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Chapter 55 Rebel & Final floor




I approached the angel archer with <Flash Step> and cut it in two with a single stroke.



[Take this!]


Maria’s sword cut angel wizard off and Mio’s arrow shot down the flying angel swordsman.


We didn’t raise our status that much since the 30th floor but we still have plenty of room left. Up until now we have defeated the angels without bearing any injury-like injuries.


[“Dark Ball”!]


The <Dark Magic> that Sakura released avoided the angel guard’s shield and directly hit its body.That’s because “Dark Ball” can be manipulated after releasing it, if just a little bit.

After hearing that they’re angels, I imagined them being humanoid monsters like the dragonewt Dora and the vampire Mira. Putting it simply, they’re vestment wearing mannequins with wings grown on them. On their faces were no eyes but just simple unevenness, and they don’t bleed even if you cut them. For that reason, Sakura was able to attack them without hesitation.

They had various things like “swordsman” added after “angel” so they would drop their weapons. That’s what we thought, but since their weapons are part of their bodies, it doesn’t look like we will be able to use them as weapons. Like the angel swordsman’s case for example, both their arms turned into swords at their wrists. What would they do for things like meals?

When I was fighting while I was thinking about this, the angels in this area have been eliminated in the blink of an eye. And of course, everyone is uninjured.

As far as I can see, there were no enemies to be seen from here to the stairs to the next floor.


[So we are done with the 41st floor with this.]

[Yes, we did know about it, but it took quite a lot of time.]

[I’m so tired~ So there are 9 floors left to clear~]

<<Dora can still go~>>


We took the whole day the clear 41st floor. The reason is because the distance to stairs is too far.


[It is going to be hell mode if we keep going, but Mio, you don’t mind?]

[I do mind! Let’s go home, Dora-chan.]




Mio breathed a sigh of relief.


[Mio-chan is not good with really scary things isn’t it…]

[I’m envious that you’re fine with scary things, Sakura-sama.]

[Mio-chan, want to do a shock therapy too?]

[N-No thanks…]


There was a mysterious force behind Sakura’s invitation. Well, Sakura being fine with scary things seems to be the result of being forced into them. I don’t think Mio wants to be cured from her cowardice through the same method.


After walking for a while, we reached the stairs to the 42nd floor.

The monsters(angels) in this area don’t act alone, but in groups. And these groups have hardly several of the same type of angels within them.

It’s not like it’s a compensation for doing group action, but there aren’t that many enemies on this floor, so it’s relatively easy to fight.

On the 41st floor, the most frequent pattern is where each of the swordsman, wizard, archer and guard acts in a group. This is a conjecture, but this pattern will increase from hereon and the enemy should be upgraded.


[“Portal” establishment finished.]

[Good job, Maria. Then, let’s leave it at this for today.]

[Yes] x 4



We decided to set up the “portal” after descending the stairs and arriving at the 42nd floor, and return for the day.


[Oh, before that…]

[Jin-sama, what’s wrong?]

[Aah, I want to see the moment it shifts its mode.]


We’ve heard that it inverts when the time comes, but if I don’t really see it, I wouldn’t know how it changes after all.


[You are right… What will happen I wonder?]

[I-I will pass. I’m going home first.]


Mio entered “Portal” in a hurry. Does she really hate it that much…? 

Well, we aren’t going to fight anymore so I don’t mind though.


It turned 7 o’clock without even 10 minutes since then.

At that moment, the surrounding passageways changed in color from bottom to top and was painted from white to black. At the same time, the decorations also changed their shape, turning into something eerie.

I wonder if it means that the transformation goes up from the bottom because the end of the dungeon/central part is on the lower floor.


[Well damn. I wanted to see the monsters change.]


I realized it would’ve been nice if I could see how the monsters change if I’m going out of my way to see the moment it changes its mode, after the transformation of everything is done.


