Hiki-NEET Vol 7 Chapter 10

Hello readers! Jun here with a translation of Hiki-NEET.

Did you know there’s a sort of second story of this one that the author calls the “IF route”. It branches off during the NEET offline camping thing, where the change in story is that the NEET group actually do get transfered alltogether. Should be hilarious to translate at some point since it’s or less comedy from what I read from the author.

Did you also know that if I keep up with a weekly release, I would finish this novel in around 13 november 2026? There’s like about 428 chapters left with this one released.

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Vol 7 chapter 10 Yuuji, inviting a woodworker as per the guildmaster’s introduction



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“It appears this is the workshop. Shall we enter then, Mister Yuuji?”


The next day after finishing one thing or another at the adventurer’s guild. Kevin and Yuuji took along Alice and Kotarou and visited a workshop.

In Kevin’s hand was a letter of introduction from the guildmaster and in Yuuji’s hands was the camera covered in the usual exterior.


Satisfying sounds of clang bang could be heard from inside. Yes, this is a workshop for both carpentry and the processing of any kind of lumber. They construct houses, create tools and fix broken tools. What are more essential in the early stages of pioneering than anything else are woodworkers.

They were also in need of smiths however, they are not yet ready to invite a smithing craftsman who requires a furnace. It seemed they will cope with it for a while by buying/doing reparations in the city when it comes to metal goods.


“The pioneer village, that still only has one building built there, is it……”


Perhaps they have heard of the letter of introduction from the guildmaster and the name of Kevin’s firm, but who turned up in response to Yuuji and co was the master of this workshop. However, the master who had heard the situation had no interest. That was reasonable. It seems it’s written in the guildmaster’s letter of introduction to not worry about a defense force, but danger was an unavoidable part in pioneering. Not to mention, this workshop didn’t seem to have troubles with work. The guildmaster wasn’t likely to introduce them to an unskilled craftsman, so in a meaning this should be inevitable.


“That’s how it is you know. ……By the way master, are you not interested in new technology?”


Having left Kevin to explain the situation and staying silent until then, Yuuji began to talk.

That’s right.

The time he consulted the bulletin board with the things necessary for pioneering after this, the topic the majority raised was “Carpentry”. As for farmwork, Yuuji’s slave Marcel has knowledge in it. The more manpower the better, but if not then the pioneering speed will become slow. It was still not something to be troubled with in particular. However, the response was that a carpenter who can build a house, even a simple one, is by any means necessary. At any rate the beastkin family’s situation was that they are for the time being living in the yaranga, the tent they built.


“Uhm? New technology you say?”


It appears the boss also had interests in that as a craftsman.


Yuuji took out a tiny box from inside the small bag he held.

That was a 12 cm long, 8 cm wide and 5 cm tall small wooden box.

A staple souvenir from Hakone with beautiful geometric patterns.

It’s a parquetry. (wooden mosaic work)


It was something Yuuji’s mother bought at the time both of his parents went on a trip to Hakone. He discovered it in his parent’s bedroom and held it as per the advice of the denizens of the bulletin board.


“What is this box……? It’s a lovely pattern but…… Um? Don’t tell me, it’s entirely wood!? Unbelievable!”


They must have heard the master’s loud voice, the craftsmen who just took a break gathered one after another. The craftsmen were shown the box by the master and became excited. “What is this, did they combine trees of different structure? Nevertheless…… Woooah unbelievable, what is this -su!?” They chattered noisily and got excited.


“Uhm……You’re opening, this box -su? Or is it more like it’s just patterns and doesn’t open -su?”


A young man among the noisy craftsmen talked with Yuuji and Kevin. It appears that what Yuuji held was a puzzle box so to speak.


“Of course I’m opening it. Please watch, okay?”


Yuuji received the wooden box and his hands were observed. The master and the craftsmen were naturally looking, but Kevin, Alice and Kotarou too were looking towards Yuuji’s hands.


First mechanism. Slide one textured part. “Ooh~” resounded the master and craftsmen.

Second mechanism. Moving that further to a different place. Once again the spectators resounded.

Third mechanism. Set the side upwards and move a section of the pattern. “Uooooh” shouts of joy rose. It appears that the master, craftsmen and Alice in addition were greatly excited.

Fourth mechanism. Yuuji put his finger on the pattern. “O-” could be heard from the hasty craftsmen. He did not move the pattern. It was a feint. Kotarou stared at Yuuji with an icy look. “What are you doing, you stupid” is what she seemed to want to say.

