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Hello readers! Jun here with an extra chapter of Second summon. I did say I would release an extra chapter around monday so here it is. It should be fine though since I’m on a blaze with my translation. Probably because volume 3 is getting pretty interesting. Volume 2 is almost over for us.

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46 Smashing


There are only two ways to stop the one who had ended up becoming the source of <Pandemic>: either the person who invoked the magic cancels it himself or you make the body suspend its biological activity.

But this guy must probably have two curses invoked.

One of them reinforces his physical strength and makes him rampage.

This must be the tattoo that’s on the guy’s shoulder.

The other one is this <Pandemic>.

It’s an extremely troublesome thing if it’s like this.

His regeneration ability is too high so killing him won’t happen with ordinary methods and using only half my strength would end up with our side getting done in instead.


If it’s me then with one blow――――――no……


“Tch……! Mineko! I’ll stop that guy’s movement! That’s why……smash that guy’s head please.”

“Eh!? O- okay, I understand!”


Mineko accepted my unreasonable demand even though she was surprised.

No matter how much his regenerative powers are, you can’t expect him to live if he loses his head.

The source of the curse must likely be in there.

Actually, the first person Touma made to rampage came to a stop with his head in very small pieces.

If it’s like that, then……it should be enough with Mineko.


“We’re going!”




I bring down my body and rush forward towards Ruga.

When I’m about to approach in front of his eye, that strong arm of his was pushed out towards me.


“Ya got the nerve!”


I see all of his arm that he couldn’t skillfully use from being too close and lop it off from the visible elbow part.

Cut off and made flying, the arm danced in the sky and dropped on the ground, but that arm of his immediately started regenerating.

But I won’t let that happen so easily.


“<Swallow Overturn>――――――gh!”


A genuine sword skill that takes careful aiming, which is unusual for me.

I swing all the way down from a slant, cutting off Ruga’s arm and thigh.


“Ugh! Take this!”


Next, I swing up the swung down sword by using my knees to spring up.

Ruga who was cut in a V sign lost both his feet and arms and as a result of losing his support, he collapsed face down.


“Do it!”

“Yes! <Heavy Leg>!” (重脚: jyuu ashi)


The time from collapsing until he’s completely regenerated.

Mineko matched her timing on that and drove an axe kick towards his head.

<Heavy Leg> is a technique that’s said to charge magic power and drive it all into one’s leg.

It’s an elementary technique that can usually be used if the one has magic power.

Even so if it’s Mineko’s strength, the ability to smash Ruga’s head should――――――


“!? Ugh……”


“Hey! What happened!?”




Mineko, who had her heels driven into his head had her face dyed in pain.

On the other hand, Ruga was unhurt and didn’t even let out a voice of being writhing in pain.







“Look out!”


Ruga had all his four limbs regenerated and stood up.

And in doing so, his arm was swung and it grabbed Mineko. While I lop off his arm with Kuromaru again, I took her and separated from that place.


“Did he get your leg?”

“Yes……That body is too tough……”


I put down Mineko I have been carrying and apply recovery magic on said leg.

The injured leg was immediately healed, but to think he was able to endure this girls’ <Heavy Leg>, what freaking strength does he have…….

We had been attacked by monsters on the way here too and I’ve also seen Mineko’s way of fighting.

The <Heavy Leg> in this occasion was supposed to have the ability to pulverize an S rank monster effortlessly.

To be able to endure that, this guy is probably genuinely rivaling the beast king.


“You have anything better than <Heavy Leg>?”

“Yes……But a buildup becomes necessary for smashing that head. Also if we don’t stop his movement, then doing it reliably is a little……”


A buildup and restraints huh――――――in that case.


“I can use that magic then……I haven’t really used it much so I’m worried about it, but.”


I didn’t want to fight using magic in the first place after all, me.




Ruga probably wasn’t pleased with our exchange, he raged even more, skillfully used his big arms and started running this way.

It’ll be fine if I can match his timing though……。


“Oh Earth, Origins of Mother Life, capture those resenting us――――――<Earth Bind>!”



Because it was magic I’m not used to, I had it invoked with a complete aria.

The timing was fortunately just right; the dirt hand grown from the earth twisted around the guy’s foot and hands that extended more and more and entangled his movement.

Ruga who had the freedom of his body stolen struggled, but he couldn’t successfully shake loose the dirt arms due to those pointlessly developed arms of his.

The earth arms which gradually coiled around his arms maximized its strength in response to my magic power.




Having them strongly biting into his body, Ruga who had perfectly rendered unable to move about, brought up a groan after putting up his last resistances, perhaps painfully.


“He’s completely restricted……! Mineko!”

“Yes! <Cat Legs>……!”


Mineko took up a crouching start behind me and her legs transformed into the appearance of cat legs.

Must be a type of <Partial animalisation>.

A technique that changes only a part of one’s body to an animal through precise control in power.

Mineko’s animalisation is, of course, a cat.

And so those cat legs ――――――




look tough enough to jump up five times her own height.




Taking a long jump, Mineko jumped up to in front of the eyes of Ruga who is rendered unable to move and drove that knee of hers into the guy’s face.

The head which had all of her strength transmitted to without spare, bursted open along with a sounds of something being smashed.

While flesh and blood scattered, a single headless figure was complete there.



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  1. Of course it does beg the question of why didn’t Setsu just do it himself right from the start

    1. I know right? He could cut the guy down in a v shape from the start, just lop his head in the process… -_- most likely some attempt to make the fight seem harder than it is, an attempt that failed, just made it seem like an unnecessary struggle

    2. If you haven’t noticed yet from the few hints in this chapter, Setsu is averse to killing people, the only one person he ever killed being Touma.

      1. Ah! I had actually forgotten… That makes the while thing make a LOT more sense XD hahaha thanks for the reminder lol

      2. It’s as you say, but still hypocrisy send someone else to dirt their hands in his instead, I think it will leave an even worse feeling later

    1. Apparently there’s a reason to it. And not because he’s japanese or a pacifist (not sure about this one) or the like. I don’t know it yet myself, but the story touched a little of his far far past where I’m at.

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