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47 Reunion, and expectations


“Fuuh……It’s over huh?”

“It looks……like it.”


Ruga who lost his head didn’t move.

As a result of smashing the source of <Pandemic>, damage shouldn’t be spreading any more than this.

Everyone should be able to move before long.

It’s better to purify them with light magic just to be sure, but I should go tell that to Regulus later.


“To think Mr Ruga would turn out this way……did something happen?”

“This guy……was used. By that inhuman son of a bitch――――――”

『Hey wait, isn’t inhuman a little cruel though?』




That’s right, reflexively.

I move Mineko behind me and cover her.

I can’t let this guy get near her.

I can’t let the owner of this voice get near her.


『Is that kid that important? Is she――――――Setsu』

“……Long time no see, you shitty bastard.”


He stood there before I became aware of it.

He stood there on top of Ruga’s corpse.

In ashen hair, red eyes and skin that’s as white as it is creepy.

He has skin color that’s different from the demons; I feel nothing but discomfort from that skin of his.

He’s wearing the same clothes as the black robed bunches, but he had taken off his hood so you can clearly see that face of his.

It hasn’t changed from five years ago――――――A face where you may end up believing if he’s called a young lady.

It definitely confirmed that this guy’s the person himself and it was a hard fact that I can’t do anything about disproving it.


“Why the hell are you here……! Toumaa!”

『Oh now, would you not shout so much? Isn’t this our reunion after several years?』


This man, Kamishiro Touma, his appearance unchanged since five years ago, is now standing here.


『――――――Though I say that, my body isn’t actually here. The feeling that you want to hold me in your arms as soon as you could has been greatly conveyed to me, Setsu……but I’m sorry okay? Our real reunion will be a little more in the future. Do your best and bear with it until then, okay?』

Touma staring into your soul

“Stop messing around, you fuck!”


I take a swing with Kuromaru without thinking.

Even though I’m certainly supposed to be able to bisect him, that blade slipped through that guy’s body withouteven a single response.


『That’s why I’m telling you, this isn’t an object. I only used the coordinates of this corpse and sent my thought body here.』

“Tch……You really have the nerve making fun of people”

『It’s one of my expressions of love to you, you see』


Always having the nerve to say things that would make the hairs on your body stand on end.

While showing the usual vague smile, this guy threw a genuinely passionate gaze towards me with not even a single hesitation.

Even that hasn’t changed after five years.


“This voice……! It’s the same as the person who put the curse on me……!”

『Well well, long time no see, Mineko. You sisters both really have the nerve to double-cross me. Even though I took the troubles of thinking about taking you both in as a comrade despite being a beastman.』

“I can’t believe it……! You have been tormenting me and my big sister!”

『You didn’t fix those very defiant looks of yours, so there’s no helping it, is there? Even I didn’t really want to do something violent, you see? Besides, I told you I would release you from that if you continued cooperating with me, didn’t I?』


That’s a lie.

I saw Touma had looking diagonally upwards for an instant.

It’s this guy’s habit whenever he makes up a lie.

I know that, especially because I had a fight with him to the death……It’s the only part of this guy that’s easy to understand.


『Well, whatever. I’ll just dispose of you if you’re telling me you will side with Setsu. Only I can be near Setsu. I’m sorry Setsu……I’ll soon erase that female cat and then be by your side, okay?』


“You talk too much, who’s going to allow that?”


I hold Mineko who was behind me tightly like I’m embracing her.

This girl, Shironeko, Roa too, anybody else, I can’t let any of them be erased.

They’re undeniably already my important people.


“Mi- mister Setsu……”

『………………How envious……envious, yup, I’m envious of you, Mineko. Say, why though? Setsu. Why would you not hold me tightly? Couldn’t you treat me more preciously I wonder? I can do so much more for you than that sort of woman you know? If you wish for it, I will look after all of your daily life. If you wish for it, I will even look after your nights! Is that still not good? Is my body not good after all? Things like gender is irrelevant I tell you! If there’s love between us then it doesn’t matter at all! Hey, listen Setsu. Come to my side. I will make you happy. The demons and beastmen who have deceived you. I’ll destroy them all for you, so let’s live together with the two of us, with just the two of us, okay? At a quiet place where nobody will come――――――』

“That part’s what’s not good, you yandere bastard.”


