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My place is a restaurant and my regular customers the strongest

Author: Tachibana Yuka


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I have reincarnated to another world

Speaking about reincarnations to another world, I’ve read web novels in my previous world often enough to expect a cheat.

Of course, when my memories returned──Yes, it was when I turned five in this world── I also expected that

However, unfortunately, I had not received that benefit.

A typical merchant of this world.

That is who I am now.

Both my parents of this world had been running a restaurant at a mid-sized town in a certain kingdom.

Although I say restaurant, it’s small enough for my father and mother to be able to manage it with the two of them.

The store neither prospered in particular nor was it in a slump, but we seem to have been earning enough to live with the three of us.

Though modest, we three had been living in happiness, but it was when I was fifteen when such situation took a new turn.

A plague assailed the town we were living in.

In this world there are spells for curing diseases as well as hospital-like buildings.

However, they were for a part of the prospering people, so both my parents had not received any aid.

If, at that time, the excellent adventurers who just passed by the town had not purified the whole town, then I would have been sleeping under the ground together with my parents.

Honestly, it’s not as if I hadn’t imagined that they would’ve come just a little earlier, but I thanked the adventurers that time whose name and face I didn’t know.

I was left behind alone, but fortunately I had the store my parents had left me behind.

Since I had always been living alone in my previous life and I had helped my parents out early on in my present life, I had the necessary skills to continue the store.

I did not have a cheats where I can be unparalleled in this world, but I do have the recipes I remember from my previous world.

Making the best use of this, I had decided to succeed the restaurant.

It was three years later when the second tempest came.

I turned eighteen.

A neighboring country had come to attack.

The neighboring country was by far more powerful than our kingdom; the situation grew worse at once.

The soldiers fell one after another at the area where our borders connects to the neighboring country, and they instantly became lacking in soldiers.

So what would happen when they become lacking in soldiers…

Unfortunately, the town I lived in was near the front lines.

So on a certain day, I was drafted.

And now, I am in the battlefield.

What spread before my eyes was the military force of the neighboring country which is three times our army.

Their perfectly coordinated appearances looked like that of well trained soldiers.

On the other hand, the ally who was immediately next to me was a man drafted from a nearby agricultural village.

No matter how much I look at this in a favorable light, it doesn’t feel like we can win even if we were to go one on one with the soldiers on the other side.

And like that, the opening of hostilities spread out and in the blink of an eye, we were swallowed down by the troops of the neighboring country.

I swung the weapon I was holding in my hand for my life, but in the end I’m an amateur; it was repelled, dodged and even if I did inflict a shallow wound, it wouldn’t become fatal.

In the first place, there is no way that I, who have never fought even a rampantly running monster public, could kill someone while holding a short sword I am not used to.

Aah, so this is as far as my life will go in this world .

I fixed my eyes on my short sword, flying as it was repelled and fell out of my hand, and breathed quietly.

“That was close, so close. I’m glad I got here on time”

That time that I was waiting for did not come.

I heard a carefree voice that was unfitting for the battlefield and returned my look to before me, and what was in front of me was a face I recognize.

You can’t forget his showy features, a short-cut silver hair and golden eyes, once you have taken a look at him.

In addition to that, in spite of him being furnished with a splendid physique where ten out of ten people who have seen him would call him a great man, his sociable expression and character gives him a large breed dog-like impression.

It’s a secret that it felt like I was really watching over a large breed dog’s meal scene after watching him stuffing his cheeks with his favorite dish, deep fried chicken with lots of mayonnaise.

“Mr store manager, you alright?”

“Ah, yes”

“Got hurt anywhere?”

When I was being taken aback and absentminded from him putting on a nonchalant atmosphere, he got exceedingly worried and asked me if I’m hurt anywhere.

I have small wounds, but I’m not hurt enough to have any fatal wounds, so I once again tried to tell him I’m fine, but this time a recovery spell soared to me as I tried to.

I was surprised by my completely healed injuries, and then saw somebody stood still beside him.

“Nothing is better than seeing you in better health than I thought I would”

Who applied the recovery spell to me was a white mage who had also come frequently to my store.

Her black waist-length straight hair, red eyes and a cynical-like smile showing on her extremely well-featured face was fascinating, and it would be more fitting if I was told she was a black mage rather than a white mage.

The general consensus is that she has a captivating figure underneath the robe she is usually wearing, where the parts that curves out are curved out, and the places that should be curved in are curved in, but I dare say that would be correct.

At any rate, I relatively frequently caught sight of them coming to the store to eat, and the other adventurer guests who had come on their return to order takeouts.

Eight out of ten, the rumors originated from that I guess.

Her appearance of happily eating omelette rice in demi-glace at my place is cute, but I get a bit drawn back from her eating manner.

“But to think they would put their hands on my things, it seems that the empire greatly wish to be destroyed, don’t they?”

“They sure do. Why don’t we do that while we’re at it~”

Your ferocious smile gives me the impression of a wild beast, but I don’t remember becoming yours.