[We still have 8 more chances… And we could have more chances if we add the transformations in the mornings too… It will be fine even if we’re not in a hurry…]

[That is right too.]


I saw on the map that the monsters(Daemons) are approaching, so we went back by “Portal” and so, this day’s exploration is over.


The next day, Dora and I moved inside the dungeon with <Flight> skill. Dora used her own efforts and I use Nosferatu.

Experiencing the exploration of yesterday and having judged that moving by foot would take too much time, I decided we will move by flight when outside combat. It’s because this alone cuts down quite a lot of the time.

We tested various things after going back to the mansion yesterday and understood, but if I use <Flight> skill while holding people with Nosferatu, everyone would seem to be able to move by flight together. Of course, I ignore my clumsy appearance.

I also have the choice where only Dora and I fly and where I summon them with “Summon” when there’s an enemy, but Maria hates to part with me, so everyone ended up flying together.


[Buraan~] (SFX for dangling to and fro)

[Mio-chan, I have to question you being that relaxed, no matter how I look at it…]


Sakura rebuked Mio who was completely relaxed while being grabbed by Nosferatu.

Mio, you really have a nerve of steel against anything other than horror.


Black again, huh… Oh, Sakura is guarding it properly.


[Am I not heavy? Are you fine?]

[I’m fine, you’re light, you know, you’re light.]

[Then, it is fine…]


Sera has some complex about her own weight and repeatedly confirmed it with me. I’m holding her with MP consumption though, so I myself am not feeling any weight…


<<Together with Master~!>>


Dora was flying beside me in very good mood. She is very happy about flying together with me. Come to think of it, only Tamo-san and Mira can fly among my subordinates. Let’s go fly together with Dora again from now on.

I let all down when we approach the enemies and go fly again as soon as the fight is over, rinse and repeat. It’s a strategy that is impossible here because there are no traps in this area. Considering that our enemies being angels and demons and that they could fly, Nosferatu may have been dropped from the grim reaper in order to assist in capturing this area. Well, it’s a small blessing that the <Flight> skill is level 1, but it is still better than nothing. In my case, I can force it to level 10 with <Give & Take> though…

The result of drastic time reduction by flight, 2 floors a day like we did until the 20th floor; we cleared until the 43rd floor.

Ah, while I’m at it, I’ve checked the transformation of the monsters, and to be honest it was gross. The moment it was time, the angels started convulsing and turned into daemons like their appearance turned inside out. Of course, angel swordsman transformed into daemon swordsman.

Naturally, new angels were added, a group of 6-7 had become the basic.


Angel Knight


<Spear Mastery LV7> <Shield Mastery LV5> <Unarmed Mastery LV6> <Light Magic LV6> <Body Reinforcement LV7> <Flight LV7> <Inversion LV10> <Dungeon Adaptation LV7>

Note : An angel soldier.


Angel Smasher


<Blunt Mastery LV7> <Axe Mastery LV5> <Unarmed Mastery LV6> <Light Magic LV6> <Body Reinforcement LV7> <Flight LV7> <Inversion LV10> <Dungeon Adaptation LV7>

Note : Angel heavy warrior.


Angel Healer


<Light Magic LV8> <Recovery Magic LV8> <Body Reinforcement LV7> <Flight LV7> <Inversion LV10> <Dungeon Adaptation LV7>

Note : Angel priest.


I’ve listed all the monsters that have appeared after a while, but nothing but angels have appeared either way…

Next day and the day after that, we continued our capture and arrived at the 48th floor. Two new angels appeared per floor, and corresponding to that, the number of angels in the party increased as well. At this moment, the angel parties are around 13 strong.

There are 6 newly appeared types. Fighter, Assassin, Druid, Sniper, Guardian and General.

The Sniper, Guardian and General seems to be the higher rank of the Archer, Guard and Knight respectively and, of course, they are simply strengthened and they have increased in things they could do. Those high rank appeared after we crossed the 46th floor which must mean they’re deployment where you are aware of the second half of the 40th floors.


