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Vol 8 Idle talk 4 

[8-8] Sakura, informing George of an important truth




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This happened during vol 8 chapter 8



‘Geez! I’m telling you, underwear that men like and underwear that girls like are different! Besides… Big bro, you understand, right? I’m telling you I will expose you again if you touch them alright? And post’


George and Sakura’s house in Los Angeles, United States of America.

In front of the PC, Sakura wrote on the bulletin board to warn her brother Yuuji. She was at the age of thirty one where you cannot say she was a little girl any more, but feelings are a different story. Though she could not wear them in the first place, there are no women who would be OK with showing their own underwear to an unspecified large number of people. No, there may be some, but those would be owners of some unique taste.


‘I’m home Sakura! Looks like Sakura got in earlier somehow’

‘I’m coming over, Mrs Sakura! How is it? Are there some changes at Mr Yuuji’s? Oh right, I brought some documents from my house! Everything what I ordered on mail finally arrived!’


The voice of Sakura’s husband, George, was heard from the entry hall. It seems he had finished his work and got home. Today his friend Lewis was also with him. Today too, however.

Carried in Lewis’s hands were large quantities of books and magazines. It seems to be materials of clothing and accessories. Large and rich color photos were used on it. Lewis’s arms were trembling from the excessive weight. He was of the indoors clique.


‘Welcome home George, and nice to see you Mr Lewis. Well, the bulletin board is talking about nothing but garments and underwear like usual’


Sakura said and welcomed the two.

Lewis put down all of the materials on the table of the living room at once.

It was that moment.

Sakura’s eyes caught sight of one magazine among the materials Lewis brought.

It was the magazine of the black rabbit, famous for its founder having made a real harem.


‘George, Mr Lewis. What is that supposed to mean?’

‘Aah, you mean this!? As I thought Mrs Sakura, you have an eye for the good points! When you say you’re thinking about underwear, then this should be necessary after all, I thought! It’s not only packed with underwear, but also full of man’s dream I say! There should be one in Mr Yuuji’s room too, but I’m absolutely thinking about scanning the latest edition and sending it to him’


Lewis answered in perfectly good grace. They are necessary materials for research purposes.

Incidentally, Yuuji did not have even a single copy of it in his room.


‘Oh for crying out loud, the bulletin board people are also like that, but clothes and underwear that man likes are different from what the girls like, you know! Besides, the current underwear are made amazingly complex you know? They can’t just simply realize them from the beginning can they!?’


Sakura struck the two with her proper view.

“Is that, is that how it is” the two men said as they dropped their shoulders.

“Eh, you like that sort of thing too, George?” Sakura said and being Sakura, she seems to have received a shock. It seems what an ideal Japanese woman considered “lucky” underwear was different from the “lucky” underwear americans desired.

I wonder if it’s better to buy that sort of underwear. It’s not the time to be laughing at those like Victoria’s **cret is it? No but it’s already, while Sakura was muttering so and so forth, the two men headed to George’s room. It seems they were planning on thinking about clothes and underwear in front of the PC. They were men who don’t learn by experience despite just being told that.

  □ □ ■ ■ □ ■ ■ □ □


The three lined up to George’s work desk. With paper and pen in their hands, they seem to be drawing a picture as they liked.

Purchasing a large workdesk “because I will use it for work too” may have been George’s keen insight.


‘Alright, it’s done! Perfect even if I do say so myself!’


The one who completed it first seems to be Lewis.

What was drawn there was… a werewolf.

No, he seems to have drawn a wolfkin and their clothes.


‘Eh… Mr Lewis, I do think it was expected that you’re awfully skilled, but… Why is he topless? He looks like a man, so that might be fine, but… Also, isn’t he kind of sturdy? Also what are these claws? It’s a wolf, but instead of being his nails, it’s put on his wrist right? And judging from the surroundings, he beat the collapsed zombies right? Or actually, are the zombies even necessary?”

“What are you saying Mrs Sakura! He isn’t topless! Putting these two thick leather belts on the shoulder in an X character is the point! And it represents agility and sturdiness. Look, furthermore, he’s supposed to be putting in weapons like throwing knives there! Holy shit woman, you don’t understand what’s called a man’s romance, do you”


He didn’t seem to be naked. It seems to be a design peculiar to him, but Sakura had no inkling of that.

