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Second Summon Chapter 70

Most atrocious and evil



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“Ugh… n…?”

“Thank goodness. You woke up, Elka.”


Having opened her eyes, Elka immediately understood the fact she was under a large tree and the fact the fight with Melua was over.


“Your body should have been completely recovered. You can get up now.”

“Brad… I see, you’re here as reinforcements aren’t you?”

“I believe the reinforcements should be you however… well, that is how it is.”


While being supported by Tia, Elka rose her body.

And then she saw Alize lying beside her.


“Alize is…”

“Already normal. It’s just, damage may remain in her brain due to that monster tamer.”


After defeating Melua, Brad immediately began the treatment of the two.

He who could handle any support perfectly easy, was excellent in recovery magic and the wounds on Elka whose <Marionette Magic>’s corrosion was relatively shallow, had succeeded in a complete recovery.

However, Alize’s brain bore considerable damage as well.

Even if her wounds were cured, it would not be strange if there were impairments remaining in her brain in the meantime.


“Glain is going to finish off that giant being now.”


Where Brad was pointing at stood a giant monster.

It was the Chimaera who became unable to move, having lost the brain that was Melua.

Now, that body was bisected and dropped on the ground.


“*Fuh*… Ah, Elka, you woke up didn’t you. That’s good, that’s good.”

“I apologize for causing you trouble.”


Just now, Glain returned from finishing off the Chimaera.

On his back he was carrying a man.


“Hm, who is that man?”

“He is the content of the puppet near Alize. He tried not to separate from her, so I wonder if he is perhaps Alize’s acquaintance.”


That man, Ramell was unconscious.

The injuries that stood out were at the level of fractured ribs, discoloring were found here and there on his body and countless strings entered both his arms and legs.

There were serious injuries, but his breathing was stable and it did not look like there was anything unusual with his life.


(… that discoloring… where did I… )


A little while later, Brad recalled.


(The man who proposed to Lady Desastre… he was called Terran or something. It’s the same as the robed men who were together with him… I see, the contents of those puppets were remodeled people… they have done something extremely disgusting and evil.)


Brad reflexively clenched his fist.

A short while later, he recalled what he ought to be doing.


“Oh right… let me treat that man as well, please lay him down there.”



Like he was told, Glain laid down Ramell on not too wet grass under the tree.


“What shall we do from now on?”

“That’s right… my injuries have already healed as well, so shall we search for Mr Setsu as soon as Elka is recovered?”

“I’m already fine. I will stagger a little due to anemia, but that is all, so.”


Saying so, Elka stood up.

It seems there were no lies in her words, she showed them firmly stepping on the ground.


“Let me go as well.”

“But Brad. If you leave here, then what will those two do?”

“I will request their recovery from the demon soldiers on the way. These two are demons as well. It seems they’re also your allies, so I will have them taken to the demon king’s castle.”


Having finished Ramell’s treatment, Brad stood up as well.


“Now then… shall we go?”


The four started running.

They harbored anxiety towards the fact they could not feel Setsu’s magic power even when they searched, but they ran through the battlefield, relying on Elka’s mysterious sense of smell that could percept only Setsu.


(Which reminds me… what happened to that girl called Yuuhi…)


“Gh… haa… haa…”


While passing some time, Yuuhi returned her body to flesh and blood.

At that moment she went on her knees, breathing heavily.

It was the result of changing her body into flames once and then reconstructing it, the injuries she received from Luna was not the cause.


“I knew I would be a little… tired”


Her <Limit Break> was strong, but its consumption was proportionally intense.

If she were to lose her concentration, her own body would scatter, so the exhaustion of her emotional strength was more than she imagined.

She was even forbidden to use it for a long period of time by Elka.


“…I can’t… voice any complaints right?”


Having rested reasonably, Yuuhi stood up.

Her magic power and physical strength was at around 30%, but she had to return to Setsu’s side.


“If it’s Yuki-kun, he should have ended it long ago already… I have to go after him.”


While lightly strengthening her body with magic power, Yuuhi ran off to the location Setsu was at.


“Desas, what will we do from now on?”

“Let’s see… shall we enter the frontlines as well?”


Said Desastre as she headed towards the terrace on the throne room.