[Oh, the additional angel of this floor is quite interesting.]


During our 48th floor’s exploration, an angel appeared with a skill interesting enough to draw my interest after a long time.


Angel Avenger


<Sword Mastery LV8> <Shield Mastery LV8> <Unarmed Mastery LV8> <Light Magic LV6> <Body Reinforcement LV7> <Flight LV7> <Inversion LV10> <Dungeon Adaptation LV7> <Rebellion LV7>

Note: An angel avenger



Reduces damage taken from a “Hero from another world” and increases damage given to “Hero from another world” who are within 10m in radius.

Restricts the effect of Gifts within a 10m radius. This effect is only effective in the dungeon.


They’re brimming in intentions to kill transferred Heroes.

Originally, it is difficult for a skill to negate a gift since a gift has higher priority than a skill. However, this skill can restrict the effects of a gift, although only limited in dungeon.

For example, let’s go with the people who had been summoned from our world as a Hero setting out to capture the dungeon. The gift’s effects are powerful, so they should be able to hasten their capture clearly better than regular people. 

I wonder what will happen if they were to fight an angel avenger in this area without knowing anything about them. The sensation of the fight would change swiftly and if they’re unlucky, no, it’s quite likely that they would lose their lives.


I wonder if the creator of this dungeon has some grudge against Heroes. Or is it that they didn’t like the dungeon being captured with the Hero’s gifts(Cheat).

To me it feels like it is the former. The reason for that is that the monsters who have this skill are the ones at nearly the deepest parts of the dungeon. If they just didn’t want them to use their gift, then they should’ve had the monster from the 1st or 2nd floor have this skill. This way, rumors would spread that Heroes possessing a gift would be at a disadvantage in the dungeon and the Heroes challenging the dungeon will suddenly decrease.

I wonder if daring to have them hold <Rebellion> this deep means that it’s for the sake of knocking down the Hero, after holding the hopes of being able to clear the dungeon soon, into despair at the last moment. Surely like a rebellion against the Heroes who are unparalleled with their gift…


[Hmm, I think we will probably be fine, but how about we check the received damage and hidden damage for me, Maria, Sakura?]


Sakura and I are from “Another World” and Maria is a “Hero”, we might be in danger of being dragged into it. It’s just to make sure.


A: Perhaps it will be fine.


[J-Jin-sama, please stop! Never mind me, but there’s no need for you to face that sort of danger!]


Maria began to look desperately and tried to make me stop.


[Alta said we will probably fine too, so perhaps we should be fine.]




Maris is unusually hanging onto it. Hmm, could it be that she is just misunderstanding me?


[Maria, the verification is a private experiment using the skill after we defeat them and steal it from them you know? It doesn’t mean I will take an attack during combat, alright?]

[Eh? Ah…, I’m sorry… I misunderstood…]


As I expected, she seems to have misunderstood me for intending to experiment during combat. Maria turns bright red as she noticed she misunderstood. Sure, it might have been somewhat misleading I guess. I’m reflecting, reflecting.


[Well, I know you are worried, but I won’t do anything that absurd…probably?]

[Jin-kun, you should assert that with confidence you know…]

[Master wouldn’t hesitate to do something like that after all…]


Sakura and Mio smiled awkwardly.

Yeah, taking into account my actions until now, I might actually do it…

After a short walk, we approached an angel group, including an angel avenger.


[Should I aim my bow and shoot?]

[No. Just to be sure, you too step back please, Mio-san. I’m not sure if you’re absolutely safe either…]

[Oh, I see. There are no “Another World” or “Hero” in my titles, but there is “Reincarnated person” after all. It’s scary when you don’t know what will get caught in it.]


Since we don’t know what will get caught in it, we should take as many precautions as possible.


A: You will probably be fine.


[There is no need to face danger. Dora-san and I will go annihilate them]



The two said and tried to head towards those monsters.


