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Volume 7 Chapter 9 Yuuji and Alice, doing adventurer registration



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Having finished with the negotiation, Yuuji and the others went to the training grounds behind the adventurer’s guild.

“Since you’re already here, how about you register as adventurers?” Per Kevin’s recommendation, it was decided that the guildmaster himself would perform the test to measure the required fighting strength to register.


Guildmaster Salomon told the adventurers who were zealous in their training “You all go somewhere else” and earnestly drove them away from the training grounds.

Because “I can’t bear any more of you picking fights with them, spare me from the trouble”, the guildmaster forcibly crammed the adventurers into the building.


Now the only people on the training grounds were the guildmaster, Kevin and his guard, Yuuji, Alice and Kotarou.

Having driven out the adventurers, the guildmaster picked up a sword among the weapons of the training ground that were lined up in a row alongside the wall.


“This is for measuring your fighting strength, so mine is wooden. There are for the most part weapons with their edges blunted, so please use what you like, Lord Yuuji.”


Being told this, Yuuji left behind his own short spear and picked up a metal spear whose edges were blunted. As for the shield, it seems he would keep using his own.


While saying “Err well, I’m getting nervous somehow aren’t I?”, Yuuji headed towards the center of the training grounds together with the guildmaster. On every other direction were observation structures alongside the walls.


“Good. Now, come hit me in whichever way you like”


Having stopped his feet at the center of the training grounds, the guildmaster set up his wooden two-handed sword in the middle position. The same could be said about his wording, but the air around him since then had transformed.


However much he may have been 50 years of age, a muscular, fiendish looking man whose large scar from his mouth to his cheek remained, set up his weapon with vigor.

Being overpowered, Yuuji gulped. Although he had killed numerous monsters and received training from Kevin’s escorts, this was the first time he faced someone of higher rank.


Although the guildmaster had retired for a long time, he was formerly a first rank adventurer.


Yuuji went for a wait and see approach with the shield in his left hand set up in front of his body and the head of the spear in his right hand pointed towards the guildmaster. Of course, an opening will not appear from the guildmaster. Instead, Yuuji was being cornered by the eyes of a warrior who had gone through a point between life and death.


“Yuuji-nii, do your beest” Alice’s voice reached Yuuji’s ears.

“Aagh, this is training, let’s go” encouraging himself with that, Yuuji stepped in and thrusted his spear.


*clack* it was easily repelled. The guildmaster’s stance did not collapse.

Even so, perhaps his nervousness came apart by doing an attack once; Yuuji unleashed attacks one by one. He lunged, swept and swung down. The face, upper body, hands, waist and feet. Wherever he attacked they were easily repelled.

Perhaps he had roughly seen Yuuji’s attacks, it had reached the point where the guildmaster mixes in attacks of his own. Having seen Yuuji’s defenses this time, the guildmaster unleashed various attacks. Yuuji somehow defended against them, but he gradually struggled to breathe.

Everyone is away from me so it should be fine, Yuuji thought and resolved himself.


“Light oh light, emit your radiance. Flash(But I’m not bald okay).”


From around Yuuji’s forehead, light was released towards the front.




Somehow this magic seemed to have gone through the guildmaster. Having only heard the turmoil by chance, it was the first time the guildmaster himself saw this magic.

“Gotcha” Yuuji thrusted his spear towards the guildmaster who closed his eyes.


With his eyes still closed, the guildmaster suddenly lowered his back. With his upper body still bent down, he rushed under the spear Yuuji pushed out.

Rugby, american football, wrestling, martial arts. That is a figure that can be seen in various matches on earth. It was a tackle.

Yuuji was easily brought down to the rear, along with the shield he held out.

The guildmaster who took up a “mount position” swung down his fist and perfectly stopped before Yuuji’s eyes.


That was the match.


“Uooh, what is that magic. I still can’t see anything.”