“Why are you trying to go to a dangerous place yourself…”

“That is… obviously because I want to meet Setsu is it not?”

“… You’re… really honest aren’t you?”


I’m a little jealous of you――――――――――


“Hm? Did you say something?”

“No…it’s nothing”


Levia shook her head even while her face was dyed a little red.


“Fine, if you’re going then I’ll just be going as well. Besides――――――――――the war…will probably be over soon.”

“? Why do you know?”

“How much longer do you think I’ve lived than you? It’s intuition of a senior you see, intuition.”

“Hum, that seems reliable.”


While smirking, Desastre jumped out from the terrace.

Connecting that, Levia jumped out as well.


“ … uuhng…”


Touma was troubled.

It was due to the fact he could not in anyway put his hands on Setsu who was wrapped in a light sphere in front of him.

Going insane with having killed Kagerou was a work of his imaginations.

However, taking this sort of defense measure was beyond even his imaginations.

Incidentally he currently had tried all sorts of means and all of them were repelled.

Even <Cursed Magic> did not succeed.


“I’m stumped… maybe there’s nothing left but to draw out my sacred sword.”


Touma racked his brains over it, but he could not hit upon a good idea.

At the time he reluctantly tried to draw out his sacred sword――――――――――


“Y- you are!”

“Hm~? Huh, aren’t you the five great demon generals. I’ve heard that you were killed by Kagerou though.”

“We- we won’t die so easily you see.”


What appeared there were Lily and Ides.

They were standing there while borrowing the shoulders of other soldiers.


“Is that it… so you didn’t die. Then there’s no helping it. I’ll kill you then.”

(…This is bad…)


Cold sweat ran through Lily’s face.

In their current condition they could stand up at last.

If the soldiers who were told to head to Yuuhi’s location have not discovered them, then they would be likely dead at this time.

Although they narrowly escaped death by first-aid at the last moment, they were simply not in a condition to fight.


“ … Everyone evacuate.”


Within the straining atmosphere, Ides murmured standing alone.


“Wha… Sir Ides! What are you saying!?”

“We’ll fight too! All of us!”


The soldiers revealed their dissatisfaction to those words.

However, Lily commanded that.


“Even if everyone says they will fight, it won’t result in any hindrance to that man. I won’t approve of you dying in vain.”

“That is right. If it is us, then we may be able to earn some time.

“Bu, but that’s…”

“It’s an order.”


Ides threatened.

The soldiers whose body shook with a start stepped back in a frightened state.



“You think, I’ll let you run away?”


Everyone in this place stopped their feet.

In instant the place was dominated with terror, enough to make some of the soldiers faint by the thirst for blood emitted by this man.

There were many among them who were not aware of Touma’s existence.

That conversely was the cause they were late in standing ready in evacuation.


“Run away!”


Lily leapt and stood like a shield for the soldiers.


“Immediately report the existence of this man to lady Desastre! That is your duty!”


It was naturally a wall out of desperation.

Whether even this could earn a second against Touma――――――――


“Even though it’s useless… now――――――――die.”



Touma’s hand pointed towards Ides and Lily.

Even though it was a hand that should be pointed at them carelessly, the magic power accumulating there hid enough strength to make them simply vanish.


“! …you monster!”

“Bye bye”


Ides and Lily prepared themselves and closed their eyes.

Seeing those figures, the soldiers finally recognized their mission and began escaping with all their strength.

However, it was already too late.

Faster than they could get away, the magic in his hand was rele――――――――――


“Haaaah! <Heavy Leg>!”



Aiming for Touma from right above, a foot was swung downwards.

He pulled back his hand just before he released his magic and jumped back.


“We won’t let you escape desu”


A silhouette commenced an attack in pursuit there.

That person who instantly shortened the distance, released an attack of raging billows with nails stretched long.


“That’s dangerous you know… don’t frolick so much!”

“! Tch…”


Without that attack hitting him, Touma extended his hand towards that person while avoiding it.

Promptly sensing the danger, She barely dodged it by jumping towards the back.


“And I was at a such a good part… stop it, Shironeko and Mineko.”

“Don’t screw around desu.”

“I won’t let you do whatever you like anymore!”


Mineko and Shironeko lined up.

