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Vol 8 Pioneer leader Yuuji doubles as Head of Houjou Village, Pasteur territory




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“Heey, Mr Yuuji! I’m glad we made it!”

“Huh? What’s wrong you two?”


Being invited by Kevin who had visited the pioneer land, Yuuji was heading for the inspection of the canning workshop in the city of Premie and a face-to-face with the master smith who was planned to immigrate.

The third day after going out of the house, he was caught up and was called out by the large man who was in charge of the role of a tank and the scout of the former third rank adventurers.


“No well, this guy started saying he wanted to meet his fiancee. I also started to feel like wanting to go to the city for a bit, so we went after you.”


The tank man nodded to the scout man’s explanation. He was basically a taciturn man who left conversations with people to his party members.


“Oh really… But what about the pioneer land’s defense, wait I see. If it’s goblins and orcs, then those married couple could take on 50 of them I remember.”

“That’s how it is! By the way Mr Yuuji and Mr Kevin. You’re going to be…playing around in the city right?”


The former scout broadly grinned. Yes, within the former third rank adventurer party, only he was single.


*crackle crackle* the sound of firewood bursting open resounded.

The third night since setting for the city.

Because they were near the entrance to the forest and they would arrive in the city of Premie tomorrow afternoon, the group was in a gentle friendly chat-mode.


“With those feelings, we went to buy a slave in order to manage the house that we made into our party’s base. And so the slave we bought had been working well for us, but he said let’s appreciate this girl’s constant labor and give her a salary. Well, those days we were properly earning our bread and we got a good pay compared to that slave. And so. With her sort of ending up gathering the amount of money to buy herself, our leader asked what the slave wanted to do you know. Then that slave, what do you think she said?”


Yuuji as well as Alice, Kotarou and Kevin surrounded the open fire at the scout man’s narration. Keeping watch was Kevin’s exclusive escort, but he seemed to be listening attentively.

The man’s talking was rather skillful; Alice’s eyes was sparkling like stars. Kotarou also slowly swung her tail, she seemed to be in a good mood. “Hm, hm, and then and then?” she urged him on with her eyes. Seeing the tank man’s facial expression, she seemed to have perceived the outcome somehow, but she did not point it out. She was a woman who could read the mood. Though she was a dog.


“So, what did that slave person say?”


Perhaps the topic being a talk of a slave was of great interest to Yuuji who was the master of the dogkin Marcel. He leaned forward and urged for the continuation of the story.

Marcel’s pay and his wife and also Kevin company’s employee Nina’s pay. Thinking of its pace, Marcel would seem to be able to buy himself back without even taking another five years. Yuuji did not think it was just somebody else’s problem.


“I will return to being a commoner and marry him, she said. This fuckin’ guy, he pretended to be taciturn and completely fuckin’ wooed her you know!”


The scout man who told them that fully struck the tank man’s shoulders. The force of it gradually became stronger. No, he was already hardening his fist and striking his stomach. With the naturally light fist of the scout being wholly ineffective, the struck man scratched his head like he was merely being shy however.

“Wow, ama~zing” Alice frolicked. Alice was already 8 years old. She was at an age where she was keenly interested in love stories. With women being there in the pioneer land, she must have been trained as a woman aside from love stories.

Kotarou who read it correctly went “oh, how warm” and merely snorted her nose. She was looking down on him. And yet she was looking upwards.


“And so, he said he wants to build the house on the pioneer land quickly and go and welcome her. How envious right? Like really. And this makes me the only single man in the party. The lonely me is thinking about playing around in the city for a bit, so yeah.”

“Huh, really… But the last time I went to the city, I had Mr Kevin take me with him though, and uhm… “


Yuuji began to speak.

Kotarou turned cold hearted eyes towards him. As if to say “Geez, Alice is here you know?” However she didn’t seem to be planning to get angry at him. She was a sympathetic woman, though a dog. Kotarou rose up on her four legs and pressed Alice to the bed that was prepared.

Even while saying “Do I have to..?”, Alice obediently followed Kotarou. From hereon was adult time after all.


“Uhm, I’m bothered by it you know… the hair on their arms and legs that is…”

“Aah, you don’t come from this country Mr Yuuji? I think there are also places where they remove them too I guess. Aight, then I’ll teach you a counterplan. Listen okay? In these sorts of moments you just have to say this. ‘I want to do you in a dress with long gloves like nobles’, you know.“


It was cosplay.

In any period of time, in any kind of world, men seemed to be sinful creatures.


Having the scales falling from his eyes, Yuuji showed a surprised expression for a while.

And then he curved his mouth into the shape of a broad grin.

A fine play from Kotarou who went and put Alice to bed in advance.

It was an ugly smile good kids can not look at.

It appears that Yuuji somehow obtained unnecessary information


Summer of the fourth year since Yuuji had come to the other world with his house.

The farmwork was advancing favorably with Yuuji’s slave, the dogkin Marcel in the center.

Since the four former third rank adventurers were bigger fighting powers than Yuuji thought, it did not seem there will be any problems in defenses.

The investigation in relation to the frequently appearing goblins and orcs were advancing.

By the capital of Kevin company, the necessary goods for pioneering were gathered as well and a path from the pioneer land to the city began to open up and made easier to walk by the hands of the men who got involved with Yuuji.


The pioneer group directed by the pioneer group leader Yuuji was doing favorable.

Save from who was directing them.


And then, the city for the second time since Yuuji came to the other world.


It seemed like Yuuji was becoming a man.


No, he seemed to have only one experience since ten-odd years ago however.





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