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42 Daughter of the beast king


We even succeeded in gaining free admission for the entrance to the world tree with Shironeko and Mineko’s faces.

If they don’t do a check besides physical appearance so far, then I feel like they would end up allowing easy trespassing with something like a disguising magic, but there is their useful sense of smell.

It means they could instantly judge if it’s the real one or not with that outstanding sense of smell of theirs.


“Place got a good atmosphere like always.”

“Even humans understand desu?”

“Humans like places surrounded by trees like this too, surprisingly.”


This castle which is made by gouging out the tree itself has wooden walls, floors and ceiling of course.

I can say I like baths made out of wood more than those made out of stone and so I think the scent and feel of this sort of tree is nice.


“Oh, more importantly, is the beast king still upstairs like always?”

“Yes, at the top floor desu.”


It’s not like I really have much time either, I can’t take my time.

Shall I show my face right away then?


“Okay then, shall we――――――”




Suddenly a shout reverberated inside the castle, interrupting my words.

Everyone unintentionally looked towards the owner of said voice.

What is there is a blonde girl with a healthy skin color.

Needless to point out, she’s the daughter of the beast king Regulus Gold, Roa Gold.


“Yo- You! This scent……!”



I knew it, so she found out even when my appearance has changed……

The next moment, Roa kicked the floor and instantly appeared in front of me.

And then I perceive the shape of a fist approaching me from the corner of my sight.


“You’re still……Naive!”



I seize that fist, sweep her legs and hold her down on the floor.


“Mister Setsu!?”

“It’s fine, it’s kind of like our greeting.”


“Dang it!”


When she was about to raise her body in order to stand up, I interfere on that by taking on a mounting position.

And then I reached the nape of the startled Roa with my hand.


Touch, touch.




I stroke it as gentle and rustlingly.

I’m aiming to use my palm to give a peaceful touch, different from tickling with your hands.

Upon doing so, Roa’s expression rapidly crumbled, her strength gradually left her body and her expression changed into a charmed one.


“Funyaa~~~don’t……This hand technique is, I knew it~~”

“Long time no see, you washboard kitty. Here here!”

“It’s Setsu~~~~nyaaaa”


It’s like I’m stroking a cat.

I’ve done this dozens of times, but for some reason her body still seems to remember it even after five years have gone by.

I play with it even more and that body of hers ended up becoming so languid she couldn’t stand up anymore already.

Does it feel that good, what I’m doing……


“Sis, did you see that? That daughter of the Great Beast King, Roa was led around by the nose……”

“Stroke, stroke……I’m jealous desu……”

“That’s not where you should be looking at, you know!? Sis, get a hold of yourself please!”


What are they doing a comedy skit for, these girls……

What I’ve come to know these days is that Mineko has the role of the straight man with Shironeko being the useless one.

It’s unexpectedly balanced.

Wait, this is not the time for that.




I have to work it out with this girl too before long――――――


“Where have you been loitering around all this time, Setsu!”

“My bad, my bad. Got lots of things happening in the human country for a while, you know.”

“I know that though! ……We heard you were forced to return to your former world so we were worried, that’s why……wait, don’t stroke me! Stop i-……fuwaa~~~……”

“Interesting like always aren’t ya.”


I stop the loud mouth from talking with a little stroking.

It wasn’t even my intention, so can’t you overlook it for me?


“And that’s how I returned here, so please forgive me. I’ll properly return your worries, okay?”

“Nyaa……O- okay, I get it, so stop your stroking noow……”


Oops, I forgot to stop my hand.

I withdraw my hand just before she’s unable to stand anymore.

It took Roa a few minutes to stand up earlier.

Now we’re on the way towards the room the beast king is in, it’ll be difficult if she sits down in the middle of this hallway.


“Fuuh……And so, what’s wrong with you, Shironeko and Mineko? It looks like you’re here with Setsu, but……”

“Various things happened……”

“Setsu became our master desu. That is why we are together desu.”

“Huh!? Setsu! Are you saying you can become Shironeko’s master even though you won’t become my master!?”


Shironeko, you bitch……stop saying unnecessary things.

Explaining it is quite troublesome, but I have to explain it to her.


“I didn’t actually become one you know. They just declared it on their own.”

“Then me too!”

“Didn’t you hear me? I’m not even taking applications for something like pets.”


Things like disciplining and all, I already have my hands full with just that total M ice woman.

Go to other people for that as much as you can……No, don’t go to anyone for that after all.


“For now, let’s leave the conversation for later, okay! For later! I have something I have to talk about with the beast king right away!”




Hum, she’s a good, disciplined cat.

Her race is leo, but well, they shouldn’t be that much different since they’re related to cats.

And the one who disciplined her this far is me.

It’s because she was treated as a trouble maker due to her being a wild lioness tomboy……Now she has become someone who is greeted with a smile by the people in the castle and who can return their greetings with a smile.

How should I put this, I’m also very happy of this change of hers.

Well, her wording is a mixed with fierceness and gentleness and sometimes it becomes funny.

That’s a fun aspect of hers I guess.


Roa, the wild lioness


“Speaking of which miss Roa, what sort of relationship do you and mister Setsu have? I have heard of the story that he was the Hero of five years ago, but I couldn’t read about that part at all, so……”

“Hm? Relationship between me and Setsu?”


Oh right, I did talk about myself on our journey here.

I guess you can’t help but get curious about the relationship of me, the former Hero, and Roa.


