BFTG-NT Chapter 43.5 Pt. 2

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Chapter 43.5 Food Fight! Sera (Final part)


[All of the fight matches are over! Winning participants, please move to the food match grounds again!]


With the Fight match at an end and the 40 participants turning into 20, the stage of the contest once again moves to the Food match.


[The third round’s cooking! This time it is a cuisine from Kastal! Let’s see, “Mio-chan special croquette revised”? What’s this supposed to mean?]


Mic (Person’s name) mutters wonderingly while looking at his crib note.


[That is a cuisine that has become popular right now within Kastal royal palace. Yes. They aren’t commonly sold yet. Yes. For this particular event, the mai-, *cough*, my acquaintances were requested to make many of them. Yes.]


Nino the cooking commentator so explains. Well, she was invited for the sake of this, however……


[Err, Nino-san? What sort of lady are you in the first place? If it was like every year, then Kastal’s cooking commentator is supposed to be the royal chef Kuzetto-shi, but……]


[Yes. I have been personally requested by Kuzetto-san and Sa-cha, *cough*, her majesty Queen Sakuya, to be their representative. Yes. Who am I, you ask? That’s right. I’m merely a beli- *cough* cook. Yes.]


[Err, Nino-san’s mysteries are deepening isn’t it!]


Judging that she’s not really interested in explaining, the host forcibly ends the topic.


[So, about this special croquette.]


[It is “Mio-chan special croquette revised”. Yes! Please don’t call it halfway. Yes!]


[So, about this “Mio-chan special croquette revised”, there are two of them on each plate so please be careful.]


Because Nino said it with some anger mixed in, the host Mic yields.


There is nothing more unproductive than disputing a person who is fixated on it. They won’t yield after all.



[There is plenty for second helpings, so please do your best everyone. Yes!]


[Since Nino-san said it, please eat your fill, everyone! More like, I’m so envious that you could eat like the cooking that’s popular in the royal palace, hey!]


[Oh, we will put out a stall with limited sale on the other side afterwards, so please come if you’d like. Yes.]


[We also have plans to put out a yakisoba bread stall once.]


Naturally this is natural, but it is also common to have a food cart arranged for the dish featured in these sort of events. Especially as a result of not having sold the croquette, *ahem*, “Mio-chan special croquette revised” to the masses, they are committed to selling large quantities of them.


[Yes, thank you for the efforts in your advertisement! Now then, pull yourselves together, and the third round, food match! Begin!]


Together with the announcement, the participants start eating the “(omitted) croquette revised”.


But they stop their hands immediately after.


[What is the meaning of this!? Most of the participant’s hands have stopped! The only one not stopping is contestant Sara~!]


With the exception of Sara, even Galion stopped moving, likely from surprise.


There was an assumption, but if poison was inserted to the croquette, then Galion should never have eaten because of his olfaction and crisis perception ability.


[It’s good……]


One of participants mutters this. That’s what it is.


[What is this tastiness!]


[Meat juice is coming out! Delish!]


[But, it ain’t like they’re deceiving us with the flavour of meat. The potatoes are! Freaking perfectly united with even the coating!]


[This is! I can feel the earth. There’s no mistaking it, they used only the ingredients from the same region! Wao~n!]


[Hey, beastkin, please go somewhere else if you want to dig a hole.]



Nearly everybody stopped their hands from the excessive deliciousness.


From then on was a kind of panic. Asking for seconds one after another, the people in charge of second dishes are bustling with activity.


Forget the binge eating contest, they are calling out for seconds because of their instincts that say “I want to eat more,” nothing less.



[I’m happy everyone is eating them deliciously! Yes!]




Spectators stared at this state of affairs with frightening eyes like they were envious. Even the S rank Galion who should have eaten a certain amount of delicious food is eating as desperately or more desperately than in the first round.


And then, more than anything else, all of the participants’ tables are kept in clean condition. As if to say dropping even a single crumb is sacrilegious……


With the only exception of Sara making a sharp remark of “It somewhat falls behind those of Mio-san” in small voice……


[Th-The third round is over! But how should I handle this……]



There were the figures of the participants who have eaten way past their limits and, with satisfied faces, have become unable to move.