[Wait, “Summon”. Hey, take Tamo-san with you as well.]


Those 2 won’t have a problem, but just to make sure I summoned and threw Tamo-san, an ally who’s strong at cleaning up operations. Tamo-san landed(?) on Sera’s shoulder with a *splat*.


[Understood. I will see you soon.]

<<…We go.>>



Tamo-san is relatively a senior among my subordinate members too. Due the convenience of status distribution, my senior members could easily become strong. Hence, Tamo-san is actually quite powerful. So they will definitely win with ease even if they were to face several angel at once.

A few moments later, enemy responses have disappeared from the map and Sera and the others came back. They’ve also collected the <Rebellion> skill.

Then, the results after various tests is that we’ve proven that we’re not under the influence of the <Rebellion> skill. 

It seems that gift sealing is restricted to the dungeon, but the damage modification still seems effective outside the dungeon, so let’s try using this if we make any troubles with “Heroes from another world” in the future. There’s also the matter with Kusakabe, so the possibility wouldn’t be low. I’m sure they’ll be in for a surprise.


We understood there are no problems, so we’ve successfully cleared the 48th floor this morning. When we descended to the 49th floor after lunch, we encounter a monster with a new skill. 


Angel Wiseman


<Fire Magic LV7> <Water Magic LV7> <Wind Magic LV7> <Earth Magic LV7> <Lightning Magic LV7> <Ice Magic LV7> <Light Magic LV7> <Recovery Magic LV7> <Parallel Chanting LV7> <Flight LV7> <Inversion LV10> <Dungeon Adaptation LV7>

Note: An angel sage


<Parallel Chanting>

Allows casting of several magic at the same time. Number of simultaneously cast magic is skill level +1


In other words, this angel can cast up to 8 magic at once.


[Eii, desuwa!]


I decided to leave the angel wiseman to Sera since it’s troublesome. And because of the <Hostile Magic Immunity> skill, magic will be made ineffective no matter how many they cast in parallel, so the Angel Wiseman crumbled down without the skill being able to play any active role.


[If Sera’s opponent is magic user, she can simply block them completely.]

[As expect of a hero!]

[It is not that amazing.]


She may be saying something modest, but I can see she is actually in a good mood. It’s because she is sticking out her large breasts and is making an amazing laughing smug face.

In the case a formidable enemy magic user appears, it would be generally easy victory if Sera comes forward. As expected from our main shield.

On a side note, Sakura showed a sad face from seeing Sera sticking out her breasts and comparing it with her own breasts. Incidentally, Sakura(16) has the second largest breasts within this party. Though I have a problem with comparing hers with Maria (12), Mio (8), and Dora (5)… Ah, Maria’s breasts they’re gradually growing bigger after her nutrition improved, so she may overtake Sakura’s soon. Sidenote over.

Since I actually want to try <Parallel Chanting>, I raised it to level 10 after killing 5 angel wisemen. I mean, I could just use it as level 7, but since I wanted to try it, why not use it after making it level 10?


And so, I decided to try it in the next fight.




What was that sound you ask? It was the sound of 121 “Fireballs” directly hitting enemies in succession. When I tried it out, I was able to combine it with <No chanting> too. No matter how much you call it <No Chant>, it actually has some time lag until firing. By cleverly combining the time lag and parallel chanting, it is possible rapidfire without a break. 

And since I’m already doing it, I tried shooting 11 squared, 121 times.

Incidentally, the chanting is parallel, but the casting of the magic itself can only be done one by one. Without <Delay Casting> skill, the magic will be cast the instant its chanting is done, so its management is surprisingly difficult.

I’ll just say that we can do something similar if we were to put the magic in <Inventory>, but I don’t want to use the stocked magic as much as possible after all. Putting them in normally is troublesome too…


[Uwa~, the enemies are annihilated with just “Fireball”]

[I think it is an expected natural result if you fire that many of them…]


Mio and Sakura drew back somewhat.


