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Chapter 9

The hero is soft on the demon lord




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In the dense forest overgrown with all kinds of trees, Isvel and I are walking.

Around thirty minutes should have passed since entering the forest.

We have yet to reach the orc’s breeding place during that time.

Everything is because of the badly visible scenery.

Because of all kinds of trees obstructing my view, we had too many surprise attacks of monsters.

It extended to several times since some time ago and then we ended up encountering attacks of different monsters.

Because I who kept fighting monsters day after day and Isvel who subdued monsters, are well attuned to presences, we didn’t have our initiative taken, but it is regretfully tiresome.


“ …Can we not burn down the whole forest?”


What Isvel arrived at was this way of dealing with it.

She’s already no longer hiding her displeased look.

I do understand her feelings.

But if we do something like that, then we’ll be the subjugation target next time.


“Their presence is getting closer. Keep at it for a little longer”



The presence of the orcs are certainly getting closer.

As for their numbers, it should be around twenty.


“Mh, Al”

“Adel is fine when we’re outside I tell you. What is it?”

“Mh, then Adel, the orc group is that isn’t it?”


At the end of the finger Isvel stuck out, several ashen-skinned creatures could be seen.

There’s no mistake, it’s orc skin.

I can feel their presences from around them.


“ … It’s a success then. Alright, we attack them at once”

“Would that not be slow? It’s faster to blow them away with area magic you know”

“It’ll be bothersome in various ways if the terrain changes. Can you adjust it?”

“Ugh… How about we quietly attack them after all?”


I know I’ve been only living with her for a day, but Isvel is hopeless at adjusting her strength.

Magic with an effective range to blow away a group is certainly valid, but in Isvel’s case there is a possibility of her wide range could make the environment completely uninhabitable by creatures.

If we by any chance blow away the soil where medicinal plants grow en masse, which can become medicine and the like, then the loss will be too horrible to look at.


“Alright, let’s go”



We draw out our sword and plunge in towards the orc group.


This is world’s first moment of joint struggle of the demon lord and the Hero.


Orcs are humanoid monsters possessing a slovenly fat body and ashen skin with a face that can’t be described as anything but a pig.

They have better physique than adult men and their physical strength is suitably high.

Many of them possess weapons including axes, lances and clubs etc and it’s common for new adventurers to be surrounded by them and lose their life.


(I remember I was also exposed to their dreadfulness when I began as a Hero…)


While recalling the bygone days in that manner, I slay the orcs in front of me from the top of their shoulder.

The sword is by no means a quality good, but if I pour in magic power that is contained in living beings, it will be possible to strengthen it to a certain level of quality.


“Adel! I will finish up here!”

“Alright, this one is also the last for me”


Their comrades being taken down which were supposed to be twenty in numbers, the last of the last orc was escaping out of fright.

I throw my sword towards his virtually defenseless back.

The sword that flew at high speed pierced the orc’s heart like that and immediately ended his life.


“Alright, we’re done”


I confirm our prey is gone and look towards Isvel.

It was exactly the moment she hunted the last one.



“O-… Ooh…”


The orc, being fully hacked to pieces, slowly crumbled down to the ground.

With this, what is around us are the cave that was the orc’s nest and nothing but the orc’s corpses.

If we take out the magic stone, the proof of the monster, out of the orc’s corpses  next and return with it, then we achieve our commission.


“Do adventurers do nothing but these sort of work? It would be a let down if that is so…”

“If you properly want to go on adventurers, then you will have to dive through dungeons I guess. All other works are honestly nothing but odd-jobs and subjugation commissions”

“In that case I’d like to dive into a dungeon!”

“Hmm… is that so. It isn’t something we can’t do in particular, but…”

“Hm?  You’re, you’re not really interested in it?”

“Something like that”


Dungeons means the large underground facilities where many treasure is sleeping in and many monsters wander about in order to protect those treasure.

We don’t know when they existed and why they were made, but it’s flooded with many adventurers due to them aiming to get rich quickly by hunting treasures and monsters who contain magic stone they can sell.


The reason why I’m not really eager for that is in the end, because there are too many eyes there.


