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Vol 9 Chapter 6 Bulletin board chapter

Yuuji, uploading video of the pioneer village’s defensive battle part1




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[I made] I kind of got to another world when I went out of my home after 10 years part 41 [a contribution site! ]

683 : Yuuji

[Quick announcement] We were attacked by 50 goblins and 10 orcs [Houjou village’s first defensive battle]


684 : Anonymous NEET



This guy freaking threw a bomb onto us without hesitation


685 : YES Lolita NO Touch


Alice-chan, is Alice-chan safe!?


686 : Anonymous NEET

A horde of goblins and orcs you say…

Ain’t that an actor team?


687 : Anonymous NEET

>>683, 686

They, they have female knights too right?

They’ve come to us haven’t they?


688 : Anonymous NEET

Pics quick!

No, vids quick!


689 : Infra worker

You guys calm down

So Yuuji, since you’re that calm

Everyone is safe right?

Did you make photo’s?


680 : Cool NEET

A large-scale battle at base before the actual performance, huh


691 : Yuuji

It was a complete victory without anyone injured

It’s long so I’ve split the video!

Also it’s seriously grotesque so be careful






692 : Anonymous NEET

No one injured against 60 monsters…

Yeah, we did get told that if they have a defensive battle

in honor of the pioneer land 150 would work out didn’t we?


693 : Anonymous MEAT

I’m leaving the explanation to you guys alright!

I’m at the level where I wasn’t able to handle the guro till now


694 : Anonymous ETNE

Alright, finished DLing!

My internet is fast you know!

The camera is on a watchtower?

An angle from slightly above

I can see the fence in front of us and the animal trail

with the killing space in the middle


695 : Anonymous NEET

I’ve caught up with you!

I can see four people on the other side of the fence

From the left:

Dogkin Marcel

The adventurers party leader


The tank adventurer

I think?


696 : Anonymous NEET


Being able to see it just from their backs, are you some maniac…


697 : Overwhelmingly dog person


Where’s Kotarou!


698 : YES Lolita NO Touch

I can’t see Alice-chan you know!



699 : Well-informed NEET

So they came along the animal trail from the south?

We have traps there too, so it should be easy victory in that case


700 : Cool NEET

Yuuji, commentary

We can’t understand the sound either so that part too


701 : Anonymous NEET


As always treating Yuuji too crudely!


702 : Camera Ossan

Yuuji, not a bad angle

Ossan’s happy seeing your progress


703 : Yuuji


The lineup is correct



On the watchtowers:

-The adventurer archer(leader’s wife)

-Catkin Nina

-The archer from Mr Kevin’s adventurer trio

You can’t see it, but waiting behind the fence with crossbow:

-The two seamsters


And behind us and the fence:


Kotarou and the old man who was the scout were in the forest

killing fleeing enemies

Mr Kevin and his two escorts were relief personnel and on the

lookout for ambush, also support

This was our battle formation according to the strategy I thought

up with everyone


704 : Anonymous NEET

Not bad Yuuji!



705 : Anonymous NEET

You’ll often dispute and fail in the actual thing right?


706 : Anonymous NEET



My ears hurt

No, in this case my eyes hurt…?


707 : Dr. Acorn

There’s still a few citizens, so

It may have been a good thing that they get along


708 : Anonymous ETNE

I can see the Goblins!

… mostly?


709 : Anonymous NEET

They’ve come with excitement!


710 : Anonymous NEET

It’s that I guess

A group full of hostility and weapons has intensity


711 : In charge of verification thread videos




Enough of zoomed out pictures!

A helicopter shot with drones!

An angle to take a close-up of the monsters’ side!

And a close-up of Yuuji’s group!



712 : Camera Ossan


I understand how you feel

But calm down


713 :Anonymous ETNE

The goblins stopped

They jumped and swung their sticks

Kinda agitated


714 : Yuuji



They were kinda saying “gugyagugya”

And then there was the orc’s “Fugoo” yell after that


715 : Anonymous NEET

Oh, they moved!

Goblins are running this way!


716 : Clothing group member B

Looks powerful

With this, Yuuji, who is able to stand in front of the fence

is greatly dyed by the other world I guess


717 : Anonymous NEET


You’re right about that!

