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Chapter 13 There are a lot of protagonists on the bystander’s side recently



This is a bit sudden, but shall I talk about my childhood friend?


Izumo Yuuzuki, who I’m fated to be stuck with, enters the framework of a 『protagonist』 if I assign him a character role in a light novel.  He gets involved into things that are troublesome to the point of being mysterious ーー or rather to the point of wanting to pick up the urge to kill. And the friend that is me also gets involved in them, it’s a role whose trouble knows no bounds.


With his ability to be rash being high, Yuuzuki plunges his head one way or another into an incident he comes across and tries to settle on a solution. That is fine and all. I didn’t plan on holding back in cooperating with him on the occasion I couldn’t overlook it humanely, because I was also a child. To be honest, I don’t plan on having any mercy towards bad people who are trying to ruin other people’s lives.


Nevertheless, the problem here is the idiot Yuuzuki’s hasty actions. Even though this idiot boasts top class results in the national mock exam, he’s so foolish it’s sad. He’s the perfect example of knowledge not being equal to wisdom.


What is wrong with him, you ask? That inept pretty boy puts the immediate resolution of the incident as his first priority and neglects taking into account the secondary disasters that may occur afterwards.


Thanks to him, I get to be surrounded by bullies of our school, by delinquents of another school, by the money collectors of the Yakuza, by fans of a certain girl and by the escort group of a certain honorable lady. I even remember risking my life once or twice. It’s not an exaggeration to say that my tenacity being one of my very few good points is developed due to all of that.


Of course, eventually I would catch Yuuzuki by the scruff of his neck and force him to help me solve the incident. That guy may be an idiot, but he’s a capable idiot. If he settles everything one by one in a particular order, he will get to the end of it without problems.


……… I really went off track there didn’t I? I digressed right from the beginning.


Because the inept protagonist material, I’ve been dragged into incidents a lot. Although it’s because the inept guy gets himself dragged into them, it’s not that I myself get dragged into these incidents. The inept guy gets himself involved into it and that’s why his involvement reaches even me.


It became long winded. In other words, what I wanted to say is:


“I’m not a freaking protagonist material!”


Is what I shout from the bottom of my heart.


(So, why is yesterday’s huge breasted redhead here at the grocery store we casually stopped by? What kind of coincidence is this, I ask you)


It’s a template scene that’s kind of like crashing into a beautiful female transfer student who ran with all her might with a bread in her mouth because she’s being late in the morning, which is a development that in reality is impossible. You already understand the reason I avoid being a protagonist material right? I already have nothing but premonitions of trouble.


After eating lunch at the inn, we went to the marketplace to buy groceries and the like that are necessary for our trip we plan on going tomorrow. With the one paying for them being Real, I observe the exchange while carrying the bags. From now on, there will be opportunities where I will be shopping on my own, so for that sake I’ll learn the common interactions during our shopping.


So, as we reach the stage of buying up the foodstuff, I return to the first monologue which is where we went to the first place those foodstuff were sold.


“Hm? What’s wrong Kanna?”


“ ……… Real, I just remembered something a little urgent so I’m going back to the inn. I’m leaving you with the rest of the things we have to buy.”


“Eh? Ah, wait just a minute, hey!”


I pushed the small things from the general store to my partner who is trying to question me.


Not yet. The red haired woman hasn’t noticed us. She’s observing in order to ascertain the commodities in front of her. Unless something happens, she will be like that for a while. If I leave with a quiet and natural visage, the problem would beーー


“ーーMilady, we have finished shopping.”



Is this god’s ill will, or is it the devil’s trick? It’s just before I turned to the right. Drawn by that voice, the redhead woman separated her eyes from the goods and turned around.


The eyes of the redhead woman perfectly captured my figure in her sight.






Time froze.


“What is frozen is your specialty don’t you think?”


I envisioned an honorable spirit from some place. How noisy.



“……………………………… (dash!)”


“………………………………ah, wait, you!”


After about five seconds of space-time freeze(metaphor), the one who returned to the original time earlier was me. I immediately turned right and ran with all my strength. Being late a beat, the red haired girl swiftly raised her voice. Of course, there are no idiots who would wait here.


“ーーーーgh, seize that man.”


A person turned his head to that red haired woman. When the adventurer like man who is holding a paper bag responded to the voice of the red haired woman, he lets go of all his bags without hesitation and stood in my way with both his arms spread as if he’s planning to capture me.





“Whatーーーare you-”


I guess he thought I would slow down in front of the adventurer, but I did the opposite and intentionally raised my speed in front of him. To that surprised man, I paid attention to the movement of his hands and bumped close to his left side. Just before the collision, I put my left hand on his armpit and my right hand on his extending arm, twisted both my hands intently and ran under his armpits in order to break through.


When my body was about to pass through completely, the man’s right arm aimed at the hem of my clothes, but I expected that so I made a horizontal turn while keeping momentum, forcibly tearing away the fingertips that was trying to grab the hem of my clothes by using my body’s centrifugal force.


Don’t underestimate me. I didn’t break through various encirclements just for show. I won’t let you think you can prevent my escape skills with only one guy. It’s not a skill I can brag about though!


Even so, it looks like the redhead and the adventurer guy has a master servant relationship. He followed the redhead’s words by reflex after all. He even called her with “milady”.


Well shit, these flags should be Yuuzuki’s responsibilities. Now that Yuuzuki’s not 『nearby』, does that mean that guy’s bad luck falls onto me?


For the time being, I’ll do nothing but run through downtown.