And then, the silver guy took out the great sword on his back while laughing care-freely, but is he planning to participate?

“I’ll be looking after him, so you can go kill them to your heart’s content”

When I turned around by the voice behind me, another person was there; the merchant who sells me ingredients and such to my store wholesale.

With silky honey colored hair and purple eyes, his high class atmosphere makes me accept it if I was told he was a noble, so I couldn’t believe that he himself said he was an ordinary merchant.

He loves my matchless hamburg steaks and no matter how distant the ingredients were, he would replenish my stock of ingredients if it was for the sake of my hamburg steaks.

This went as far as spices from our neighboring continent.

Thanks to him, I was able to reproduce various recipes from my previous life and thanks to that, my store prospered pretty well.

“I was surprised that you were closed when I went to your store, because I obtained the spices I’ve heard from you the other day”

Said the merchant, and he took out several spices from his partially oblique item bag.

Allspice, cardamom, cloves, cumin, coriander, turmeric, fenugreek, red pepper, bay leaf…

Those, which were also called by different names in this world, are necessary spices for curry.

I don’t know how many times one would have to go round the world in order to prepare for that, but he gathered them easily.

I’m sure it was one week ago that I talked to him about curry though…

“And then I met those two in front of the store just then you see? When I talked about the curry I’ve heard from you, Mr store manager, it led to the two wanting to eat it too. I’ve also briefly prepared the other ingredients so if you don’t mind, would you make them for us?”

“I don’t mind it, it’s just…”

I don’t mind making curry.

But──I started to forget about it from the usual atmosphere of the three who appeared suddenly, but──this is a battlefield.

When I looked around me, a battle unfolded here and there.

For some reason nobody approached me and the merchant though.

Maybe it was because I was looking around uneasily, but he tenderly smiled as if to calm me down.

“Of course it is fine to make curry after going back to the store”

No, you took a completely wrong guess there.

Who said I would create it in this place?

“I don’t think you wouldn’t be able to make it here if it’s you, Mr store manager, but it’s a little noisy around us as you could expect. I’ve applied a anti-human barrier, so I don’t think you will receive attacks however”


Do we have such spells?

I’ve never heard of that.


When I turned around by the voice I heard relatively nearby, I saw the silver guy brandish his greatsword once and the imperial soldiers surrounding him fell down like a marionette whose strings had been cut.

Not only the closest soldiers in front of him, those two, three rows of soldiers were similar.

What is that, did he release a shockwave?

Taking down more than ten people with one hit, that should be strange.

And like that, an empty area was born around him in a second.

“Kukuku, utter fools, perish”

When I turned towards the direction where those dangerous line was said, magic circles of various colors were floating, filling up almost the entire sky.

Err, those are all offensive spells aren’t they?

Each attribute are supposed to be divided by their respective color, but aren’t those all of the attributes?

Could it be, are these all hers?

How many spells can be deployed at the same time?

And before that, she was supposed to be a white mage.

Why can she use offensive spells?

“Aah, looks like it will be over soon”

The merchant had a gentle expression floating on his face, but his words were not gentle.

Certainly, if that many offensive spells explodes, then they will vanish, even if they’re a large army, but… ah, they vanished…

And so, the war finished with complete victory for our country.

After her spells exploded, we returned to the store by the merchant’s teleportation magic while looking back at the nearly destroyed imperial army.

The merchant was this world’s sole user of space magic, and it looks like he used this magic to gather the ingredients from all over the world.

The girl who caused partial destruction to the imperial army was a sage who could manipulate not only recovery spells, but offensive spells as well, and was said to exist only in fairytales.

Who made the remaining half of the imperial army collapse was the silver guy who, in spite of fighting with a greatsword in the beginning, began to let out Breath from his palm and mow them down midway, saying it was troublesome.

It appears that he wasn’t human, but a dragon who is famous in this world as the strongest, and he usually changed himself into a human being.

Hearing various stories while eating the curry I had created, the three were reincarnated people from Japan like I thought, and they were owners of cheats, unlike me.

It seems like my store was famous between reincarnated people like them for being able to eat the foods from the earth, and they said that the reincarnated people gathered in this store from all over the world.

According to the merchant, eighty percent of the regulars who come to my store would be reincarnated people.

He said that the owners of cheats and those who weren’t had apparently gotten extremely angry at the fact they were about to lose this store by this time’s war, so they must’ve caused actions of retribution in every location.

Actually, the reincarnated people, whose strong point was domestic affairs and whose favorite food was curry, spoke passionately about breaking down the empire, and several years later, the empire broke into several tiny countries, closing down its history.

My store is a normal restaurant, but it looks like my regulars are the strongest.



This is kind of similar to suddenly wanting to clean your room before a test.

A story which I hit upon suddenly, flew in rage and began to write every day.

I had no energy to do a serialization, so it’s short.

Due to writing as I hit upon the idea, the setting was very loose.

I’m sorry.

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