If it was me I would have leaked!


718 : Anonymous NEET


Why are you saying that with full confidence…


719 : Yuuji

I am explaining here

“My friends,

I like wars”

I’d say!


720 : Anonymous NEET



721 : Anonymous MEAT


This guy, getting on his high horse

just because it was an easy victory!


722 : Anonymous NEET


Hey stop it

That’s a flag for a defeat you know


723 : Anonymous NEET


Yes yes, you sure did


724 : Anonymous ETNE

Back off Yuuji!

We’re continuing~!

The goblin is running

getting closer and closer!

This is seriously scary tho…

Your head went “Eek” right, Yuuji…


725 : Anonymous NEET

So if they cross the red they become red?

When they approached Yuuji

(Probably) Yuuji’s blinding magic exploded!


726 : Well-informed NEET

Maybe it’s according to their strategies

His timing is good too

You’re surprisingly calm aren’t you Yuuji


727 : YES Lolita NO Touch

Well, if it was Alice-chan, they would’ve been exterminated

in one hit though!


728 : Anonymous NEET


No no, of course that won’t happen

… it won’t, right?


729 : Anonymous NEET

Result, was, excellent!

Goblins tripped over their feet

Goblins plunged into the wooden stakes!


730 : Anonymous NEET



This is my limit

And I thought I had resistance to guro though…


731 : Anonymous MEAT


My comrade!

It’s fine, you can enjoy it even with just words!


732 : Well-informed NEET

They put the rope traps into operation

I confirm one in front of Yuuji’s group

So one behind them too just as planned?


733 : Yuuji


That’s right!

I had the woodworker team operate it on my signal!


The ex-adventurer leader said

“We can repel them even with just me and the male tank”

I was between those two, so I was quite calm!


734 : Anonymous NEET


But still you know…


735 : Cool NEET


Now, hold on

Let’s continue watching it now


736 : Anonymous ETNE

Goblins became skewers by the abatis!

Goblins fell and were trampled by his allies!

Goblins fell into the pitfalls!

Goblins continued to get caught by the rope!

Goblins rolled in front of the four with their momentum!



737 : Anonymous NEET

The trampling down is excessive ain’t it


738 : Anonymous NEET

The goblins became a little pitiful


739 : Anonymous MEAT

What happened, what happened?

Did something happen?

Tell me, great person!


740 : Infra worker

The four guys who were in front of the fence dealt the finishing blow to the goblins who continued from the ropes

No mercy!


741 : Cool NEET

They can’t avoid exterminating

hostile creatures in this worldview


742 : Anonymous NEET

I won’t retort alright!?

Did Yuuji say anything?

Arrows flew and pierced the goblins!


743 : Yuuji


Yup, like

“My people! Fire!”

I said


744 : Anonymous NEET


Yes yes, you sure did

Don’t go slip some words in now and then!


745 : Anonymous ETNE

Agonizing cries and heaps of corpses everywhere!

The trampling is excessive!


746 : Anonymous NEET

Sorry everyone

This is as far as I can go too

I leave the… rest… to you…


747 : Anonymous MEAT

Don’t give up, alright 746!

If you give up you’ll join us, you know!!


748 : Anonymous NEET

Blue blood scattered around

The expressions of the fallen monsters

are certainly more alive and grotesque than in movies


749 : Anonymous NEET

When there are few goblins remaining

The orcs appeared from behind them!

There are ten of them so this is everything I guess?


750 Anonymous NEET

Ah, two fell from the arrows

No mercy!

Oh I see, so you’re also shooting with crossbows?


751 : Anonymous ETNE

The remaining orc a little behind on his own lined up!

Are they going to charge in a scrum posture?


752 : Anonymous NEET

>> 751

Don’t lump them together!

Scrums don’t spread sideways!


753 : Anonymous NEET

If you insist, it’s like an american football offensive line

There’s one behind and they’re RB

no QB’s, so a running play with a direct snap then


754 : Anonymous


No, that ain’t right!

Sure it looks like it’ll be over if the RB is taken out, but

That ain’t right!

I mean, they don’t have a ball either!

In the first place, if it’s like that then we could say it’s not RB but QB


755 : Anonymous NEET


Can you guys not talk about minor sports

somewhere else?