Naturally, there were no people vomiting. It is because their instincts would never allow them to do something so wasteful. However, the ones remaining who could move decently were none……, were only two. They are Galion and Sara.



Both Galion and Sara had been eating until the last minute. And the victor is Sara. This time Galion ate more courteously, or rather tried not to spill while eating, so there was no difference on that side. What decided the victory was the fact that Galion stopped moving his hands in the beginning for ten seconds. It became Sara’s victory by one plate due to that.



[Kastal has completed a frightening dish hasn’t it.]


[We are doing a limited sale at our stall, please purchase some if you want to. Yes.]



On that note, there weren’t just a few spectators who decided not to buy after seeing this match. However, because of the overwhelming rate of repeat customers, they set a record with the highest sale volume regardless of that. (Sales earnings did not become record high because the price was reduced.)



[Let me see, the confirmed results, everyone seem to have retired besides contestants Galion and Sara. It is atypical, but the next round will be a fight match finals between contestant Galion and contestant Sara. The rules……]



The total six rounds have been reduced to four rounds. It isn’t something to make light of.


To be specific, the preparations for the fifth round, a food match has become useless. By the way, the 5th round is a soup which uses a large amount of spicy habanelka seeds. They even brought out a stall just in case, but it’s a type of dish you can’t quite expect to sell well.


[We’ve kept you waiting. Finally the fight match finals between contestant Galion and contestant Sara will begin!]


While feeling impatient to the shifted schedule, Mic (person’s name) continues the matches with a pro determination to not let that impatience out in the open.


As a digression, the shop who is serving the round five dish and the sponsors and the like are currently having disputes at a location the visitors can not see. Since it is a topic completely unrelated to the contestants and it isn’t interesting either, it will be omitted.


[Okay then, first is the entry of the S rank adventurer, contestant Galion!]


Galion entered the venue where only a single ring has been prepared for the fight match.


Galion slowly advances to the ring. That appearance of his is worthy of his nickname “The Divine Beast” and has the dignity of a champion, however……


(Oh man, I ate too much. I can’t even move properly……)


Deep down he is dripping in cold sweat.


[On the other side, earning victory in the second round’s Fight match in the twinkling of an eye is contestant Sara! It turned into an atypical contest, but a woman remaining in the finals is a brilliant achievement for the very first time! Could this possibly be an unexpected championship as well~!]


She surprisingly has acquired fans, since she is the first woman who has reached the finals and thank to the victory she showed against the ruffian (Pymund) in the second round.


[That nee-chan is amazing. Please give me an autograph. I don’t hate you at all, I love you.]


[Fuh, you have triumphed over this mine tempered stomach. I won’t allow you to lose to an S rank adventurer and such.]


[You, didn’t you withdraw just because your opponent was Galion?]




The junkie group mostly seems to have become her fan.


Unlike Galion, Sara walks swiftly.


Since it’s confirmed that only powerful people are left in the finals, they use a 20 by 20 meters square ring. It takes time to prepare this ring, so the staff were very busy after the 3rd round’s Food match.


[Okay! The pair has gathered on the ring! Whose hand shall be given the overall victory of the glorious 25th tournament!? The 4th and final round! The Fight match, begin~!]


That was the start signal, but neither Sara nor Galion make a move. More accurately, Sara is not making a move and Galion can not move. With a full stomach that is.


However, is it there where you ought to say “as expected of an S rank adventurer”? He’s pretending to “not make a move” without breaking off his calm attitude. Certainly, if it was an average opponent then Galion wouldn’t lose even with the matter where it’s more or less difficult to move. However, Galion perceived that Sara isn’t an opponent he could go easy on and win according to what he had seen during the fight with the ruffian (Pymund). And so he’s making sure he doesn’t pull down his superiority even if a little.


[Woah~ there! Neither of them are moving! How is this happening~!?]


Sara doesn’t throw off her calm expression and Galion doesn’t break off the pretense of being calm. When one minute had lapsed with neither of them moving, Sara suddenly starts walking towards Galion.


(She’s coming!)


Galion puts himself on guard. However, Sara stops about 5 meters away from him.


[I have a proposition, are you willing to hear me out?]


[What is it……?]


With a well-projected voice, Sara asks Galion.


Although Galion considers it a little suspicious, having time pass is (digestion-wise) not a bad thing, so he accepted.



