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Isekai shoukan wa nidome desu Chapter 59

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Chapter 59 Q&A Session



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Heroes are really outrageous beings.

That’s because whatever they do, they’ll get this strong in no more than about a single month.

When you try and be in their presence, you’ll understand the feelings of the nearby people who look at me or Touma.

So out of standard aren’t they……like really.

That’s what I think when I look down on my uninjured body even though I was swallowed by lava.

Only the clothes on my upper body became useless.

This won’t do, I’m almost half-naked.

Even Heroes would get embarrassed all the same though.


Damn it……what shall I do with those two?


The man called Endou Ryuuji is, in any case, an ordinary human being.

Getting ordinary grades in elementary school and middle school, and test results were always average.

An ordinary boy who never earned anything but third place in a foot race during sports day.

His dislike towards himself changed and he took effort and entered high school in a somewhat higher ranking.

That was where he met by chance――――――――the girl called Hanabashira Yuuhi.

She was just like the sun.

The sun floating in the sky who would come in contact with even the crowds of weed like himself with the usual cheerful attitude.

He fell in love at first sight.

He tried starting to approach and talk to her, but what gathered around Yuuhi were flowers, different than the weeds.

Kouma, who was renowned as the coolest boy in his school year, the petite and cute Mitsuki, who was very popular by the boys and Jirou, who brought people together with excitement and his trustworthiness…….

What is more, the smart student council president whose glasses suits him, a handsome youth who entered as a junior and was a model, a boy of the same school year with plenty of sexual experience and even boys of other schools harbored love towards her.

Endou gave up halfway……saying the ordinary him can not win against them.

And the finishing blow was the figures of her and Kouma walking on the road that’s illuminated by the setting sun.

They were too matching, his heart broke.

He gave up on her and a few days later……he witnessed Yuuhi talking with a single male student, also by coincidence.

Who was there was neither Kouma nor the other flowers――――――――Suzaki Setsu, the “bottommost in social standing” in terms of position. A boy who was like withered weed, the weed among weeds.

Seeing that, Endou felt anger.

The boy who was called gloomy, eerie and even unpleasant, treated the words of the girl who was an existence like the sun to them as he saw fit. Endou noticed the first feelings inside of him……his urge to kill.


From then on he turned Suzaki Setsu into his enemy.

Instigating him with “Gloomy Yuki” and kicking him around as a gofer.

There were also times he struck his stomach or stepped on his head as he was crouching.


And he, who was laughing doing that……currently has his head stepped on by that boy.



“Come to think of it, I had this done to me a lot right? By you.”


It was one blow.

Just when he thought he appeared from inside the steam, Endou received an impact on his stomach and fell down.

The intense feeling of oppression and intense pain rendered him unable to move and made him crouch.

With him gasping, his face was pressed to the ground and some mud entered his mouth.


“I ain’t bearing any special grudges against you. Whatever was done to me neither hurt nor itched after all.”


Setsu’s stepping power wasn’t high.

However, Endou couldn’t stand up.


“Reason why I’m stepping on you like this is because I got curious about how you felt when you stepped on me. Hey Endou, it surprisingly doesn’t feel bad, this……the looking down part is better than anything else. Did you have that kind of feelings too?”



Even though Endou was disordered and agonizing in pain, his face went red from anger.

He put in the strength to stand up, but he was stepped on stronger than before and he sunk further in the soil.


“How amazing, you……Despite having neither magic power nor physical strength and your body is hurting. Do you hate me that much?”


Setsu tormented Endou by grinding with his foot.

Even if he was screwed even more into the ground and mud entered his mouth, Endou didn’t stop glaring at him.


“I understand you, I hate you too you know. That’s why I’m stepping on your head like this. Let’s see, what should I do now……break your arm? Cut off your legs? Even if I gouge out your eyes, it’ll be fine if I go for one. If it’s just that then I can still do it without problems, right me?”


Setsu thrusted Kuromaru before Endou’s eyes.

This moment, Endou harbored “fear” towards him for the first time.

He’s conscious about what he picked a fight with.

This man is a monster, I shouldn’t have come in contact with him.

Regret swelled up……he currently thought from the bottom of his heart――――――――that he was too foolish.


“So……where should I start?”


The next moment, Endou’s consciousness was spontaneously lost.


“……aw, that sucks”


He fainted just by me pointing a smile towards him for a bit.

I should’ve done it over for a bit, but let’s be satisfied with just making him regret it.



“So, what are you gonna do?”


I call out to Kouma who had his sacred sword ready and isn’t moving.

Even though you could say I was defenseless when I was stepping on Endou, this guy didn’t move even a single step.

