone inside our body if we’re careless”

“Meaning that our attacks won’t be effective at all”

“――――So it’s hopeless?”


Elka forced a smile.

Glain and Tia laughed awkwardly.

It did not mean that the three were joking around.

They were thinking of a way to break through the situation somehow.


“I see, so it’d be the same if she can’t follow with her eyes right?”

“Gh! Roa!”


When the three were discussing, Roa stood beside them unnoticed.

“Be back in a bit” leaving behind those words, Roa leapt from the shadows of the rubble.

She had astounding speed.

At the very least, Elka and the others in this place could not catch sight of her.


“What is this?”


Creasyl noticed the sound and look at the direction Roa leapt.

At that time, Roa had already gone around, right behind Creasyl.


“Shut up!”



Roa jumped, trying to drive her grown nails into the scruff of her neck.

The swung down arm went straight for Creasyl’s neck――――


“Hum, you are fast for a human body”



Roa’s arm was caught by Creasyl’s hand.

Creasyl was not looking at Roa’s direction.

Even so, that arm was firmly caught before her nail reached the nape of Creasyl’s neck.


“Let go――――”

“Begone, you insect”


Creasyl put her other hand before Roa’s eyes.


(That’s what blasted away Mr Setsu…gh!)


Glain, Tia and Elka, having noticed <Banish> leapt out to rescue Roa somehow.


Without knowing that it was a trap.


“Hmph, you have finally appeared”



When the three tried to jump, something unbelievable could be seen in Creasyl’s body,

Those was an “arms.”

Three arms were pointed towards Glain and the others.




Glain tasted the feeling like time turned slow.

Light of death began to leak from Creasyl’s hands.

All of them were convinced of their own deaths.





Immediately following that, a pillar of black flames came flying from the air.

That pillar swallowed Creasyl and released intense heat around it.


“Is it Yuuhi!?”


Glain above him.

There was Yuuhi, floating in the air and clad in black flames.


“I will kill you! I will absolutely kill you!”

“This is bad… We’re going away!”

“Gh… Got it”


By Elka’s instructions, the three withdrew from that place.

Yuuhi put up a gigantic ball of flames.

If they had remained as is, then they would’ve been swallowed up unsparingly.


“Ah… hot…”


While enduring the pain in her arm which was swallowed up by the flames, Roa tried to pull out her arm somehow.

And when she did, she pulled it out without difficulty, completely unlike just before.

While grimacing from the pain, Roa distanced herself from that spot.


“Roa! This way!”


Elka’s voice resounded, and Roa moved in that direction.




Yuuhi shot the gigantic ball of black flames.

Perhaps her movements prevented by the fire pillar, Creasyl was not in a state to avoid it.

The fire, made a direct hit on Creasyl as is.

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