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Chapter 39

The Suspicious Captain


“My bad eh, for being late”

“I do not mind, but would it be fine for the woman, who is also the leader spearheading the clan, to let something like seasickness defeat her?”

“Please leave it as seasickness being a more formidable enemy than an A rank quest…”


Silvar and Leona gathered inside the ship around a round table.

This was a meeting place of fellow masters, but some reason I was allowed to sit with them. 


“But, what will you be talking about here? There are no signs of enemies to be seen yet and I don’t think there’s any use in this meeting though”

“What I would like to talk about here is the role assignment our search”

“Role assignment is it”

“Our two clans are clearly different in disposition. The one with high mobility and are unmanageable if they take advantage of the situation are the ‘Greed Tiger’. We, who are prepared from the front and whose defensive powers have an established reputation, the ‘Order of the Silver wings’. If we fight nearby, those overwhelming differences will quite possibly hold each other back”


What Silvar is saying is quite reasonable.

Even to me, the members of these two clans look incompatible.

Fighting together is close to impossible. In the first place, their personalities themselves wouldn’t match.


“Humm, so there we do the role assignment isn’t it”

“That is the case. Our side has a few mages who can make it so you can walk on water. With their powers, I’d like you to freely search the sea. We remain here and search the circumference while protecting the ship”

“I see what you mean. But that means we will have quite the risk, no? I mean, we’re scattered around”

“For that, I would like to put Al on your side”


My body jumped up from my name suddenly being called.



“I do not want to make any excuses, but we, together with the weight of our armor for starters, are not suited for naval battle. It is because the cost for the spell to make one walk on water will rise by adding mass. It is easier to let the light people of the Greed Tiger continue the search”


True, all members of the Order of the Silver Wings are dressed as knights, matching its name.

They excel in defensive aspects, but that also has the same meaning of having weight on the other hand.


“Losing the ship which is our means of transportation back would be terrifying as well. Just in case, we will thoroughly protect the ship. But, therefore I cannot assign any military strength to your side. Thereupon it would be Al’s turn”

“That would be reassuring, really. I can be relieved if it’s like that”

“It seems I have the consent from the Greed Tiger. What about the person himself, Al?”


I didn’t sense any strange points while listening to the conversation.

Seeing that I myself have no better plan than this, following them would be fortunate.


“That’s fine with me. I can just move along with the Greed Tiger people right?”

“Yes. Then, this is settled”

“Repel the water, Anti-water”


The robe-wearing mage-like guys, which are unusual in the Order of the Silver Wings  camp, applied a black magic to my body.

I felt my faintly shining body being enveloped by another person’s magic power.


“You should be able to walk on water with this. Just to be sure, please put your hand on the water in that bucket”



I quietly try putting my hands into the nearby bucket they had prepared.

As I did, I felt resistance as if I put my hand on the ground.

Even when I tried pressing down, my hand did not go underwater.

It is truly a mysterious sensation.


“An unusual black magic isn’t it”

“Originally it was a black magic for defending oneself against attacks with water after all. I just narrow the scope of that to its utmost limit, and only cleverly keep it at covering the outside you see”

“It sounds quite difficult though…”

“Learning it did take quite a while I guess. One more thing, the duration isn’t that long. You have about two hours, so please return to the ship when the time draws near. I will reapply it when you do”

“Got it, thanks”


Leaving behind the mages, I hurried to the place on the deck where Leona and the others were waiting.

All members have already gathered it seems, so they seem to be waiting for me.


“My bad, I’ve made you guys wait”

“It’s fine, it’s fine. So then, shall we go, you rascals!”



Each of the Greed Tigers who had been spending their time as they like, relaxing their bodies or confirming their weapons, moved to the vicinity of the ship.


“Ladies and gentlemen of Greed Tiger! Narrow down the scope and investigate while generally matching the movement of the ship please! It is because we would be unable to recover you if the black magic loses its effect in the worst case!”

“Is what he said, you rascals! You all can’t swim either way so be careful, alright!”

“““Aye gotcha!”””


Answering her with energy, each of the Greed Tiger jumped to the sea surface.

However, they did not make any sounds of water splashing.

That’s natural, because everyone landed on the water.


“We’re going too! Al!”



I too jumped to the sea surface together with Leona.

It was quite the height, but it was nothing.

I bent my knees somewhat to kill off the impact and easily succeeded in landing there.

Leona who had landed as well looked around, raised her arms overhead and shouted.


“Rascals! We’re gonna search with energy!”


Together with a roar from the people of Greed Tiger, the search of the mysterious silhouette has begun.


“Sir Gidara! I have a report!”

“What is it!”


The soldier, who had been running about busily through the interior of the demon lord castle, kneeled in front of Gidara.

The soldier continued his words while he regained his breath.


“The boat of the captain of the first demon lord elite guards, Sir Phantom and Sir Eleira the vice captain has been confirmed at the sea. I believe they will arrive in thirty minutes!”

“What? They are far too early… Can the communication-purpose magic stone connect with them!”

“It has been prepared. You can connect at any time, sir”

“Good work, leave”

“Yes sir”


The soldier left along with Gidara’s instructions.

At the same time the soldier left, Gidara moved to another room.

Enshrined there was only a large shining magic stone and no figures of people.


“Communication request, Phantom”


This magic stone was used to do long distance conversation, using a magic stone held by the captains of the elite guards like Phantom as an intermediary.

When the much stronger magic stone shone, a voice suddenly rang out of nowhere.


‘Huh, Sir Gidara~? Are you in good humor~?’

“Phantom, why are you returning so early like this? You should still have time to search however”

‘That is――Oh, will you talk directly?’


There were signs of some movements on the other side, and then a voice different from Phantom resounded in this magic stone room.


‘Gidara. It is me. It is Isvel’

“Mi- Milady Demon lord! Is it indeed you, milady Demon lord!?”

‘Yes, there is no mistaking it. I will be returning to your side from the present moment. I’m entrusting you to prepare to usher me in’

“Ooh…! I, Gidara is feeling happy! Milady Demon lord! I shall arrange the preparation to greet you right this instant!”


And so, when Gidara released his hand from the magic stone, the voice disappeared.

With an expression of delight from the bottom of his heart, Gidara tried to exit the room, and then a voice different from Isvel and Phantom stopped him.


“――Sir Gidara, is milady Demon lord returning?”

“Gh!? Sadore…! Since when――” (サドール;sadooru)

“That does not matter, does it? You will come in contact with me either way don’t you? I am the captain of the second unit after all. It’s the difference between early and late, you see.”



The man called Sadore, who was in the room unnoticed, opened the door to the room and went outside after showing a smile like he was looking down on him, unlike Phantom.


“Now then, I too have to put my reception preparations in order… Now, if you will excuse me”

“Wa- wait! Sadore!”


Gidara said and interrupted, but Sadore ignored him and continued down the corridor.

Gidara, who was left behind, lowered the hand which was stretching in the empty space and vexingly stepped on the floor.


“The fool… What is he really scheming…”


Demon lord Isvel returned.

That was a delightful matter and at the same time――the main cause for disturbances.

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