[The only ones remaining are also only the guard, guardian and wiseman type isn’t it]


Because of the excessive power and rapidfire, most of those angels were burned and transformed into something. Only the two types who have high defence and equipped with a shield and the wiseman that has high magic resistance remained.

Of course, their HP itself has gone 0. Actually, their HP were gone by the time the 70th fireball was shot.


[This isn’t a strategy we can use normally.]

[That is true. It became too one-sided so it can’t serve as combat at all. The meaning of dropping our statuses will vanish somewhere]

[If we just need experience point, it’ll be enough if we just repeat this while flying. Because we’ll be able to do the same thing as with those undead at the 30th floor area.]


It won’t become a fantasy RPG but a shooting game instead though… A shooting game in a dungeon setting would be too original. 


[Well, we have 2 floors left and experience isn’t our purpose, so we don’t have to go that far.]


Although it was interesting, it’ll only be for extermination if I were to think about making use of, so we’ve decided to put the <Parallel Chanting> in the shelves when inside the dungeon. Only in the underground dungeon.



A: …….


After that, we continued our capture and finished clearing the 49th floor before the sun had set.


We descended the stairs to 50th floor before going back and confirmed the new monsters that would appear there. We did talk about that it would be enough to confirm it on Map, but this dungeon has one method to interfere with that. And that method is “Monsters would not appear in the floors where nobody has reached”. It’s not something I can’t understand if I think about it. It would be useless to prepare monsters and let them wander around even though nobody has come yet.


Alta said that the new floor’s monsters would likely pop up when we go down the stairs to an unvisited floor. On the other hand, if we don’t use the stairs, there is a chance that monsters won’t show up.

For example, if we were to take the method of “Digging a hole in the ground and dropping to the lower floor”, you would go outside the rules and may be able to clear it this dungeon with monsters not even appearing. Well, you absolutely won’t do that, but… Incidentally, if even one person were to walk on the new floor through the stairs, then from then on the monsters would be neatly loitering around, so you can’t use the same method again. Meaning it’s a mystery case which occurs only in the case where the first person is an outlaw. Since I’m not an outlaw, I won’t do such a thing.


And so, these are the final additional angels.


Arch Angel


<Leadership LV9> <Inspiration LV9> <Flight LV9> <Inversion LV10> <Dungeon Adaptation LV9> <Halo LV8>

Note : An archangel


Angel Swordmaster


<Sword Mastery LV9> <Unarmed Mastery LV8> <Flying Slash Technique LV8> <Flight LV9> <Inversion LV10> <Dungeon Adaptation LV9> 

Note : An angel master swordsman



Reduces dark elemental damage. Increases status of angels in the party.


<Flying Slash Technique> (ED: 飛剣術; literally Rook( the chess/shogi piece)/Flight Sword Art; if you have a better name, let us know)

Capable of launching a shockwave by means of a slashing attack. Distance and damage dependent on the level of <Sword Mastery>.


A complete commander type (with lower fighting strength) and the higher rank swordsman. Both of them have skills we don’t have. This final area is really a treasure house of rare skills.


A: That must be the setting.


By the way, we weren’t able to confirm the final boss since it is in a different area. Well, it means I can look forward to tomorrow.



The next day, we start the exploration of the final floor.


[It is that way -nanodesu]

[[It is quite far!]]

<<It is in a sense natural seeing it that it is the final boss, but there is only one boss room in this floor.>>


When we confirmed the location of the boss room from the explorer group who we dragged here before they went to the volcano area, I was told that there is only 1 room at quite a far place.

Well, no matter how many boss rooms there are at the last floor, it’ll be that I guess. It’s in a sense natural.


[You’re capturing the dungeon too fast, Sir -nanodesu! We still haven’t defeated the flame dragon -nanodesu.]

<<We’ve increased in status too, so we are thinking about challenging the flame dragon tomorrow.>>


When I check their status, they certainly can fight with plenty of strength to spare even if they’re up against a flame dragon.