[Yes, from the looks of it, your stomach is full and you can’t move, so won’t hand-to-hand combat be difficult for you?]


[What do you mean?]


Galion’s expression doesn’t break even from Sara’s words. However, in his mind……



(She saw through it! But, why isn’t she starting her attack right away?)



If she is aware of Galion’s current state then she ought to have started her attack quickly. As digestion continues as time lapses, the likelihood of Galion being able to move again increases after all.



[Well, you won’t easily recognize it I see. Then I would like to ask, between “Strength” or “Speed”, which of them are you currently most confident in?]


[……It’s “Strength”.]



Galion the beastkin has confidence in both “Strength” and “Speed”. However, in a situation where he can’t move easily from eating his fill, “strength” inevitably comes on top when asked.


[Well, what a coincidence. I too am confident in my “Strength”. Now, how about it? Deciding the outcome of the match through a simple contest of strength?]


[What do you mean by that?]


[That’s right. How about we join both of our hands and the one who pushes their opponent away wins?]


Sara links both her left and right hand and swings them around like they’re pushing each other.


This is called “Four hands”, one of the methods of testing each other’s strength that was brought in by the heroes of the past. (ED: It’s a sumo term or something)


The two people will face each other, joining each of their right hands with the other’s left hand. And they will push their opponent like that and decide victory or defeat by making them fall on their knees or surrender.


Galion may not know as far as the name, but as one who prides in his strength he knows the way of fighting itself.


(What are you planning? This situation is more advantageous to you you know?)


It was Galion who could not understand Sara’s thinking who had let go of her overwhelming advantage which is her opponent being unable to move. But when he suddenly thought “what if I was on the other side”, then he easily understood the reason.


(……I see, so the reason is that it won’t be interesting even if you knock me down in my current state.)


In short, it means she simply wants to enjoy the fight. If her opponent isn’t in perfect condition, then she must wants to try deciding the outcome in an area her opponent is still nearly unaffected.


It somewhat misses the point in Food Fight, but Galion doesn’t hate her thinking either.



[Alright. I’ll go along with your proposal.]


[So it’s decided then. Host-san, that is how it will be.]


Sara waves at the host there. The host has also heard their conversation but since he doesn’t know if that is really fine, he checked with the management committee. There the management committee made a circle by lowering their heads.


[Understood! Since the management committee has given us the OK, we will approve the changes to the rules! There are a lot of irregularities aren’t there……]


Getting the host’s approval, Sara and Galion face each other in the center of the ring and join each other’s hands.


(While her hands feel this delicate, their cores are unpleasantly solid. They are hands that wield a weapon everyday……)


Galion already stops thinking of Sara as a woman based on appearance. The hands that are linked with him convey that he is correct.


When Galion and Sara join their hands together like this, then they are no doubt the beauty and the beast. But then, what will begin from now is not a dance, but an actual fight…….


[Well then, it has turned irregular, but we are resuming the match between contestant Galion and contestant Sara. Heave, DONG!]



Along with the starting signal, Galion and Sara puts in strength.






The one who raised their voice is Galion. At the beginning of the match, what Galion thought at first was that “he will lose”.



(I’m obviously freaking being out-pushed! Also how is she making such a freaking composed face!)


Since Galion is desperately trying not to be pushed away, he had completely no composure on his face. However, Sara still seems to have some strength left, so she keeps a calm expression.




Galion’s stance is gradually losing shape.


Becoming S rank and overcoming numerous battles was Galion, but being overmatched by a human opponent hasn’t happened even once until now. Of course, it is a different story with monsters proud of their strength as opponents, but he never expressly challenged them to a battle of strength so it was a different story.


[What is the meaning of this~! Contestant Sara is pushing contestant Galion! Is Sara going to win at this rate~!?]



The host, Mic (person’s name) doesn’t seem to be able to hide his surprise either.


[What is amazing about this, is that she hasn’t raised her status for that, has she. Yes.]


With such a soft voice, Mic (Person’s name) couldn’t pick up the food commentator Nino’s mutters.





His collapsing posture is about to reach its limits.


That moment, what Galion thought was neither “I want to win” nor “I don’t want to lose”, but “I don’t want to lose without revealing all my strength”.