The one running the run is me, but it was my bad for running away without sufficiently observing my surroundings in the unfamiliar downtown. I rushed into a back-alley with force, but once I arrived I found myself at a dead end surrounded by building walls.


“I will not let you get away now.”




The red haired girl who I should’ve shaken off miraculously caught up, completely standing in the way on my only way out. Following her, multiple adventurersーー most likely all of them being the red haired girl’s servantsーーrushed into the back alley.


It’s the easy to understand rat in the bag.


“Hmph, running away while you were called out by me, I underestimated you didn’t I?”


So she would be immersed in a sense of superiority by cornering her prey, this redhead with her arms crossing each other is showing a triumphant smile. Hm, it’s a pose that emphasises her breasts. I unintentionally stared at it fixedly.


The redhead noticed my line of sight even though I didn’t turn my face towards it.


“Wait, where do you think you’re looking at?”


“At those selfish tits.”


“ーーーーgh……… Do, do you really think answering honestly is a virtue?”


“Be more open than taciturn! Is my creed.”


The redhead flinched from my answer (was it a saying?) out of sincerity, even her breasts shook that moment. My brain is being really strange since yesterday. It feels like breasts are all I’m thinking about.


“…………You appear to be a vulgar commoner, what an animal like statement.”


“That’s because for “men”, everyone has a beast inside their mind. They crave for the drooping fruits born on women’s chest and they’re always thinking about them!”


If it’s the usual me I wouldn’t have spoken that line. It’s probably because of the pent up sexual desire from what happened yesterday. I wouldn’t have spoken out what’s really on my mind if not for that.


“It’s only you who is like that.”


“Nope, everyone’s the same you know. The adventurers there, I won’t let you say you didn’t think about it okay? Seeing the redhead’s breasts swaying loosely whenever you run next to her and imagining nothing that is.”


Bringing up that topic, the group of fellows got startled and shook their shoulders. Fortunately for them, the redhead laughed scornfully at my words and didn’t look behind her.


“These adventurers are faithful subordinates who serve my house. No matter how good looking I am, I can tell you it’s impossible that they would look at me with those kind of eyes.”


She seems to be relying on faith, but they don’t seem to try looking at me in the eye. Aren’t you glad, is what they sent together with the feeling like it’s somebody else’s problem.


With the adventurer like servants barely retaining their dignity, I pondered once again.


Escape is limited to the front direction, standing in my way are four people including the redhead. I won’t apply the way I shook them off some time ago I guess.


Shall I go by using force? If it’s a surprise attack they see for the first time, I can probably break through with no problem. It’s just that with the town in daylight, I should put on hold this morning’s conversation with Real and this so-called situation. It’s not a situation that critical to the point of being cornered.


“Well then, you shall give me an explanation. What in the world did you do yesterday? In what way were you able to put up a construct I couldn’t understand in that short time?”


That serious look is the same as the time she pulled on my collar last night.


“ ……… Saying it’s a trade secret is not allowed?”


“No, that is not allowed. I’ve tried studying various things right after yesterday however, that ice magic is too strange you see. How much skill you have or how outstanding your magic is, I felt absolutely no magic power in the construction of your magic; from the time you refined your magic power, until the moment of invocation. As a sorcerer, I cannot overlook this event, do you understand?”


Thanks to that, I’m lacking sleep is what she grumbles.


Of course, I won’t be saying just that. I plan to give a suitable reward for this. I will buy the theory on the magic formula at the price you ask for. Oh that’s right, I will even promise you I will reserve your name as the largest contributor in the case I release this and become recognized even by the academic conference.  In addition, I can also guarantee you a percentage of the economic effects that springs forth.”


Just like during our first meeting, miss Redhead is advancing the negotiations selfishly on her own. 


“I hope you consider the privilege. To the fact that this me is going to buy your abilities up to that extent.”


And then there is that self-conceit at a refreshing degree. To be completely honest, I could care less about your social standing though. I do think she has this atmosphere like an aristrocrat though.


………… Reward? I inclined my neck.


I remembered miss Redhead’s presenceーーa sense of discomfort from magic power. I remember experiencing a similar magic power very recently. However, I just can’t recall. When I tried to search for my memory, a dreadful 『disgust』 gushed out from within my chest. Although I don’t feel any splinters of hostility towards miss Redhead, I remember a terrible anger against a 『similar someone』 within my memories.


“ ………… Say miss Redhead.”


“ーーーーAre you referring to me?”


“Aren’t you the only redhead here? I don’t know your name either.”


“Ah” Miss Redhead was shocked. She seems to have realized after all this time.


The person whose presence of magic power ーーwhose atmosphere is similar is likely a person close to miss Redhead. The first thing that came to mind is a blood relationship.


“Maybe… your sister or brother……”


Before I could say the last part, my back muscles became numb like I was shocked.


I remember this sensation. It’s what I felt several times after departing from the village at the foot of the mountain.




Surprised, I reflexively produced an ice the size of a fist in my hand and threw them with all my strength. Miss redhead and co. got startled stiff from my sudden actions, but my aim wasn’t them. The pitched ice ball ran beside Redhead’s group, broke through to the back and crashed into 『something』. And then an explosion occured.


Receiving the gust of wind from the impact, miss Redhead dropped to the ground. The other servants didn’t collapse, but shook after their balance was broken.


What a close call. If that exploded a little later, a lot of injured people may be left behind. And it if was right in the middle of miss Redhead’s group, those at the center of explosion will be blown away to pieces.


After the explosion, new footsteps drew near. Six people dressed like an adventurer. Because their faces were concealed by a cloth hood, I couldn’t grasp their facial features. At any rate, they didn’t look like someone who is willing to make friends with me.


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