But the picture was of pointlessly high quality. Although his expertise was CG, he seems to be good at drawing by hand as well.

He had a mysterious worldview though, of zombies and werewolves.


‘Alright, it’s done!’


Continuing him, George so announced with a content voice. The two looked at it at once.


“Ooh, as one would expect of you George! Isn’t this nice!’

‘Nononono, your design is also amazing, you know Lewis! I will have them create this and have them wear it on the other side!’


The two men exchanged a high five.


‘Eh… Hey, this is obviously a cowboy right? I sure think it’s cool, but why a cat? Why is the cat smiling nihilistic? Also, this is a revolver right? This may be an accessory for a cowboy, but there’s none of that in the other world, is there? Besides, what are these dead people around him? Zombies? Are they zombies? How much do you two like zombies!?’


It appears that George had drawn a catkin cowboy. The red scarf coiled around its neck was awe-inspiring.

And this one was also skillfully drawn.

Although he naturally does his advertisement designs on the PC, rough sketches for solidifying an image is based on penmanship. George was familiar with it as well.


‘Geez you two, leaning to your preferences like that. Like I thought, we have to continue from a design like this one in the beginning!”


Saying so, Sakura showed a design she drew herself to the two men.

The model seems to be Alice.

An arrow feather patterned, maroon-colored hakama, high laced boots and a ribbon on the head.

A Taisho era retro style boots edition seems to be what Mrs Stylish imagined.

It was cute, but it was a quite the eccentric garments to say “from a design like this one in the beginning.” Sakura was also an owner of unique taste.

And it was skillful. Like George, Sakura was also a designer.

Incidentally, there were no zombies in it.


‘Ooh, it’s pretty good, Mrs Sakura! Could it be that, could this be the female ninja costume?’


Lewis gave forth mysterious words of praise. That can’t be true.

George stood up, got close and softly hugged Sakura. For some reason he seems to have been given a deep impression. Her point was not quite understood.


‘But to make this, we need pattern paper after all right? George, Mr Lewis, do any of you happen to know a pattern maker we can rely on?’


After being together with George for a while, the calmed down Sakura asked a question.


No matter how good the design, it is impossible to make it as it is.


‘Nope, I don’t have any among my direct acquaintances, but… I have a friend with many connections, so shall we try meeting him with all of us next time? They’re a married couple, but they should know of someone who can make clothes’

‘That’s great, Lewis! Then, how about we make a lot more designs until then!? I’m burning with some kind of inspiration!’


Ignoring the two men getting excited, Sakura stood up and held George’s clothes. It seems she had something to tell.


‘What’s the matter, Sakura?’

‘Uhm, you see George… Today I went to the hospital, but… It looks like we made it. Our baby’


It was a shocking confession.

And it was a mysterious timing. As one would expect of the woman who had Yuuji as her brother.


“Oh, ooh, OOohh” George only raised a roar. It appears he was too happy and could not put it into words. He shortened the distance to embrace her closely, but he desisted just on the verge of doing it. He was a composed man.


‘My gah! Yes! Wonderful, this is wonderful, Sakura! What should we do? A, a name, no, a bed and… clothes… aah, I wonder if the shop is open. What would be good for milk, ah, diapers. Diapers made in japan are fine right? I know that much at least!’


George talked on and on while putting both his hands on Sakura’s shoulders and jumping in joy. He was not a composed man.


‘Ugh, would you calm down George. I mean, it’s not like it’s going to be born right away’


Perhaps worrying about the child in her stomach, the two embraced each other softly.

Lewis was ignored.

It seems that, even if they weren’t American style lucky underwear like Victo**a’s Secret, she was OK for George.


‘You’ve done it didn’t you, congrats you two! The- then, I’ll be going home for today alright- Hey, are you listening though? No, I guess it’s fine. Then, I’ll contact you once I’ve settled the day to meet that married couple alright- hey, are you listening? Whatever I guess, I’ll mail you, bye then!’


Lewis announced one-sidedly and went towards his car. He seems to have grown accustomed to the couple’s world which would suddenly begin about now.

It was a scene similar to the other day, but today he did not spat out abusive language. He seems to be giving his blessings to them in his own way.

However, Lewis disappeared into the night city today as well, seeking an encounter.


Saying ‘Fuck, where am I supposed to go to meet my fated one? I guess I should go on a trip already if it’s like this’ and such.

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