My impression is that his spirit is already broken.

Like I thought, he’s going to get cold feet if their greatest attack was stopped without injuries.

Well, I don’t care about this guy’s condition, I have something I want to ask of him.


“Well, if you’re not coming at me then that’s fine, just listen like that. Answer me honestly to the things I’m about to ask you.”

“Wh, why should I……”

“If you’re not answering then it can’t be helped, I’ll kill this guy.”


To threaten him, I thrust Kuromaru to Endou’s neck.

The fact that I won’t kill is something Kouma doesn’t know.

It should be enough of a threat in that case.


“St-, stop!”

“Then answer them, honestly of course.”

“……I understand”


Alright, this is good.


“Okay then, first question, those black robe lots, if I remember rightly you said they were leaders or something right? Tell me all of their names and abilities.”

“Why should I……”

“Because it’s necessary. Just tell me.”

“O, okay.”


Before he talked back with something, I press Kuromaru strongly against Endou, urging on ahead.

If I try to summarize the explanation that came from Kouma’s mouth, there are eight black robes.

Names are Kagerou, Luna, Bildos, Kuroinu, Saiga, Melua, Lume, Gaia.

Each of them has unique magic, but they weren’t revealed or so it seems.

It’s probably, but…… the one who uses <Shadow Magic> or something seems to be Kagerou.

I’ve already met Saiga and Kuroinu didn’t I? In front of Shironeko’s house.

Now that I think about it, I couldn’t confirm their unique magic.

Next is Melua huh……if my expectations are right, then she must be that one……


“――――――――Now, the next question, it’s the location of the black robes.”

“I, I don’t know……Even though I say those people are leaders, I haven’t gotten any commands. They have the authorities, but…… All of them should be running about freely on the battlefield. Ah, but one is protecting the king of the human continent. Another one……One of them is also marching onto Evil Barrow alone on a horse.”

“On a horse……Evil Barrow? He’ll get done in before he reaches the demon king’s castle, like that.”

“That person appears to have an ability that makes sure he won’t……I don’t know it in details though.”


What is this, he’s useless.

His target should be Desastre, but……how rash, picking a fight with that woman is like going to his death.

Which leaves me――――――――if I knock down the six black robes in this place, then it’ll settle this battlefield.
No, if that guy’s also here……


“Next, do you know of a guy who looks like a little girl?”

“Wh, who is that……?

“Hmm……I’ll ask differently. You haven’t seen any other black robed guys?”

“I, I’m 100% sure there are only eight leaders! I don’t know anyone else, okay!?”


He――――――――ain’t lying I guess.

That guy didn’t come?

No, he can’t possibly not come.

He should appear somewhere……probably when the battle’s about to end.


“Well, whatever……”

“Are we done……? Release Endou please”

“Yeah, then I’ll give you my last question.”


The thing I wanted to ask the most was still left.

Something more important than the information of the enemies I’ll be making.


“You, you invited Yuuhi to a date. Is that true?”


“Answer me.”

“Ye, yeah……It’s true――――――gah.”


In the middle of Kouma’s answer, my fist caught his cheeks.

I ended up hitting him unintentionally……Uhee.

Uwa, he ended up fainting.


“Well, whatever I guess.”


I carry the fainted Endou and Kouma by gripping their nape.

I carry Mitsuki and Jirou while I’m at it and put all of them at the base of a large tree inside the forest.

Leaving them alone while exposed in rain looks bad to me too after all.

I tie them……no I don’t have to tie them up. They can’t do anything either way.


A.N. Setsu-kun is an S. (Suddenly)



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  1. [A.N. Setsu-kun is an S. (Suddenly)]
    He train Super M women to become one of the best warrior in that world… So that doesn’t count as S…
    Its quite terrifying to think standard Sadist in this novel is out of norm…. But i like it!

  2. Thanks for the chapter.

    When the bully suffers bullying… it’s the worse kind of attack to their spirit. Still… Kouma should not have asked Yuuhi on a date, that earned that punch.

  3. Hajime would be proud of (said with a demon king speech like you common mortal did a good job)
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        1. I have the volume, but I don’t have the pic uploaded anywhere or on my computer, so I’ll have to get around to getting that up somewhere first. Unless you’re fine with a photo of it. Also it won’t be very high quality because I’m not willing to cut the book to do a perfect scan.

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            I don’t think anybody mentioned or observed his shirtless state. He does get some shirt, but only during volume 4, so people seem to have been ignoring that part the entire time.

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            I see, that’s very interesting but this is the only art that had him shirtless correct? Say do you read the manga by any chance? Im curious if its adapting the novels properly and whether it’s near volume 2-3 atm.

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