Despite suddenly his presence slackened and saying so, the calm looking guildmaster held out his hand to Yuuji and pulled him up when he grabbed him.


“Even if you say that, it didn’t get through you did it?”


The light magic he was able to use the second time was easily dealt with, which frustrated Yuuji.


“Well, it’s because our experiences are different. If you can’t see then there is a way to fight while still unable to see. ……hum. It means your fighting power is 7th rank, huh. Your spear is self-taught, right? Looks like it could quickly become about 6th rank if you trained for a while. That magic is……well, seeing that I could deal with it the first time I see it, it should be at least rank 4. Promoting you to 7th rank also comes with the things like the number of finished commissions and success rates, so how about I place you on 8th rank, Lord Yuuji? No, it doesn’t mean I can’t trust you Lord Yuuji, rules are rules you see……”


The negotiations and combat had finished, but the guildmaster could not decide his tone towards Yuuji, whose fighting power still had a long way to go to win against his juniors. In any case he was attending to him while maintaining respect for the leader of the pioneer group.

Of course there were no objections from Yuuji in regards to his rank. It was a ‘while we’re at it’ thing in any case. Somehow Yuuji seems to have become a pioneer group leader and an 8th rank adventurer.


“Mister’s soo strong!” came Alice’s voice of admiration.

While howling “Bow bow”, Kotarou ran up to Yuuji and jumped at him. “Next! I am next!” she seemed to be saying.


“Oh, what up, pup? You wanna go at it too?  I can finally see with my eyes again, so if you want to then I’ll be your opponent okay?”


While saying such things, the guildmaster extended his hand to pet Kotarou.

HAM, Kotarou bit that hand playfully.

Kotarou parted her mouth after biting him, growled grrr with her hair standing on end. “I am not a pup” she seemed to be saying in a bad mood.


“I get it, I get it” the guildmaster separated and he then went close to the wall he once went to and replaced the sword he held with both hands with a shield and a small sword. Both shield and small sword were made of wood. He seemed to have taken into account that his opponent was a dog and prepared a shield that could freely receive attacks.


“Okay then, come at me pup.”


The guildmaster struck the shield in his left hand with the wooden sword as if provoking her. He had a calm expression. Until Kotarou started to move that is.


Kotarou ran with speed incomparable to the likes of Yuuji back then.

The guildmaster’s expression changed. It appeared he switched to battle mode


A clack resounded.

Kotarou’s first attack was defended with the guildmaster’s shield.

Turning around cleverly, from the right, from the left, bustling about as if leading him around by the nose, Kotarou kept up her attacks. Even so, the guildmaster who turned serious dealt with it by defending safely with his shield.

Because “this isn’t going anywhere”, Kotarou took some distance.


What is she planning on doing? Kotarou growled grrr as if accumulating strength and like a pop she rushed out.

She was quick. Capitalizing on that speed, Kotarou leaped upon the guildmaster.

As if responding to that, the guildmaster pushed out his wooden sword.

At that time.


Kotarou, ran on air.


Stepping firmly as though there was an unseen ground, she crossed the wooden sword and leaped upon the guildmaster.


Gan, a loud sound reverberated in the training grounds.


After running past him, Kotarou looked back and stared at the guildmaster.

That guildmaster seemed to have defended her all-out attack with the shield. However, the shield was greatly torn to pieces and some blood was dripping from the guildmaster’s left hand.


Wan, Kotarou barked. To defend against that……as expected of you, I am fine with a loss, was what she seemed to be saying. It was a manly decision. She is a woman though. No, she is actually a dog though.


Yuuji, Alice, Kevin and his guard watching over by the wall stared in wonder and went “oooh!” in a clamor. Especially Yuuji ran around and went “what is that, what is that” on and on as he headed towards Kotarou.


“But really……Did you call her Kotarou? My bad for underestimating you. To think a dog could use magic you know……”


While saying so, the guildmaster patted Kotarou’s head. This time Kotarou accepted that hand meekly and *fun* snorted his nose. As long as you understand, is what she seemed to be wanting to say.


