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Vol 7 Chapter 14 Yuuji, showing the former adventurer party with emigration plans around



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“Ah well, I’m sorry ‘bout yesterday.”


Alice and Yuuji lightly lowered his head.

It was the next morning after Yuuji and his group reached his home.

Yesterday, Yuuji and Alice rushed into their house after a light greeting, without showing the accompanying former adventurers and woodworker Thomas around.

They couldn’t resist the temptations of the comfortable toilet and bath after two weeks. It seems Alice too was intoxicated.


“No well, we’re all fine with it. You didn’t seem to be accustomed to it so you must have been exhausted Lord Yuuji, and Alice-chan is still a child after all. It’s just, about that one over there……”


The leader of the former adventurer party did not seem to mind it in particular. Except he took glimpses beside him and was hesitating to say.


“Mr. Yuuji! What is this -sul!? What is up with this residence -sul!? Ah, that tent got the shape I’ve never seen before either -su! Explanation! Please give me an explanation! On top of that, I wanted to see it up close, but for some reason I can’t enter -su!”


The woodworker Thomas was still in an excited state towards the buildings he was seeing for the first time. It seems he had Yuuji’s dog-kin slave Marcel show him the yaranga, their temporary residence near the house, but what he wanted to see was the unfamiliar residence.


“Aah, sorry Mr. Thomas. Only Kotarou, Alice and I can enter the house’s site.”


Thomas showed a shocked expression. It seemed to be a great shock to him. He put his knees on the ground, his hands and hung his head on top of it.


“Ah, bu- but if you’re interested in it, I will someday show you the houseplan and the construction method. I don’t know if that’s useful as a reference though……”


With the intention to follow it up, Yuuji called out to Thomas. Hearing that, Thomas seemed to have gotten back on his feet for the present. But although the house was built over twenty years ago, the building material, glass window and window frames are beyond their technology. What was useful as a reference should be, like Yuuji said, the houseplan and the construction method.


Kotarou quietly came running towards below Yuuji and Alice. It seems she continuously went out to go around the area since they returned yesterday. What a diligent woman. She’s a dog though.


“Ookaay, then you might have seen it, but shall I show you the pioneer land just in case?”


“First, here is the watering place. I leave the water running from the house I’m living in, so please leave an earthenware pot or something there. If it starts flooding and you don’t know where to throw it away, call me please.


Saying so, Yuuji showed them the place where water was flowing out from the end of the hose. He took a glimpse into the water jug, but there was still enough room. Seeing that, Yuuji mumbled “I think this pace is about good”. He didn’t seem to have noticed the former adventurer party and woodworker Thomas’s response who were staring at it in amazement.

Alice played around by scooping up water from the pot and splashing it around. She was avoided as she tried to spill water on Kotarou, giggling and enjoying herself. As far as the brilliantly dodging Kotarou’s physical abilities are concerned, it’s already on the level of passing through her.


“Fo- for now, we should have enough water to live for this amount of people I guess…… Lord Yuuji, is this volume of water the limit?”


The leader of the former adventurers asked a question as a pioneer group member.


“No, we can go about twice the amount of this. Also you can also get hot water apart from this.”


Yuuji answered innocently. Once again the group was staring at him with round eyes.

“Hot water is nice and warm and feels goo~d ri~ght?” resounded Alice’s innocent voice in the forest.


“Here is what you have seen yesterday right? This is a quasi-tent called a Yaranga. It’s something that is supported by a group of thin wood and covered in cloth. Both construction and deconstruction is simple, and this is warm enough to go through the winter you know.”


Having done such explanation in front of the yaranga that the beastkin family was living in, Yuuji turned over the cloth of the entrance after calling out inside.

It seems yesterday, the former adventures and Thomas was guided by the dog-kin Marcel and had seen the inside. There were no second surprises.


“Mr. Yuuji, this is amazing -su! It’s fine like this, but if you build the log support with heartwood it will become more solid you know! For now we’ll make this for me and everyone’s houses -su! If it’s this then it’ll be quick if you help me out for a bit -su!”


Thomas the woodworker braced himself and talked about it with Yuuji. It seems like his intention was to abandon mobility, upgrading the support to make it even more stable and make it their temporary residence until they build a house.


“Eh, but there is probably not that much cloth left……”


Thomas furiously shook his head towards Yuuji’s words.


“We’ll be fine with piling up leafed branches for now! It’s just that erm, I’d like it if you request Mr. Kevin for clothes before it becomes winter……”


It appears that there is also a technology resembling a thatch roof even in this world. Placing branches and leaves of trees in order to ward off the rain and to insulate was wisdom that existed in various places on earth in the olden days. Having that in this world was not even strange.