“That’s right……Setsu was, you know, amazingly strong since that time. The time he took along his three companions and went to the beastmen continent, we were also at war and it was an extreme time where it was pretty much like 『It’s humans! Kill them!』, so Setsu and the others were also attacked.”


They went at me with dozens of people you know, those soldier looking guys.

Well, of course……


“Setsu ended up annihilating those in the blink of an eye. And then I who was a naughty kid at that time had……wait, did you two know I was a naughty kid?”

“Your nickname wild lioness even reached us desu.”

“Uwah……It’s one thing to say it yourself, but this is embarrassing.”


It’s because this girl at that time was famous even in the other continents from having the position of daughter of the beast king, to say nothing of the beastmen continent.

On a sidenote, Shironeko and Mineko seemed to have started to make a name of themselves after I was sent back.


“Well, whatever. And so I heard there was a strong guy and I challenged him to a fight. The result was a crushing defeat though.”


If I‘m not wrong, I have memories of it being a single blow from a cross counter when she was about to spring at me.

I ended up treating her the same way as the other small fry soldiers at that time, didn’t I?


“Now that I think about it, that was the first time I lost to anyone besides daddy……And so I was charmed by Setsu who had beat me and decided to walk arm in arm with him. I would’ve wanted him to be my master if that was possible though.”

“Who’d go do that sort of bothersome thing?”

“So stingy aren’t you? Like always.”


That being said, I don’t feel like getting a pet.

Though even if master means master, I’ll think about it if it’s a husband type of master


“Didn’t you two accompany him for the same reasons?”

“I lost against Setsu desu. That’s why I want him to become my master desu”

“I haven’t personally fought mister Setsu……But still, he is my lifesaver so I’m thinking about using this body of mine for his sake.”

“That’s what they said, Setsu. Popular aren’t you?”

“Yes, yes.”


Roa went elbowing my side.

It didn’t feel bad being told this much, but I still don’t understand their thinking.

Humans wouldn’t even think about following the guy they lost against after all.

The difference in sense of value between the races really is large.


“We already arrived while we were talking about that”


Roa stopped her feet and at the same time we also stopped walking.

In front of us is a wooden double door.

This also takes me back.


“Daddy, I’m coming in――――――”

“Miss Roa!”



A man’s voice called out from behind us in order to stop Roa who has put her hands on the door.


“What, it’s just you Ruga.”


I look over my shoulder and who was there was a young canine man.

He’s got a burly figure and a handsome face.

I guess the beastwomen won’t leave this guy alone. He’s someone of considerable ability, with his conduct and the pressure I feel.


“What do you want with me? I’d like to ask you to make it as brief as possible.”

“What do you want with me, you say……you, are you planning on letting a human meet the beast king!? We are at war, you know that!?”


Oh I get it, this guy’s quite the stubborn guy.

Because I’ve been with these three, we haven’t been dragged into unnecessary trouble up until now, but from the eyes of a guy who have some ability and is at a level to talk back to Roa, interfering with my being here is natural I guess.

A troublesome guy appeared after coming here……


“Even Shironeko and Mineko are together with a human, what is the meaning of this!? I’ll have you explain this to me!”

“Before that, who are yo――――”

“Sis, this person is the wolfblade(roujin) Ruga you know.” (ルーガ; ruuga)

“Aah……Now that you mention it there was such a person desu”

“Forgetting about me is……I can see your memories are quite bad.”


“Si-Sis, restrain yourself”


Uoh! Shironeko’s looks became dreadful when he made fun of what’s inside her head.

I should remember this……wait, more importantly.


“Old man (roujin), right? First of all I just have some business with the beast king, so I’m not thinking of doing anything in particular……” (老人: roujin: old man)

“You bastard……You just insult me didn’t you……?”



Wolfblade (roujin)……old man (roujin)……Ah, that was certainly my verbal slip――――――wait, isn’t the nuance the same!? You can’t condemn me for this can you!? It depends on how you catch it right!?


“Do you want me to erase you, human――――――”

“Stop it, you stupid.”

“……Why are you protecting a human, miss Roa?”


Roa stood in between me and Ruga.

A clear hostility was released from Roa’s eyes to that guy.


“You’ve got it backwards, I stopped you in order to protect you. This human is my future owner……no, wait I mean. The human who will become my master. Even if you say you have enough strength to become daddy’s right hand man, you won’t be able to beat this guy.”


Hey, what’s up with that “owner” part? While you’ve been saying master and have been mixing in a different meaning to it up until now, your desire to be owned is completely showing you know. Quit that please.

Ah, more importantly……Beastking’s right hand huh……I thought he was like a powerful person from the streets.


“……What did you say? Wait a second please, miss Roa. Your master……No, husband is supposed to be me isn’t it?”


Ah? What’s this guy saying?


“As I have spoken with His Majesty the beast king, I have triumphed in a duel with you and I should have the rights to be wed to you.”

“Tha- that’s, well, my physical condition was a little……”

“That excuse does not apply between beastmen!”

“……Tch, would you just shut yer hole! Who would want to marry a nagging son of a bitch like you, ya dumbass! Next, dare say something funny in front of Setsu! I tell ya, he’s gonna tear ya a new one, just see!”


While saying “we’re going,” Roa grabbed my hand and opened the door to the throne room.

Ruga was taken aback from the sudden return of her tone from the olden days and being disparaged, he stood stiff and unmoving.

The four of us took our opportunity to finally reach our destination, the throne room.



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