STOS Chapter 56

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Isekai shoukan wa nidome desu Chapter 56

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56 Come play with me



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“So Yuuhi, explain the situation.”


In order to get to the main question about now, I gave Yuuhi the order.

I somehow came to enjoy giving out orders.


“Okay! Uhm, let’s see――――――”


Uhuh uhuh. To sum it up, when Yuuhi tried to side with the demons in order to not antagonize me, these classmates chased after her she said.


“Ah! Come to think of it, miss Elka and the others have come too.”

“Aah, they really did come for me.”


I expected no less from the three, they did what I wished for.


“It looks like they’re fighting over there right now. But an enemy who held strange magic just now went to the teacher’s group and――――――”

“They should be fine. They’re absolutely not losing this.”


They’re a gang of three who can fight equally against demon king Desastre and beast king Regulus. Whatever their opponents, they won’t lose.

Above all, they’ve always been fighting together with me, their win is already set in stone.


“――――――Oh really……Yup, if you believe in them, then I believe in them too, Yuki-kun.”

“So I――――――can send those guys flying right?”

“……Hey hey, you Gloomy Yuki.”


The one who pushed away the still absent minded Kouma and also Jirou and Mitsuki while he was at it and appeared with a vein popping in the head was Endou.

Looks like he’s unable to stomach me like always.


“Long time no see Endou. Nothing’s better than to see you well.”

“Shut up you gloomy bastard……!Get your ass away from Yuuhi-san!”

“It’s not like……I’m the one getting close to her though……”


Yuuhi should be clinging on my arm, no matter how you look at it.

Wait, stop smelling me.


“……gh! Shut up! You’re manipulating Yuuhi-san aren’t you!? Such gentle Yuuhi-san couldn’t have betrayed us! That’s right Kouma! It’s all that guy’s fault! That must be it!”

“……Suzaki did?”


Kouma was listening to Endou’s words.

I don’t mind him having a wrong guess from my point of view, but from these people’s point of view it would be natural for me, who suddenly appeared at a hostile situation, to look suspicious if you think about the fact I was driven out of the castle and then returned like this.

Endou’s opinion is completely caught in his personal feelings though.


“But you, you’ve seen me being invited by Yuuhi on a date, didn’t you.”

“Eh?……No way……”

“Tha, that you see! You must have manipulated her into doing that right!? To make what I saw into a good thing! I’m sure as hell about that!”


Doesn’t even have good ears……Well, I knew that though.

Well it can’t be helped after hearing it, it’s something I knew from the beginning.

Also Yuuhi, it ain’t the time to be blushing.


“Now that you mention it……the time in Japan……Yuu was getting along well with Suzaki-kun, I thought it was strange.”

“Being together with a weird guy like Suzaki, even I have a problems with it.”

“……Refusing my invitation and going out with Suzaki was also because she was manipulated, wasn’t it……”


Thus were Mitsuki, Jirou and Kouma’s comments.

They actually mentioned our time in Japan, looks like you’ve been greatly talked about aren’t you, me.

I also have the problem with the fact I can’t deny it though.


“Right!? That guy manipulated everything! I can’t think of anything but that!”


Endou shouted and the other classmates gradually began to show wariness towards me.

Seems I’m really hated, even though I haven’t done a single fucking bad thing……should I have been a little more attentive to fashion?

In that case I wouldn’t have been called gloomy I guess.

This is what you call being too late, I guess.


“Gloomy Yuki! Free Yuuhi-san immediately!”

“……is, what they said though?”



Yuuhi went in front of me as if protecting me.

Oh woah……she’s angry.


“Be silent for a bit”



All of a sudden, orange flames gushed out of Yuuhi’s body again.

A flame which swelled up large in the twinkling of an eye, rushed on towards Kouma and the others like a tidal wave.

The thickness of the flames didn’t amount to much, but they were suddenly attacked from that sphere and with immediate effect.

It’ll certainly eat up everyone like this, but Kouma, holding the sacred sword leaped forward even though he’s drenched and gave instructions.


“Everyone, get together in one spot behind me!”


The group who could respond to that instruction carried the group who couldn’t respond and promptly gathered behind Kouma.


“Cut open――――――<Excalibur>!”


Kouma swung his sacred sword and a slash thrusted out while scattering light particles, cutting open the flame wave.

By doing so, they went right between the flames that divided in two and successfully avoided it.

That attack, though it had a showy effect, is a type of <Flying blade>.

A hacking like attack lacking any sharpness from lack of skill……This won’t hold a candle to slashes like Glain’s captivating ones.


“Yuu! What are you doing!?”

“Don’t talk badly about Yuki-kun any more than this――――――Next time I will really kill you.”



Kouma choked up his breathing.

The bloodlust Yuuhi released caused that.