Yuuji, who was approaching Kotarou and the guildmaster, stopped his feet.


“So it really was magic? Kotarou, Kotarou used magic?”

“Hm? Lord Yuuji, you didn’t know either? Kotarou ran on the air you know. Besides look, the scars of this torn shield. Are dog’s claws, this long? It probably is magic of the wind group I’m guessing.”


Yuuji pondered to the guildmaster’s words. “Around here is nice and warm you know” Alice pressed on Kotarou’s stomach and explained the magic invocation method. Her bite that can gouge an orc’s bulky abdomen as they passed. Nails that can cut up a goblin’s throat just by swinging her forelegs. It seems it rang a bell even for Yuuji.


“Really……so it was like that, Kotarou! So you can use magic! You’re amazing aren’t you.”


With great joy, Yuuji stroked Kotarou all around. While looking coldly at him saying “So you noticed it by now?”, Kotarou didn’t seem to be so altogether.

“Is that so, Ms. Kotarou can use magic isn’t it?” said Kevin as he approached them showing a smiling face.

Behind Yuuji and co erupting in joy, an event took place.


“Mister and Kotarou are amaazing! Alice will also go ei! with magic!”


Naturally Yuuji was excluded. It appears that Alice didn’t think Yuuji’s fight was amazing.


“Ooh are you really? So little missy can use magic. Then how about mister will be your opponent then? You can go at it with everything you have okay? Mister was once called a magician killer after all.”


So the guildmaster replied, being praised by the child-like Alice and then slovenly showing a smile. It wasn’t like there were no children who can use magic, but you could count the number of them. Those too were at best lighting up a small fire or creating and throwing a small pebble. The guildmaster too went “should be around that” and was careless.

The guildmaster took some distance, switched to a blunted two handed metal sword and confronted Alice with a complacent expression. It appears to be a style where he changes weapons that matches his opponent.


“O~kay, then Alice is going with everything Alice got! Here comes Alice! White and veery hot and large fire, come out~!”


By such Alice’s voice, Yuuji and Kotarou finally turned their head and grasped the situation.


Bow bow bow bow, Kotarou barked earnestly. “Don’t, aah, I won’t make it, dodge it!” is what she seemed to be shouting.


“Thisisbadthisisbadthisisbad! Mr. Salomon, you can’t! Please escape!”


Flustered, Yuuji also gave a warning with a loud voice, but it was too late.

Already was Alice’s magic released towards guildmaster Salomon.


The guildmaster greatly breathed out.

Miraculously, both his arms looked shining slightly blue. The light as is transitioned to the sword he readied above head and grew in brightness.


Alice’s magic flame and the guildmaster’s swung down sword touched each other.


Puff, the flame vanished.


What the party who opened their eyes saw was the figure of the guildmaster falling onto his knees.


“A- are you okay!? Mr. Salomon!”


Ye- yeah……I’ve just exhausted my magic power. Forgive me but lend me your shoulder for a bit please.”


The guildmaster took the hands of Yuuji who ran up to him, stood up and grasped his shoulder. It appears he was safe.


“But really, even though she’s still a runt, the magic is outrageous little missy. I thought I was gonna die you know……”


Ehehe~ laughed Alice proudly. It could not be helped. Alice had no such thing as ill will. In the first place, the one who said “You can go at it with everything you have” was the guildmaster Salomon. He was reaping what he sowed.


Surpassing his second and third crisis in his life like this, Premie city’s adventurer’s guildmaster Salomon’s long day finally approached the end.


Kotarou is equal to 4th rank, little missy Alice would be equal to 4th rank if it’s just her magic I guess. Well, they’ll start at the 8th rank like Lord Yuuji in the beginning after all though……No, can a dog even register as an adventurer I wonder……


Leaving behind such words.



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