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Vol 7 Chapter 13 Bulletin board chapter
Yuuji, reporting this and that of the otherworld city to the bulletin board part 2



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[Yuuji is] I’m kind of in another world when I went out of my home after 10 years part 34
[still not here!?]

96 : Yuuji

Thanks for waiting!

First will be the state of the city of another world okay?

Distant View


Main street


Town scape


Mr. Kevin’s store



97 : Anonymous NEET

We’ve been waiting for this Yuuji!



The distant view got some good composition

You’ve become good with a camera, huh Yuuji.


99 : Anonymous NEET

Cities near a river and such makes for a lovely picture right…


100 : Well informed NEET

What is this…

The buildings, attire and races are disordered

Machines aren’t displayed so it’s definitely not modern times but something like middle ages, but…

The cultural sphere is mixed too much don’t you think?


101 : Kemona-lvl.MAX


Beastkins are showing up here and there!


Yuuji, preparations of beastkin slaves, quickly!


102 : Anonymous NEET

Hey, what’s shown at the far right of this main street photo…

Isn’t that a dwarf?


103 : Cool NEET

Yuuji, commentaries.

Or report.


104 : Anonymous NEET


This guy’s treatment to Yuuji is getting rougher and rougher isn’t it?


105 : Yuuji

We went to apply for a pioneer group

I know the road so I can go to the city anytime!

Also I got into a fight at the adventurer’s guild.


106 : Anonymous NEET

Ooh, great job Yuuji!

It was a discussion with a noble right?


107 : Anonymous ETNE

Got into a fight…at the adventurer’s guild you say!?

As we expected!

And so what happened then Yuuji?


108 : Well informed NEET

How was the result of the discussion?

Did you deceive them by calling yourself a visitor from afar?


109 : Anonymous NEET

Have you used that magic?


110 : Anonymous NEET

The receptionist woman!

Was the receptionist woman a beauty?


111 : Anonymous NEET

This is bad, there’s too many things I wanna ask.


112 : Yuuji

The discussion with the feudal lord’s wife and magistrate was led by Mr. Kevin

The tax yield will go up he said.

They gave us approval quite readily

The store Mr. Kevin studied under seems to be famous

It looks like they knew Mr. Kevin’s company as well.

Also I wasn’t told this, but

They must have noticed thinly that I was a visitor from afar

Mr. Kevin told me afterwards


113 : Infra worker


Wasn’t Mr. Kevin the only one playing an active role!?


114 : I love huge tits

The feudal lord’s wife was estimated to have H-cup right?

Then there’s no helping it

I know your feels, Yuuji


115 : Anonymous NEET

I understand my ass!

But, H huh…

Pics please…


116 : Anonymous MEAT

Well, of course you’ll get found out

Suddenly being in the forest and then selling modern preserved food

I bet the house will be worth watching from now on too.


117 : Cool NEET

First off the feudal lord’s wife and the magistrate giving preference to tax yield is good news I guess

I’ll ask the details later

Next, report on the adventurer’s guild


118 : Former talented Salesman



That made me recall my ex-boss and I kind of hate that though…


119 : Anonymous NEET

He’s in work mode like usual!


120 : Yuuji

The goblins and orcs have multiplied, so

We went to the adventurer’s guild to put up an investigation request.

Mr. Kevin took out the grant given by the magistrate and the feudal lord’s wife and held a letter from them.

Only me, Alice and Kotarou went in ahead

Then I got involved with a huge adventurer.

I casted said magic.

It was, complete victory!

Afterwards Mr. Kevin appeared.

“We’re actually clients holding a letter from the feudal lord’s wife and the magistrate though”

The air inside the adventurer’s guild froze.

We continued to a private room and then the guildmaster entered.

Ah, the receptionist was an middle-aged man, middle-aged woman and a young beauty.


121 : Anonymous ETNE

Only Mr. Kevin played an active role again!?


122 : Anonymous MEAT

Wait wait wait, he repelled a guy who picked a fight with him!