He shall accept his loss in Food Fight. The time at the food match was his limit, so he wouldn’t have won even if he was going to fight properly.


However, losing a mere contest of strength without showing all of his strength is something he cannot tolerate.


(<Divine Beastification>……)


[Ohh~, what is happening here!? Contestant Galion is wrapped in light! This is! Could it be!]


The light settles down and there is a golden sparkling tiger. No, it was mostly a tiger to be accurate, but there are also some parts close to that of a human. For example the hands. This bout would not be approved unless it had a human hand with five fingers.


There are stages in the secret arts called <Beastification> and <Divine Beastification>. Generally, beastkin are humans with only their ears and tails similar to their beast counterpart. However, their ratio of man and beast would change by using their secret art. The biggest change is when they become 100% beast.


This time, what Galion performed is a <Divine Beast Form> to become 80% beast. A 100% beast transformation would give the highest abilities, but in practice one would reach their peak even with an 80% transformation.


In short, the 80% <Divine Beastification> Galion becomes the figure capable of demonstrating the most of his power when fighting Sara..




(I can win!)


Sara’s face is tinged with surprise. Seeing that, Galion is convinced of his victory. In reality, Galion gradually forces back Sara’s hands, even successfully putting her back to the center..


[This is <Divine Beastification>! No matter how many irregular rules there are, it didn’t go as far as making the rule “No transformation” disappear! This is contestant Galion disqualification~!]


Because of the “No Transformations” rule, it becomes Galion’s disqualification. Galion is aware of this. Even so, he wanted to gain victory even if he would forfeit the match, so he couldn’t help it.


Seeing Galion like this, Sara smiles a little.


(Why do you smile?)





The next moment, Galion collapses face up.


[What just happened?]


Galion mutters, still on the ground. No, the truth is he knows. That he was defeated……


[I beg your pardon. Since you used even <Divine Beastification> to decide our match, I believe it would be impolite if I don’t show my earnestness either, so……]


He shifts his line-of-slight a little and Sara was about to wipe off her sweat. While she said she showed her earnestness, she still seems to have some leeway, it was enough for her to breathe somewhat roughly. But Galion couldn’t move at all due to fatigue.


(So not only have I lost the match, I also lost the contest……)


It was a complete defeat. It was a complete defeat to the extent he could not make any sort of excuses.


[Th-The victor is contestant Sara~! The first woman has been born a champion here~!]




The inside of the hall erupted to the host’s announcement.


It was because it was clear of the fact Sara is the victor regardless of the existence or non-existence of <Divine Beastification> when looking at the push at the end.


After that, the award ceremony started amidst the continuing excitement. The victor Sara was passed a prize of 1 million gold and the right to participate at the time the world tournament is held.


[By the way, the tournament victor of Liraluka city can choose to be a representative of Eludia or Kastal though…… Oh, it also changes the support you receive.]


[Kastal please.]


Sara listens to the host and answers immediately.


[So with this, there will be 3 participants from Kastal’s side, Erudia’s side only has contestant Orifaa of the royal capital championship, some inclination is coming out isn’t it.] (Spec note: I guess that is Orihara. Speed: maybe using an alias?)


The victors of other tournaments would earn the qualifications for the entry to the world tournament and as a result, the world tournament is expected to be an all time high level fight. Currently they are in the middle of the selection of a country possessing the plot of land where large-scale equipments can be setup . Naturally this is the hardest fight. That is because every country has decided their own country wants to do it.


[This ends the tournament, but food carts have been brought out for a while, so please enjoy your meal! And finally, please send the participants and the prizewinning contestant Sara off with a round of applause.]




Everybody in the hall applauded and the 25th Food Fight championship of Liraluka ended safely.


That night. A certain estate in Kastal Queendom.


[I have gained weight~!]


[Well, if you go to such a tournament then of course you would……]


[M-Master may hate me if he finds out about this! Mio-san! Please keep this matter a secret!]


[Well, I don’t mind but there is Alta and if he checks up on you then he’ll know, so is there any sense in hiding it I wonder?]


[It is a problem of feelings!]


[So, how much do you weigh?]


[I weigh 180kg]


[So it’s about two hundred kilograms, you’re really heavy aren’t you……]


[Not yet! I don’t weigh two hundred kilograms~!]


[Ah, so you’re upset about that……]

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