Ah, we don’t need the “It’s a major one overseas” so


756 : Anonymous ETNE

The lined up orcs charged!

Yuuji turned around and sent a signal!

…Could this be???


757 : Yuuji



I asked Alice for her magic!


758 : Anonymous NEET

No mercy, even in complete victory mood!


759 : Anonymous NEET

It should’ve been easy victory if you used Alice-chan’s magic

from the beginning

Isn’t this treated like a practice game no matter how you slice it?


760: Cool NEET

Aren’t practices important?

For when the time comes in the future


761 Anonymous NEET


When would that be!

Or rather, don’t let that time come!


762 : Anonymous NEET

So there aren’t any cool residents in this thread huh…


763 : Anonymous ETNE

A flame flew, drawing a loose parabola!

It exploded at the center of the orc group!


764 : Anonymous NEET

Let’s talk about how Alice’s magic is rising in power again


765: Anonymous NEET

4 whole roasted orcs please

Ah yes, 2 well done and

2 medium rare


Ah, then with onion sauce


766 : Well-informed NEET


You’re messing around yet accurate

The part with the sauce is unnecessary though


767 : YES Lolita NO Touch


Geeze, Alice-chan is the best!

Doesn’t this mean Alice-chan alone is plenty enough?


768 : Anonymous NEET

Maybe he got surprised by her magic, but the last orc stopped

They’re mercilessly shooting arrows


769 : Anonymous NEET


Holy shit, that orc in the back!

He actually knock down the arrows with a rusted sword!


770 : Anonymous NEET


The RB’s amazing!


771 : Anonymous NEET


Stop it with the american football references

That guy, I wonder if he’s E***tt smith?


772 : Anonymous NEET


That’s a little old there old man

Go with L.T or Eyeshield **

Is that guy the leader of the monsters?


773 : Yuuji

That’s what it looks like

They said he must be an orc leader


Finally who’s standing was only that leader!

He bent back and cried! (Probably)

And then a charging stance!


775 : Anonymous NEET

Eh, what is this chivalrous spirit

This feels like he’s going to do a special attack

however you look at it


776 : Anonymous NEET

Seeing that special attack posture at the risk of its own life

Yuuji took a step forward and readied his shield!

And then the Party Leader old man went in front of him

without looking back and slightly raised his right hand!


777 : Anonymous NEET

What is this, so cooooooooool!


778 : Anonymous NEET

Such person is what I want to become


779 : Anonymous ETNE

The man went forward and quietly readied himself!

Is this what they call the composure of a strong person!?


780 : Anonymous NEET

It’s too regrettable for the old man to be

at the edge of the screen!


781 : In charge of Verification thread videos






782 : Anonymous NEET


Calm down

It’s already over even if you go now


783 : Anonymous NEET

The two meet their sharp look!

And then the orc leader tried to break into a run!



784 : Anonymous nEEt



785 : Overwhelmingly dog person



786 : Kemona Lv. MAX

Kotarou’s cool!

But, as expected this is…


787 : Anonymous MEAT


What happened?

Why did we move to Kotarou!?

Explanations quick!


788 : Anonymous NEET

I will speak what happened now as… as it is!

“Orc leader’s rush, prepared for an honorable defeat.

The party leader accepted his challenged and readied himself.

Now, is what they thought, but that instant a silhouette jumped and

Orc leader fell”

Do you know what I’m (abbr


789 : Anonymous NEET


When we thought it was a one on one combat

Kotarou did a back attack

Kotarou did a cry of victory


790 : Anonymous NEET

Stealing a man’s big moment…

As expected of a mangy cur, no mercy!

But I don’t hate that part of hers.


791 : Infra worker


Old man, grooss


792 : Sakura’s friend

They brought them down safely right?

What’s the problem then?


793 : Anonymous NEET


This is why women are…

It’s a man’s romance thing you know


794 : Anonymous NEET

I wanted to see a one on one combat…

It’s that right?

Like they’ll go swoosh

Passing through each other, taking several steps

And then the orc leader would collapse right?


795 : Anonymous NEET


Hey stop it, Kotarou is a dog you know

Ah, well, speaking of women, she is female I guess

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