123 : Anonymous NEET

This is…

Didn’t Mr. Kevin do this on purpose?


124 : Anonymous NEET

Even though they could be clients they still picked a fight with them.

Were the entrance and reception office the same?

How about your appearance Yuuji?


125 : Anonymous NEET

It must be that, they’re stopping an unreliable newcomer

They were kind adventurers, I’m sure of it


126 : Yuuji

The entrance and counter for requests were the same place

I was wearing hide armor holding a shield and spear!

It felt kind of fantasy-like so it was fun!


127 Anonymous NEET



128 : Anonymous NEET


That appearance must have been the cause of getting involved no matter how you think about it.


129 : Anonymous NEET


And so, how did the DISCUSSION with Mr. Kevin and the guildmaster go?


130 : Anonymous NEET

They picked a fight with someone holding a letter from a noble

Having too big of an advantage, Mr. Kevin seems to have shown his seriousness


131 : Well informed NEET

Person with a letter from a noble=representative

If a commoner picks a fight in a feudal society, couldn’t it go as far as decapitation?


132 : Yuuji

It ended with them deploying superior and reliable adventurers for the goblin and orc request for the same price

And then the former adventurers participating in the pioneer group will be superior and good natured people

I came back together with those people.

And then they covered the cost of preparing said adventurers and

the guildmaster wrote letters to acquaintance craftsmen.

The punishment for the guy who picked a fight with me and his friend was to create a road a cart can pass through from the city to my house.

It looks like they can’t enter the city until then.


133 : Former talented salesman

I can hear Mr. Kevin’s seriousness just by hearing the result…


134 : Anonymous NEET

Say, is Yuuji in this?


135 : Anonymous ETNE



Yuuji is in charge of being the important cameraman and uploader!


136 : Anonymous NEET

Hey, Yuuji wrote it trivially, but you know

There’s 3 days of forest if you go quickly from the city to Yuuji’s house right?

Building a road where a cart can pass through, wouldn’t that take decades?


137 : Anonymous NEET

Not to mention they can’t enter the city and such.

This is pretty much a sentence to exile…

This just by picking a little fight

Other world is scary…


138 : Anonymous NEET

So this is the end of the adventurer’s guild part?


139 : Anonymous NEET

If you talk about another world then it’s gotta be adventurers!

You registered didn’t you, Yuuji?

And then did you get the “Thi- this is…”?


140 : Yuuji

I’ve done the adventurer’s registration!

The guildmaster did the examination for us.

I think Kotarou and Alice were nearly “Thi- this is…”

We’ll start at the 8th rank adventurer even if we were strong he said.

He said I was equal to a 7th rank adventurer fighting power-wise

Even though he couldn’t see with the usual magic, it ended when I got tackled.

He said Alice and Kotarou were exceptional newcomers worthy of being 4th rank.


141 : Anonymous NEET

Heyhey wait a minute, you say Alice-chan, you’re not saying…

Magic, did you let her use it?

Did the guildmaster die?


142 : Overwhelmingly dog-person

You secretly mixed in Kotarou!

What did he do?

Did Kotarou also fight?


143 : Yuuji

Kotarou fought and Alice used magic.

Guess what!


She used magic of the wind series!!!

I couldn’t take a photo in the guild so

Here, a video I took after getting home.



144 :  Anonymous MEAT

There’s no guro right?

Requesting you guys for the usual guro check!


145 : Anonymous NEET

A fence could be seen so it’s somewhere around Yuuji’s house I guess?

Kotarou is nearby

There’s a tree near the camera


146 : Anonymous NEET

Kotarou is running this way

So fast!


147 : Overwhelmingly dog-person

Kotarou’s jump!

Woow, so high!

That’s amazing Kotarou!


148 : Anonymous NEET

The distance is amazing!

But could this reach the tree?

… eh?


149 : Anonymous NEET

What is this!?

No seriously, what the hell is this!?


150 : Anonymous ETNE

Just when we thought she won’t reach the tree!

Kotarou ran on the air!



151 : Anonymous NEET

Kotarou-san so cooooooooooool!