Yuuji pulled himself together and put his finger on a different patten and moved. With the part that was once amassed, the surrounding “OOOOOOOOH!” voices became even louder. They were completely caught in Yuuji’s shallow thinking.

The cover was slid at the end and Yuuji opened the box. The box was empty.

Yuuji was wrapped by the cheers and applause of the master, craftsmen, Kevin and Alice. For some reason Yuuji was proud. Of course this wasn’t Yuuji’s achievement.


“Ple- please lend it to me for a bit! Ooh, ooh? Huuum……”


The master touched the exterior, moved the parts and peered into a mere crevice. The craftsmen held their breath and attentively watched such figure of the master. They were perfectly in sync.


“Not good, I don’t understand it…… Lord Yuuji, can I disassemble it?”

“No, noo, that’s a little……even I can’t repair it, so……”


The master and craftsmen felt sad as if they were corpses. They were perfectly in sync. Are they performers?


“If, if we take up the work of your pioneer group then will you teach us this technology dude -su?”


The young craftsman who asked Yuuji the way to open it back then, asked Yuuji a question. It appears he was very interested in the technology the master didn’t even know. “Aah, hey that’s not fair, this guy’s stealin’ a march on us!“ came the uproar behind him.


“Ye, yes, of course. I don’t know if I can teach you well and I only have time in the evening or something though……”


“UOOOH” the craftsmen got even more excited. The master who faltered until just then also mixed within them. Excitement was too high.

Ne-next is, right, this was also what I tell them. Yuuji murmured with a small voice and dropped an even bigger bomb.


“Also, if you are interested in it, I will also teach you a way to build a house without using nails or metal fittings.”


Bang, the master and craftsmen all went to Yuuji in one go. They were perfectly in sync. Is this a skit comedy?


“Do- does that mean like you need some secret adhesive or you need to use magic or you need some special talent……? Also like built as in it’s built but fragile or something……?”


Nervously, the master began asking Yuuji questions. It appears that the traditional construction that doesn’t use metal fittings hasn’t been developed in this world.


“No, what you need is only a wood processing technique you know. I don’t know if I can teach you this well either, but……”


The workshop fell completely silent.

No response I guess, I wonder if I didn’t make too much of a stir, Yuuji thought, but at that time.

As if they exploded, the master and craftsmen’s shouts of joy penetrated the building.


“Oooh, such craft is, hey listen you, do my work okay?” “What are you saying -su. Please do the job you got yourself okay?” “Hey you all, I’m gonna leave the rest to you.” “Wai- master, that’s gonna trouble me.” Such uproar happened. It wasn’t that the woodworking craftsmen had a bad relationship with the smithing craftsmen nor do they dislike ironware. However, as craftsmen who processes lumber and creates houses among other things, hearing that a house could be built with nothing but wood and not getting excited is impossible.


“Hey wai-, damn it. Hey, who is free among you guys who build houses?”


The master seemed to have given up going himself. For now. The master looked over at each craftsmen and asked them the question. Apparently it’s a style where basically each craftsman contracts work once they become full-fledged.


“Yes! I- I’m free -su!”


Raising their hands was only one person. It was the man who asked Yuuji about the way to open the puzzle box and whether he would teach them if they enter the pioneer group.


“Only Thomas huh. Well it should be fine. Aye, do it properly until I get there yeah”


Apparently even the master was full of intention to go there eventually.

Yes! Thomas said and did a big fist pump. The craftsmen watched Thomas intently with eyes of resentment. Thomas looked like he completely didn’t care. His heart seemed quite strong.


“Yuuji-nii, this box is amazing right, it’s interesting right!” “Oh, do you like it Alice? Then I’ll give it to you as a present” was said as Yuuji handed the parquetry to Alice. “Hooray~” Alice was elated. Kotarou even nestled up to her body, seemingly wanting to say “Good for you Alice”.

Suddenly the master and craftsmen turned their heads and discovered the box that was transferred to Alice’s hands and again turned their gaze towards Yuuji. A maddening urge that said “You bastard, give it to us in that case” was put into each of their eyes. They were perfectly in sync.

But as expected of adults, they couldn’t head to the rejoicing Alice and tell her they want it.


“Ah well, aren’t we glad! Then, how about we start going and leave the full story until next time, Mr. Kevin!”


Yuuji dodged such gazes and was happy about the fact the negotiations were finished for now.

Unlike the stronghearted Thomas, Yuuji didn’t seem to have noticed it.


Kotarou shook her head, looked at the master and craftsmen and barked wan wan. Yuuji won’t notice it like that, give it up, is what she seemed to want to say.




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