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Chapter 5

The Hero and Demon lord cultivate the field

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“Kuh, how difficult”

“You’re not putting your back into it you know, your back”

“Shu- shut up! I’ve never done something like farmwork!”

“Even so, it will bother me if you don’t gain experience. Hey! Move your hands!”

Isvel is currently assisting me in the expansion of my field.

At the end of the day we closed that situation with an agreement that she would assist even in preparing my field, on the condition that I would take her to the adventurer’s guild.

And so, the two of us are doing farmwork like this, but…

Honestly, farmwork is more difficult than a poor fight.

Like the current me, the part of planting the crop seedlings was still comfortable, but cultivating work wears away your nerves several times the usual.

“Kyah――――ahem. Have you dug too deep again?”

“Do I have to restore them one by one? These parts I mean”

The portion of soil Isvel has struck with her hoe was completely blown off as far as the eye can see.

Yes. In short, measuring your strength is difficult.

Demons who have higher stats than humans hold monsterly physical power even without applying any body reinforcement through magic.

Furthermore, hers is the physical strength of a demon lord, which is an highest ranked existence of demons.

Now we have to do maximum grade measurement to that which we had been swinging with all our strength in order to take lives.

There is no way that it doesn’t tire you out.

“ … Well, up to that area should be fine. Let’s switch, Isvel”

“Ugh, a- alright… Was it not good after all?”

Isvel grasped the hoe tightly and hid her face.

It’s the first time I’ve seen the Demon lord feeling down.

That is not going to do her pride any good though.

“No that’s not it. It’ll be troubling if we don’t make sure that the seedlings can be grown”

I hand over the vegetable seedlings I’ve been holding to Isvel.

These were one of the things that were given to me by the villagers, because it should be quicker to raise it from seeds, they said.

In truth, I have to have Isvel to remember the many tasks.

I have her be able to do the minimum work to work her to the best of my abilities, or it will become a problem after all.

Well――eventually she should be doing farmwork on her own soil, so it isn’t like there is no kindness in remembering while she still has the chance.

“I, I got it. I’ll do my best”

“Yeah, do your best”

Isvel nodded reassuringly, but I wonder if she is being conscious of the fact her dignity as the former demon lord was no longer anywhere to be seen.

I’d like her to quit keeping appearances soon.

In the end, Isvel completely remembered the main part of her work after half a day.

It wasn’t as if there were much work in the first place, but I still ought to give praise to her for remembering and putting them into practice.

Already was Isvel completely able to do the things I can do

“How is it? I’m also starting to look appropriate don’t you think?”

“Yeah, that’s right…”

Having expanded the field to the specified scope and planted the produce, Isvel showed a triumphant look at me.

Certainly she has done a wonderful work.


“So will you bring me to the adventurer’s guild with this!?”

Looks of expectations is dwelling in Isvel’s eyes.

Once the field is completed, I myself would end up having nothing to do.

In other words, this is as far as I need help with.

If her help is finished, then I have to take along Isvel to the adventurer’s guild.

“*sigh*… Alright then. Let’s go tomorrow”

“Tha- that is the truth right!?”

She actually showed a child-like smile.

Isvel is not tall, but her face is lovely and her body too… her breasts and buttocks is set apart from ordinary people.

Yep, I cannot possibly see her as a child, but the gap between attitude and appearance is dazzling.

She still has a strong demon lord impression to me and I still haven’t grown accustomed to the current her, but she should appear friendly to likeable people.

From today on I have to sleep with a girl who is so tempting to the eyes.

I’m frankly more anxious  about this than anticipating.

If that’s the case then let’s have her earn money quickly and build her own house.

“We’re done for today for now. The sun is already setting, so we’re going home”


Isvel nodded in good humor.

That instant, the sweet sound appealing for hunger resounded from her stomach.

“Ugh… mhm”

“ …”

Come to think of it, I haven’t let her eat today.

We went towards working in the farm immediately after that conversation, so it’s natural.

“――I’ll make dinner. Is there anything you want to eat?”

“Wha, you can make dinner, Hero!?”

“I’m no longer a Hero, I’m just Adel. Well… The period of time I was travelling was long you see. I can do certain amounts of housework you know?”

We had a shift system for cooking duty and my cooking was second best among the party.

The one with the best cooking was the saintess though.

“So, what do you want to eat?”

“Mh, I won’t come up with anything even if you suddenly ask me”

“Then, how about meat?”

“I like meat. I especially like lean beef. It’s difficult to gain weight with it after all”

I’m surprised, she’s surprisingly fond of practical food.

Or actually, could a woman who is also the demon lord gain weight just by eating the fat on the meat.

… Asking that is frightening so I will give up on that.

“If I remember correctly, I should have meat remaining from yesterday, so shall I go cook a lean steak?”

“Steak! It’s my favorite! I request something thick for sauce”

“Won’t you gain weight from that…”

Isvel and I entered the house while having a friendly conversation.

Never had I thought that the Hero and Demon lord, though former, would have such relationship with each other.

There seems to be religious organizations who shout for coexistence between humans and demons somewhere, but they would be surprised if they see this.

They may not even believe us.

Well, there’s no need for me to tell them.

Maybe it’s because I’ve only spent this retirement life for a few days, but I have this sense of fulfillment I haven’t had until now.

I don’t know what the future will be, but I seem will be able to manage it as it is with Demon lord Isvel.

First I will take Isvel to the adventurer’s guild as promised.

――I hope no trouble will occur.

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  1. I think you missed one sentence between “Demons who have higher stats than humans hold monsterly physical power even without applying any body reinforcement through magic.” and “Now we have to do maximum grade measurement to that which we had been swinging with all our strength in order to take lives.”
    さらに魔族の最上位の存在である、魔王の筋力だ。(this one)
    I also translate this WN to another language and i use both your english translation and raw version so i noticed this.

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