I interrupt Touma’s words and thrust at him with one hand.

My body refuse to listen to anymore of this.


“If you lay your hands on my companions anymore than this, then I will kill you with these hands of mine. I’ve already killed you once, killing you twice wouldn’t change much I bet.”


I don’t know how he revived himself, but if I had failed to kill him, then I have to properly kill him once more.

Once, I had taken responsibility of the life of the person called Kamishiro Touma.

Taking responsibility of his life until the end should be my duty.


“It took all of my effort until now just to take responsibility of your life, but it’s a different story if you’re alive. Once more……I’m going to set things straight and take responsibility of your life once more.”

『……You really won’t understand me the ordinary way, do you? Fine, If you wish for it……then shall we go for it? Right now I’m in the demon continent. As you have already known, we’re in the highly acclaimed war. If you’re coming, then it’s better to come quickly, you know? My subordinates will also be participating in person after all.』


His subordinates must likely be those black robes.

I’m aware of the abilities of those guys.

For that reason I don’t want to pay attention to this guy and quickly go.


“I get it already. I’ll be going lickety split, so stay put and wait.”

『fufufu……’kay, I’ll be waiting. This time I will for sure……win you over to my side』


Leaving behind those words, Touma’s figure became dim.

That guy was showing a bold smile until his figure was completely erased.

Acting like he could afford to like always……annoying bastard.


“Mi-mister Setsu……Uhm……”

“Hm? Ah, my bad.”

“It’s, it’s fine……”


Come to think of it, I forgot I was holding Mineko tightly.

After separating, her face was flushed red and she flap-flap fanned her face with her hand.

That appearance of hers was a little charming and for some reason it felt like my anger receded and I was able to calm myself down.


“Thanks, Mineko. I was able to stay calm for a bit thanks to you.”

“Me, me too……I was a little happy……desu.”


Humm……the appearance of her looking down with her face red is stimulating me quite a bit.

I knew it, I really can’t let them get erased by Touma.

This girl too or anyone for that matter, I can’t let those guy do that to them.


“Are you two okay!?”

“Are you okay desu?”

“Roa, Shironeko……I see you’re all fine”


The two who have descended from the audience seats, though they look a little unwell, have already become able to move normally.


“I’m mostly fine now. But still, that just now……”

“Yeah, it’s the bastard Touma.”

“I knew it……”


Roa’s facial expression turned vicious.

This girl is also one who knows about that guy’s terror.

Her body trembling a bit can’t be helped I guess.


“That is……the same voice of the human who ordered me desu. ”


“Yeah……That’s how it looks like, big sis.”


These two must also have things to think about.

They’ve been completely coerced and used after all, from the looks of it.


“――――――This has become quite the incident.”

“Regulus……Are you fine too?”

“I’ve been able to move since quite a while ago so I’m fine. I’ve also heard the whole conversation.”


He seems to be walking with composure, is that a situation where I say “as expected of him”?

Just to be sure, I apply light magic on everyone and completely purify that curse.


“What to say about Ruga……if I only hadn’t propose this sort of fight……”

“No――――――it should happen either way. “


It won’t be easy to escape from Touma, seeing that he’s got a curse planted on him.

Sooner or later he’ll be made to rampage without any prior notice and thus he would have his appearance changed and be made of use.

As far as that guy is concerned, he must have been the perfect chess piece the moment he fell in love with Roa.

He would even use love, that’s the cruel part of that guy.


“Let me do his burial. And you all will……”

“Go to the demon continent. ASAP.”


I will go and stop them.

And then quickly put an end to this war.


“Okay. If that’s the case, then let’s prepare the transfer magic circle. It shouldn’t take so much time, but I’d like you to wait for a bit.”

“Got it. ”


If I can transfer, then I expect it’ll be much faster than crossing the ocean.

If it’s like this then I feel that I can go there before the black robed bunches begin to act violently.

Still, there’s a lot to worry about.

Yuuhi, who’s supposed to have been made to participate in the war, Levia who went a step earlier towards the war and Desastre who was first to be aimed at.

I’m begging you, I want you all to be safe.


(They…… will be going already I guess)


There’s people who are relieving that anxiety of mine a little.

If my expectation is――――――if my hope is right, then those guys should already be heading towards the demon country for me.


“I’m counting on you……you three.”



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