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Vol 9 Chapter 10

Yuuji, Subjugating the goblin and orc village with the adventurers


Warning: Contains depictions of cruelty



Early morning.

Around the time the sky was dyed in the color of a clear dawn.

Within the quiet forest, mere sounds of rubbing leaves could be heard.


Yuuji held his breath, waiting for the right moment.

Beside Yuuji was Alice and the exclusive escort Kevin had dispatched. And at his feet was Kotarou. 

Diagonally behind Yuuji stood a tripod. What was set there was the camera that’s put in Yuuji’s handmade impact absorbing box. It was a close camera angle where he managed to put great effort in reproducing a panoramic view.


Eventually, Kevin’s exclusive escort whispered to Yuuji.


“The signal has come. It’s the start of battle”


Yuuji didn’t know, but the eyes of the very experienced exclusive escort seems to have grasped the signal without letting it escape.


The goblin and orc village was in a place where the forest has been cleared. It seemed to be a naturally made space.

On the south side of the village was a small wetlands. The water did not appear to look like something one could drink at all, but the monsters must have created this village on this land because of this cleared space and place with water.

That village was dotted with around twenty things that looked like crude buildings, which couldn’t be called huts, using fallen trees, chopped trees, leaves and branches. 

It is doubtful if it could endure the rain and wind, but the orcs and a portion of the goblins seemed to be living in that space. 

One could see the figures of goblins sleeping together in a huddle without going inside, but they must likely be underlings. 

What could be seen at the village center was a building of several trees piled up with leaves and branches covering it. From the fact that they were able to see it at the center of the village, not to mention being larger than the huts surrounding it, that building was the signal of the start of the battle, the target of Alice’s magic.


Yuuji gazed at their target of attack. In his eyes was reflected the figures of snow flies flying slowly like they were rocked lightly by the wind.

In some respects, a tranquil and fairytale-like scenery.

But after this, this place would become a battlefield.


“Alice, it’s your turn”


Similarly to the exclusive escort, Yuuji too whispered to Alice.

Alice responded by raising her hand and shaped her mouth, saying “Okay~” without letting out her voice.

Incidentally, guildmaster Salomon knew of the existence of the wetlands south of the village, and for that reason he gave approval in using Alice’s magic. He intended to put out the fires with the adventurers being a bucket brigade when push comes to shove.


Alice put in her strength beside Yuuji.

Putting into account it being the first attack and the likelihood to be noticed by the enemies, she was not allowed to chant. Some growling voice going “Hnnngh” leaked out somewhat though.


Eventually, a sphere of flames was born on top of the hand that Alice held above her head.

“Ei” Alice swung down her arms. A tiny bit of voice was leaked out in spite of that.


The sphere of flames flew towards the center of the village, drawing a loose parabola.

Just a little before impact.

Just as Alice had aimed, it looked to be hitting the crude central building.


Yuuji firmly put in strength in his right hand holding the short spear and his left hand holding the shield.

Kotarou, who was at Yuuji’s feet, snuggled up to Yuuji’s feet. Don’t get nervous, you only have to kill fleeing enemies, is what she seemed to want to say.

Yuuji was certainly getting worked up.  But then again, this was for Yuuji the first large-scale battle on the offensive side. It was different from the pioneer land’s defensive battle where he was being a daredevil. It was quite right for him to be nervous.


Incidentally, Kevin’s exclusive escort, who was given the duty to protect Yuuji and Alice, had a composed expression.

His ability was befitting for a fourth rank adventurer, and he knew Kotarou’s ability as well as Alice’s ability. A composed expression or not, they actually had composure.


And then, finally Alice’s magic made impact.

The magic, after making a direct hit with the village center building, spread fire without exploding.


The red flames covered the crude building built from piled up trees, and flared up in a vast range on top of it.

A goblin and orc village where around twenty crude huts stood in a line.

Alice’s magic, which hit the building at that center, spread to, not just the central building, but also about half of the area of the village and blazed.

Three, five seconds lapsed, and finally the large fire that wrapped up the village disappeared.


The goblins who were sleeping together without entering a building. They were burnt black.

The crude building made of trees and branches. Perhaps Alice’s fire had fired it up, but it crackled and flamed.

Only several crude tree houses on the outer edges of the village escaped Alice’s flames.


From the brightly burning building, several orcs rushed out, raising loud voices, going “Fugo fugo, fugoo”.

Having heard those voices, voices of goblins and orcs going “Gugya gugya” and “Fugofugo” coming from the buildings on the outer edge, that were like houses of piled up trees and branches, and then they appeared.