Ides and Lily watched it with a dumbfounded expression.


“You are…”

“For the time being, we’re here as reinforcements desu.”

“You two look injured so leave it to us now please.”

“Ugh, I, I’m sorry okay!?”


The two stepped back as they were told.

They were powerful people as well.

They held judgment where they would consider escape if they understood their strength was not effective.


“What business do you two traitors have? I’d like it if you don’t get in my way.”

“The traitor here is you desu. I cooperated because you said you would give me Mineko’s medicine. And that is what you――――――――――”

“Isn’t that the fault of the deceived?”


Touma showed a boorish smile.

Having seen that, Mineko grasped her fists tightly enough for blood to ooze out.


“With what feelings did my sister… cooperate with you, do you…!”

“I don’t care. It’s not like I had any particular interests in you. Your strength had utility value, that’s all. My interest is… all poured into Setsu!”


While saying so, Touma embraced the sphere Setsu was in.

Without the sphere showing even a slight movement as usual, he showed just some lonesome expression.


“*sigh* … Even though I pour in my love like this, Setsu won’t respond to me so easily. Even though he could’ve just become mine soon…”


Touma, licked that sphere.

The two who saw that appearance, instinctively got goosebumps.


“Inside that… is Setsu…?”

“You don’t mean… You――――――――――”

“Woah there, don’t misunderstand Shironeko. It was not because of me that he became like this. Setsu himself has done all of that.”


There were no lies in those words.

However it was inevitable for them to be doubtful and so Shironeko and Mineko could not trust him.


“Well whatever, more importantly… why did you know he was here? I erased my magic power and Setsu was wrapped in this ball, so none of his magic power can be felt anymore.”


It was not as if their magic power can’t be felt by another person if there was a person as powerful as Touma.

It was not that Setsu could not do it, but at the very least he would not pretend erasing it as far as wrapping himself inside a sphere in this manner.

Even so, his magic disappeared firmly.

In other words, this place should not be felt.


We can use our noses desu.”

“Oh I see, that’s how it is.”


Even if it was washed away by the rain, if they used their sense of smell that could be strengthened freely with magic, then it would be easy for them to find Setsu.

In other words… she, who was similarly a beastman, as well――――――――――


“I found yaaaaaaa!”

“Ugh! You’ve come too, I knew it!”


Roa who suddenly appeared right above him released a fist.

Touma stopped that blow and flung her towards the back.

Just before she was struck to the ground, she was caught by a man who came sliding.


“That was close… Oh! Ain’t you Glain!”

“Good grief… your habit of plunging into something from the olden days is beyond help, Roa.”


Glain released Roa.

Beside him stood Elka and Tia in a line.


“Ides! Lily!”


Brad arrived at the same time, but went towards the two who were resting their body in the back for medical treatment.

Without putting out his hand to that, Touma looked at Elka and the others while showing a faint smile.


“It’s the full force isn’t it, everyone. If it is like this, then it looks like my allies are annihilated.

“Allies… You shouldn’t be one to say that. Just a game piece, is the only manner you should have thought.”

“How rude… I’m properly thinking of them as allies. Convenient ones…that is.”

“As ever the sleazebag.”


Touma laughed delightfully towards Tia’s one word.


“Well of course. I shouldn’t be kind towards anybody besides Setsu, don’t you know? And even if I treat them kindly――――――――――――it’s because it’s a necessary act.”


Agitation ran through everyone.

The people they fought with, were at least saved by Touma, yearned for, revered and fought with the resolution to offer all to Touma.

Anybody would imagine that the reason they became like that was because they received Touma’s kindness and love.

And this man negated them all.

He trampled their feelings.

Those who have exchanged swords and fists with them had been struck by that person’s feelings and beliefs, so they would end with feeling more troubled than anybody else.


“Someone like you is――――――――――”

“That’s why… All of you as well, don’t even think about surviving.”


Touma’s thirst for blood controlled the surroundings.

Touma slowly spread his hands at the center of the group who reflexively prepared themselves.


“Because there’s no need for me to be kind to any of you.”


That fear slowly corroded them.


“Before Setsu wakes up… I will clean this up.”


The most atrocious and evil Hero, began his move――――――――――




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