At any rate, it seems there was hope for the temporary quasi-residence.


“Here’s the land in the middle of cultivation. He~ey, Marcel!”


Yuuji showed them the field they cleared and where they began the cultivation of wheat and potatoes. That said, Yuuji had no knowledge of it. He intended to call out to Marcel who had been working on it and have him explain.

Stopping the farmwork, the dogkin Marcel and his son Mark ran up them. Apparently Marcel’s wife, the catkin Nina went out hunting with the one of the house-sitting adventurers, the archer Eleine. (T.N. Irene might’ve been what the author was going with, but you’ll have to speak it like it’s german or it won’t sound like the raw, which is ireenu, so I picked this over Irene and the name yukkuri picked for her. Or should I go for the more popular Elaine? Just a letter difference)


“Master Yuuji, Miss Alice, welcome home. Nothing is better than seeing both of you safe!”


Delightfully and slowly swinging his large tail, Marcel greeted Yuuji. Beside him, Mark synchronised the movements of his tail. Like parent, like child.

According to Marcel, the field seems to be doing favorable for the present. It looks like they will be able to secure the food portion in autumn for Yuuji, Alice and the beastkin family to survive the winter if it continues as is.


“Is that so, I’m glad about that! By the way Marcel, somehow……the cleared land has become far and wide hasn’t it?”

“Yes, I’ve worked hard! All the adventurers who have remained been willingly helped me, so…… Even now they are disposing of the stumps, you see! On top of that, Mark has worked hard for us.”


Marcel again swung his tail, happily reporting that the farmland has expanded. “Ooh is that so~, that’s great Mark-kun” Said Yuuji as he stroked Mark’s head who was smiling after being praised by his father. Mark’s eyes glittered and he boastfully put up his chest. “You did great helping out!” Alice’s words of praises dyed Mark’s cheeks even more. It was the springtime of youth.


“Ooh, lord Yuuji! Welcome back!”


A man of large build who turned up shouldering a tree stump, Joss called out to Yuuji. The adventurer party of three served as Kevin’s escort and had become the house sitting group for the sake of protecting the beastkin family. Like Marcel’s words, they seem to be working admirably.


“Are these the gentlemen who will become the pioneer group? …… eh? U- uhm, aren’t you all the members of the “Deep green wind”? The third rank adventurer’s……”


Opening his eyes wide, Joss nervously asked. The man in gaudy armor beside him, Hector stiffened in surprise as well. Today he isn’t wearing the gaudy armor with red lines on white.

“That’s right, but we plan to retire and become a pioneer citizen here” told the former adventurer party leader. Joss and Hector humbled themselves completely and requested a handshake and the like.


“Huh? Mr. Joss, are they your acquaintances?”

“Lord Yuuji! Right, the visit to Premie city this time was your first time wasn’t it? These gentlemen are all from “Deep green wind”, one of the third rank adventurer parties that’s few in numbers even in Premie city. Their abilities go without saying, but they’re deeply trusted by clients due to their sincere personality. They’re the aspiration of us rank 10-8 beginner level adventurers. I myself have ambitions to be a knight, but even so their fame naturally entered my ears.”


“Ri-right, so they were famous people” Yuuji said somewhat carefreely. Alice was also surprised, but she smilingly said “You misters are so amazing.” Kotarou fixedly stared at them. As if she was measuring their hidden strength.


The former third rank adventurer party of four. One is fourth rank in fighting strength and the other is fourth rank if it’s just her might in magic, was the stamp Kotarou and Alice was applied with respectively by the guildmaster. It was an excessive fighting power for a pioneer land of this scale. High destructive force by magic and Kotarou’s mobility as well as the offensive abilities of the former third rank adventurers. As expected, Yuuji’s role in regards to combat could only be a meatwall, it seems.


“Uhm, by the way Lord Yuuji…… Could you perhaps have heard from Mr. Kevin what we should be doing?”


Having finished with their greetings for a while, the large built Joss began asking Yuuji a question.


“Ah…… Uhm…… Err……”


Apparently The three adventurers of the house-sitting group seems to be forgotten by Kevin.

He was not like a perfect superman.


Yuuji was perplexed. Alice tilted her head. Joss and Hector’s expression was inclined with sorrow.

W-wan! Unusually Kotarou’s bark was shaking. Yo- you shouldn’t worry about it, is what she wanted to say it seems.


Fo- for the time being, he said he’ll be coming before long, so I think you can wait here.

In the space that fell completely silent, the feeble Yuuji’s voice resounded.



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