I’m surprised. She who lost her nerve from my bloodlust before I departed is now releasing bloodlust herself.

It’s an unthinkable intensity and unthinkable development.

Let’s praise Elka later after all, I’ve decided to refrain from doing the unreasonably gentle punishment and with all my might, slap her ass.

But before that.


“Yuuhi, switch with me for a bit.”



I move Yuuhi out of the way.

I don’t really think much towards these guys.

It’s because whatever was done to me was no skin off their nose.

But now I’m just a little pissed off.

It’s the first time feeling hatred towards these guys.

These guys aren’t looking at Yuuhi.

If they’re really Yuuhi’s friends then they should’ve been able to at least understand that she hasn’t been manipulated.

They see being friends with Yuuhi and being companions with Yuuhi as nothing but a type of status.

I can’t help but get pissed off at that.

And more than anything else――――――I can’t stomach the fact Kouma asked Yuuhi out on a date.


“You all, come play with me for a bit.”


I’ll give them a punch.

And while I’m at it, I’ll return Endou and his gang what they’ve done to me until now.


“You piece of……! Are you telling us that just because you have that big ass sword you can win from us?”

“If you’re my opponents then it’ll be more difficult to lose you know.”

“Wha-!? ……What the hell are you getting carried away for! Aah!?”


Endou got easily provoked.

As ever the pipsqueak, but in contrast to that Kouma is calm. He’s no fun.


“……Suzaki, if you free Yuu and apologize now you will be forgiven.”

“Says the fake Hero. The one who’s saying sorry and apologizing should be you.”

“Have you become a rash lunatic…!?”


Each of them finally took up their arms.

The hostility of 30 people struck me.

The one who couldn’t agree to it is only Yuuhi.


“Wh-, why aren’t you letting me do this for you!?”

“Because I want to to do it, okay?”

“But Brad said he’s leaving it to me!”

“That guy’s request is nothing. You’re not going to disobey my order are you?”



Being stabbed by her weak point, Yuuhi said nothing.

But I didn’t overlook it.

That there’s only tiny bit or relief mixed in that expression of hers.


“……You don’t have to fight those guys, okay?”

“Bu- but”

“No buts. I…… don’t want you to forget that compassion of yours.”



I stroke Yuuhi’s head who is looking blankly.

To make my words easy to convey, even if a little.


“A Yuuhi who fights without mercy ain’t something I wanna see. If you’re always smiling energetically nearby, then that’s fine. Push all the painful things towards me. Whatever it is, it’ll be fine if it’s me.”



I separate my hand from her head and thrust Kuromaru at Kouma and co.

Attacking your comrades who you have laughed together with can’t possibly be not tough.

You aren’t supposed to be able to do so with a decent mind, to say nothing of killing them.

The ones who can are only people who have become mass murderers.

Only people who have come to be unable to feel anything towards a person’s death.

I don’t want Yuuhi become such a person.

I shall fight in that case.

I, who can fight without killing them, no matter the opponent――――――

I, who pour my all into not taking away a life――――――


“But, but even so――――――”

“If you can’t agree with that either, then……”


I’ll present a new option to Yuuhi who still seemed to want to say something.

That’s about what I can do now.


“Play with that one over there for a bit please.”

“Over there……?”


Right behind us was a single figure of a person wearing a black robe.

Spreading serious magic power, Yuuhi immediately noticed her enemy.


“You are Setsu I presume. I have finally found you.”


The black robe who approached us took off their hood and a well-featured face of a woman appeared under it.

It’s a human girl, her stature’s on the high side and her long purple hair dangled until near her waist.


“What brought a beauty like you here? An invitation to play?”

“Of course, in order to kill you who resents Master Touma.”

“Oh really now……”


My satire was answered seriously……Wouldn’t it have been better to make it more grandiose?


“My name is Luna. There is no particular need to remember it; after all, you will die here either way.”


Luna or something displayed her hands.

This is an odd magic flow, something I didn’t expect is coming――――――

――――――Oh, before I put myself on guard.


“Let’s change locations for a bit”



Yuuhi approached before Luna’s eyes.

The next moment, her flames bursted open.

An explosion attack mixed with wind and fire after high speed movement with wind magic huh? She’s become really strong too.

Nevertheless, she obeyed really honestly didn’t she……I thought she was going to complain a bit more.


“Who are you……!”

“Yuki-kun’s lov――――――chi- childhood friend!”



Luna was pressed by Yuuhi’s explosion and separated from this place.

Yuuhi’s amazing to release this big explosion, but Luna who was avoiding it at the last moment also has good agility.

As expected of the black robes, ordinary methods won’t work on them I guess.

……I dare not touch Yuuhi’s statement.


“Now then……How about we start as well?”



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