“Is that, is that so… Well, there’s no helping it if you feel that way”

“ …”


This is bad, Isvel is clearly feeling down.

She may be the former demon lord, but her appearance is that of a sweet woman.

I won’t know what I should do if she becomes meek like this.

It seems I can already only give in to deal with this unbearable feeling.


“――No, let’s dive into a dungeon”


“Thinking about it, we won’t stand out if we dress like ordinary adventurers and enter the dungeon. There should be hardly any people who noticed us in the first place. There will be some trouble, but at the worst the guild will protect us. The place is already taken care of, so we should be fine earning big in the dungeon. Yup”


I spin words by talking quickly, like I am persuading myself.

When I take a sidelong glance to Isvel’s face, I could clearly see her looking delightfully sparkling.


“Really!? So I can go on an adventure right!?”

“Ye-yeah… is it something to be that happy about?”

“What are you saying! I have never been able to leave the demon lord castle you see! An adventure is a dream within a dream you know!? To think that it will come true!”


While her tone turned into how she was on the way to the nest, Isvel looked up to the sky with eyes glittering.

I didn’t think she would be that delighted.


Well, this doesn’t feel bad.


“Having said that, I have no other knowledge of it beside diving down a little for some fundraising. Once we return we should properly prepare ourselves and then enter it tomorrow”

“A- alright! I am not a woman who cannot be patient after all!”


Isvel said, curving her splendid chest and being somewhat excited.

Looking at her behaviour, those words are also honestly doubtful.


“For now we first gather the orc’s magic stones. Once we return we look for an inn alright?”

“Right! Leave it to me!”


Joyfully, Isvel began working hard on recovering the magic stones from the orc bodies.

The course of events turned to diving to the dungeon, but you could certainly say it’s exactly right for fundraising.

If we find treasures, then we may be able to instantly fulfill the money Isvel has to pay.


“Shall I put in my fighting spirit then…”


I deceive the small amount of anxiety I have with magic stone recovery work and eventually we easily handled this commission, which should have taken a few days, in just one day.


The evening of the day we achieved our commission. We carried our feet to a bar that is different from the one inside the guild.


“It’s good isn’t it! This alcohol!”

“Yeah, we were right in choosing this place”


This bar here is inside the inn we have decided to stay in and they would put out food and alcohol for a little cheaper price for guests.

Because the orc extermination commission netted us eight gold coins in the end, we found an inn where we can stay for five silver coins and decided to stay there.

Since we intend to stay for a week, we first paid three gold coins and five silver coins for two people and ordered food and alcohol with one of our remaining gold coins like this.


“I’m looking forward to tomorrow! Ade――I mean, Al!”

“ … That’s right”


Isvel is in good mood and is drinking ale.

She seems to be starting to become drunk since her face is a little red.

Let’s stop her after~ two cups.

Drinking herself dead drunk would be troublesome.


“Mh! I’ve already drunk it all! Sorry! One mo――”


It was the moment when Isvel tried to request for another cup after gazing desolately at the contents of her tankard made of wood.

Suddenly the door to the bar was thrown open lively.

The crowded bar instantly quieted down and everyone noticed the person who entered from that door.


“――Oh, isn’t this a nice bar”


Who came in was a slanted eyed woman whose long blond hair shook.

An ideal figure where she is a little tall and the places her figure comes out appear firmly.

But what stands out above all that are the tiger-like ears grown on her head and tail grown from her waist.

She appears to be a ‘beastkin’.


The woman began to look around the bar, looking for something.


“Oh, found you”


It appears she found what she was looking for.

She moved straight in one direction.


Towards us who are drinking alcohol.


“Hey there, you looked after my boys during the day didn’t you!”


The woman sat down in a lively way and rolled up her sleeve while showing a nihilistic smile.


On her was a tattoo of a tiger engraved that was on the guys we saw during the day.


“I’m Leona. I act as the clanmaster of clan Greed Tiger. Nice to meet you!”


The woman called Leona smiled in order to display her fangs.

It seems we are getting rolled up into something troublesome before we dive into the dungeon.




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Silver coin = 1000 yen (TL $8,81)

Gold coin = 10000 yen (TL $88,12)

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