As far as the monsters were concerned, the village was half-burnt when they opened their eyes. It appears they were confused.


Perhaps they still hadn’t grasped the situation, but the monsters shook their head restlessly left and right to survey their surroundings. And their heads fell and blood spouted out.


“Ooh, your magic is amazing Alice, oh, the goblins and orcs came out,” the carefreely thinking Yuuji said, not knowing what happened.

Yuuji opened his eyes and got surprised.

In the meantime, the monsters collapsed one by one.


“It’s the two people from ‘Dusk wind’ and the male scout from the pioneer land. As expected of third rank adventurers”


Kevin’s exclusive escort spoke as if explaining it to Yuuji. The raid party making their moves meant that the time of silence was over.


“Huh… Scout old man, were you that strong… I can hardly see him though…”


The male scout of the adventurers party living in the pioneer land seems to be slipping between monsters at high speed like he was flowing, and slashed with two daggers he held in his left and right hand. 

His figure was even difficult to confirm by sight at Yuuji, the goblins or the orcs’ level. 

The old man scout was not an ordinary pervy old man. He was a strong, working old man. Incidentally, the subjugation rewards for the portion the old man scout enthusiastically killed was planned to be given to Ivonne-chan(TL: his dear Ivonne or Ivonne-chan?) who was working in the red light district. Ivonne-chan had no plans to migrate. Perhaps.


At Yuuji’s feet, Kotarou chased the movements of the adventurers party scout with great interest. She was a little fidgety.

I can’t go, I can’t okay? Today I am Yuuji and Alice’s babysitter after all. Aah geez, won’t they come this way, was what she seemed to be saying. She was a woman who could not show mercy to her enemies.


“Come on come on, we’re going! Don’t you with active duties fall behind us retired group ya hear!”


It was the guildmaster who let out a menacing loud voice in succession and ran with a two handed sword held overhead. He was full of vigor, unbefitting for his age. As a former first rank adventurer, his blood seems to be boiling in a battlefield after a long time.

The remaining eight fourth/fifth rank adventurers and the party leader, who was also a pioneer land resident, rushed to the village from all directions.


The goblins and orcs appeared in groups and attacked the adventurers, but most of them were cut down in a single stroke.

The former adventurers party leader and the old man scout played a manner of active role like they were saying they didn’t care about flags and whatnot. Well, they actually had no concept of flags however.



With half of the village being wrapped in flames by Alice’s magic, she , even when estimating it lightly, must have killed a hundred of them. And yet, the amount of monsters should’ve been large, with hundred fifty vs thirteen.

But, the subjugation was already in the cleanup battle phase.


“Uhmm… isn’t it somehow, too easy a victory?”


Reflexively, Yuuji asked the exclusive escort. He was quite right.


“Miss Alice’s magic is too strong you see. In this situation, half the number of people may have been plenty enough though… It’s just with goblins and orcs’ case, it’s essential that we don’t let any escape. Look”


The exclusive escort said and pointed to his right.

In that direction, five to six goblins could be seen separated from the village.


Ah, they’re escaping, Yuuji thought, but in that moment, arrows pierced the goblins. 

The adventurers party who continued to be on standby, exterminated the goblins who had rushed out but were not quick enough to escape.

Seeing that, Kotarou barked *wan wan wan*. That’s right, you can’t let even one of them escape. Ugh, won’t they come this way I wonder, is what she seemed to be saying.


“I see… that’s why we need people surrounding it isn’t it?”

“Yes. Surround and exterminate is an ironclad rule against goblin and orc villages. Because they could multiply in the blink of an eye. Also there is a high chance that there is a being in the village who would become their chief, so we need to be careful for that one as well. I think he will be showing up anytime soon… Aah, it should be that one”


Yuuji, after listening to the exclusive escort explaining to him like he was training him, looked towards the village center.


What was there was a giant who was more than twice as big as the other orcs.

Not only did he exceed two meters in height, he was gargantuan in width.

With each of his hands gripping a tree of which a building was made up of, he seems to be going to use them as a weapon as is.


That big one, where was he, Yuuji murmured in a small voice. Kotarou barked *wan* as if she had the same thoughts.

Alice tilted her head and steadily watched Yuuji. It was a gaze saying say Yuuji-nii, Alice will use magic? Beside the area magic like the first attack, Alice also had magic that could do simple attack.

But the battle had already become up close and personal.

Considering the dangers of friendly fire, Yuuji shook his head, saying “You don’t have to use it, okay Alice?”