152 : Anonymous NEET

And then Kotarou-san scratched the tree with her forelegs!

It ain’t a paw punch!

… wait what?


153 : Anonymous NEET

Camera, a close-up to the traces of Kotarou-san’s attack.

… wut?


154 : Anonymous NEET

It’s a case where it’s gouged out deeper than the length of her nails no matter how you think about it.

Are dog nails this long?

Tell us Raida… Mr. Dog lover!


155 : Overwhelmingly dog-person

Let me explain!

Yeah yeah, this dog breed would have this much…

Is impossible to be true, don’t you think!?

In the first place Kotarou is a crossbreed!

Yuuji, is this Kotarou’s magic?


156 : Yuuji

The guildmaster said so.

The running on air and the time she attacks with her claws and fangs

Said she somehow did this with wind magic.

Also the guildmaster is alive

He swung his sword and Alice’s magic disappeared.

He said he was called a “magician killer” in his active days.


157 : Anonymous NEET

Kotarou, alice and the guilmas is AMAZIIING!


Yup, well…

He’s normal I guess.


158 : Anonymous NEET

His nickname’s so cool!

Okay, let’s think of a nickname for Kotarou and Alice!

And Yuuji too as an extra!


159 : Anonymous NEET

“Gale” Kotarou

“Magician’s Red” Alice

“Meatwall” Yuuji


160 : Anonymous NEET


There’s still room for consideration for Kotarou and Alice-chan!


161 : Anonymous NEET


Alice-chan’s one is not cute so rejected!

Actually that one’s a bit bad don’t you think!?

A bullet’s gonna come flying you know!


162 : Cool NEET

Now wait with that.

Let’s do the nicknames later

Yuuji, what about the reports after?

Did you manage to invite some workers?


163 : Anonymous NEET

Yuuji is decided to be the meat wall then!


164 : Yuuji

I’ve invited a carpenter/woodworker!

Thank you everyone!

Thanks to the parquetry and the no ironware episode, the master and the craftsmen became super enthusiastic!

By the way nicknames I’ve thought up afterwards

“Bloodstained” Gaegus: president of the big store in the capital where Mr. Kevin studied at

“Fighting Peddler” Kevin


165 : Anonymous NEET

Ooh, nice. I’m glad for you Yuuji!

So the most important human resource has come!


166 : Anonymous NEET

Good for you!

But I’d like you to wait

The nicknames of the merchant team aren’t related to merchants


167 : Anonymous NEET

What do you mean one of the merchant’s nickname is “Bloodstained”!?

It’s strange no matter how you think about it!


168 : Anonymous MEAT

Wait wait wait!

Mr. Kevin…can fight?


169 : Anonymous NEET

He got that nickname on him, so he should be able to fight

There’s fighting in there after all


170 : Former talented salesman

He’s good at negotiations, he’s president of his own company, well informed and he got fighting power

…could he be a protagonist?


171 : Well informed NEET

He is a peddler in a world where there’s monsters and bandits and such

It’s not strange being able to fight don’t you think?

Even if he employs escorts, if the person himself can’t fight

won’t peddling be impossible then?


172 : Anonymous NEET

Mr. Kevin…

Didn’t he say he fell in love with the daughter of the president of the company he studied in?

Did he say “give me your daughter please” to “Blood stained Gaegus”?


173 : Anonymous NEET



174 : Anonymous NEET

No, he’s stained in blood but he may honestly be gentle you know?


175 : Anonymous NEET

I don’t know his appearance or anecdotes, but let me ask this

Isn’t something like that unreasonable?


176 : Anonymous NEET

His own blood or someone else’s blood, that is the question

…no, neither of them changes the scary part I guess.



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  1. Yuuji is such an underdog, I am waiting the day he gets the spotlight…though if it did, it’ll probably be instantly get taken away by either alice or kotarou…
    Don’t give up, Yuuji

    1. That’s right, this novel is about Kotarou adventures, but since she is a dog, we are reading it in the perspective of the Meatball.

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