[That’s just right. We’re planning to defeat the final boss before the day is over, I wonder if I should go and observe your party’s fight with flame dragon tomorrow or not…]

<<You’re coming Sir?! …We absolutely cannot fight unshapely. Cynthia-chan, Karen-chan and Sora-chan, we are going even stricter than usual today!>>

[Y-Yes -nanodesu!]

[Yes! Kate-chan is serious isn’t she?]

[Yes! Kate-chan is eager isn’t she?]


Cynthia seems to have gotten quite obedient. No, I have a feeling that Kate actually holds the reins on her…. Oh well, their relationship is like a dog and shepherd.

Is this where I call her a guide dog since Kate can’t see? It is impossible for the undisciplined dog Cynthia to be a guide dog.

I sent the 4 back to the volcano area, and then we start exploring the 50th floor. Of course, by flying.


[They have become considerably stronger.]

[Yeah. That halo thing is quite troublesome. Due to it strengthening the whole party, we have to add another unnecessary attack even against the lower rank angels.]


The 2 vanguards, Sera and Maria, complained. The <Halo> skill that the archangels are using  strengthens their entire party and due to that, they need too much strength to even defeat them. By the way, when the archangels use <Halo>, a large ring of light would appear on their backs instead of on their head. It was surprisingly cool.

Because the angel swordmasters have both <Sword Mastery> and <Sword Ki>, they can participate actively in both short range and long range, so they are quite annoying. Well, it’s different when in long range, but they are at a level where they are easily done in by Maria and Sera at short range… 

It is a matter of course, but we still have a long way before we use all our strength. It just means that we’re being delayed after dropping quite a bit of our statuses. To begin with, I raised the upper limit each time we fight, so we dropped our statuses one time.

Having said that, the enemy’s strengthening level is nothing to sneeze at and in the event that we had been ordinary explorers, we would either have a hard fight against the angels who have suddenly become stronger compared to the 49th floor, or we could’ve been annihilated. I’ve felt it many times, but they’ve come to crush the explorers with various methods from the 30th floor and lower. And those are death on first attempt…


We repeated fights time and time again, and the area changed completely around the time we past noon a bit. I can finally confirm the boss room.



[Huh? Master, there is nothing in the boss room though?]


Mio raised a doubtful voice. There is a boss room, but there are no responses inside there.


The other bosses, including the Grim Reaper, would be waiting for explorers inside the boss room without moving. On the floors until now, only the boss floors have a boss set up from the beginning.


[Jin-sama’s map is not supposed to be able to make a mistake, so there really must be nothing there.]

[Does that mean that the 50th floor has no boss? I don’t think I can imagine that as you could expect, but…]


Of course, it’s nothing like my map making a mistake or the 50th floor having no boss.


[I think they probably haven’t decided what would show up.]

[Oh, so what appears changes according to the mode!]

[I see, so it means only the boss does not invert and what comes out would change with the mode of that time.]


Mio and Sera grasped it on their own accord. What I wanted to say meant something else though… Well, they’ll know afterwards so it’s fine I guess.

And like that, we continued fighting even more and we reached the boss room slightly before sunset.


[If we just defeat this boss, we will finally be done with the long dungeon. Oh, we will be seeing this door for the last time too.]


Mio stroked the door deeply moved. There was no monster drawn there, only 50, which is the floor, was written there.

We looked at this door for a while. Yep, that really is the case I guess …It can’t be helped.


[I have a request to ask to everyone of you, would you listen?]


I readied myself and broke the ice. Maria may be opposed to this.


[What is it, Jin-kun? Being so formal…]

[I don’t think there is anybody here who will refuse your request, Master…]

[That’s right. Please say everything you like.]

<<Leave it to me~!>>



Since everyone would listen to me positively, I decided to start talking without reservation.


[Would you, let me fight this boss alone?]

[Yes?] x4



Everyone except me stiffened.

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