The orc chief roared “FUGOO” with a loud voice, reaching even the sky.

Perhaps it was some sort of order, but around forty remaining goblin and orcs who was raising panic and fleeing here and there, showed calmness.

But the monsters fell one by one.

Even if they became calm, small fries are still small fries.


The orc chief began to swing around the logs he held in both his hands, like he was angry at such scene.

Yuuji stiffened from the movements that had the force where one could hear a swoosh, in spite of viewing it from afar, but at that time.


Reflecting the morning sun, the drawn sword sparkled, and the two logs swung by the orc chief was cut down.

The strongest man in premie city who was a former first rank adventurer and held the nickname of ‘Magician Killer’.

The figures of the premie city adventurers guildmaster, Salomon was there.

It appears he wasn’t man who was just close to death by Alice’s magic.


The beloved sword and both the arms of the guildmaster who was facing the orc chief, appeared to be sparkling slightly blue.

After an instant of sharp look towards each other, the guildmaster stepped in and swung that sword vertically.

With ease, with ease like a heated kitchen knife cutting butter, both legs of the orc chief were severed.


With severed legs remaining, the orc chief fell together with a loud sound.

With lightning accurate response, the guildmaster swung his beloved sword and cut off both arms of the orc chief.

He was made thoroughly powerless.


The adventurers who were surrounding the village went “UOOOOOH,” getting excited.

Each raid party happily killed the goblins and orcs who were dumbfounded by their chief being brought down so easily.

Their extermination was already just a matter of time.


“Wow, what was that, how did that happen,” Yuuji spoke to himself.

Perhaps influenced by it, Alice immediately swung branches of trees she picked up from somewhere in order to mimic it. As a result of just watching over it ever since her magic that rose the curtains, Alice seemed to have become bored.

Kotarou, while barking “Gau gau gauu” jumped around at Yuuji and Alice’s feet. She was greatly excited from the guildmaster’s seriousness. But she would not pee in excitement. Kotarou was a lady. She is a dog though.


Around the time when there were no moving monsters to be seen in the goblin and orc village.

The guildmaster headed towards the direction where Yuuji’s group was at and moved his hands in some way.

They were hand signs.


“Mr Yuuji, the guildmaster is calling for you. I will look after Alice-chan, so please go. Aah, Ms Kotarou too, please go with Mr Yuuji”


Having read the guildmaster’s hand signs, Kevin’s exclusive escort informed Yuuji. For some reason he personally informed Kotarou as well however. Moreover, thinking from their words, Kotarou was treated as Yuuji’s escort. A thirty three year old was escorted by a dog.


“Eh, what sort of business does he have I wonder,” Yuuji said confused, Kotarou barked at him and quickly headed towards another place. Yuuji walked as if to follow her.


“Yeah, Lord Yuuji. Please deal the finishing blow to this one. The pioneer land’s leader becoming stronger is related to the safety of the pioneer land after all”


The guildmaster informed Yuuji with a smiling face. With a smiling face where a large scar remaining from mouth to cheek warped, not to mention spurts of blood was on his face. It was a smiling face that was more villainous than ever.

“Eh, the finishing blow, I’m going to deal it?” Perhaps he did not understand, Yuuji looked at the guildmaster and then looked over each nearby raid party.

The other adventurers consented with a smiling face.

Yuji glanced at Kotarou.

Kotarou barked softly. As if to say, kill it instantly would you? It seems Kotarou approved of it as well.


“Come on Lord Yuuji, one swift stab. And then become stronger and give the pioneer land stability and then again the recruiting of pioneer citizens…”


The guildmaster drew near Yuuji with force around the time he started rubbing his hands.


“Eh, I don’t know much about recruiting, but the- then I will” Yuuji said, holding the short spear in his hand aloft in a backhand grip. By accident he looked at the orc chief who was lying down face up.

Both hands and feet cut off and having no means to defend or escapel; the orc chief, unlike its gallant appearance until a while ago, was somehow in tears.

But Yuuji’s heart was no longer moved by that. It was his fourth year in the other world. He had come to slaughter monsters again and again.


Without hesitation, Yuuji brought down the tip and pierced his heart.

“Gofuh” the orc chief spewed out blood. On that face of his, a single tear was spilled.

He stopped moving even a twitch before long.

It appears his life had ended.



A little around an hour since Alice’s magic which informed the start of the battle.

The subjugation of the goblin and orc village, which took place while the white fluff-like snow flies were fluttering about, had marked its end with ease.


With a truly verbatim business entertainment at the end. 

(TL Not sure if 接待プレイ means business entertainment)

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