BFTG-NT Chapter 12.5 Q&A

This is short, so the editor went ahead and glossed over it then told me to give it to the masses.  Enjoy!


TL: SpecterZe

Ed: Torianna

Chapter 12.5 Q&A


Q: Who is the goddess?
A: Uncertain. It was said to be the one who made the world in the legend.

Q: Is there a method to return to the original world?

A: Uncertain.

Q: What is the gift?

A: The skill that will be given to summoned people at the time of hero summoning.

Q: What is demon king?

A: King of the demons and an enemy of mankind. It is said to appear suddenly.

Q: What is a demon?

A: A devil race. Most of them have a brutal character and are unforgiving, except for their kind.

Q: What is the condition of the demon king’s outbreak?

A: Uncertain. All demon kings were subdued by hero.

Q: Where does the demon live?

A: Currently at the west side of continent, beyond the mountain range.

Q: Was everybody brainwashed?

A: Uncertain. It is an abnormal status that magic can’t detect.

Q: Were heroes in the past able to return to their own world?

A: Uncertain. In the remaining record, all of them settled down in this world.

Q: How does the former world treat us?

A: Don’t know.

Q: What kinds of questions can’t <System Window> answer?

A: Goddess. Elf’s storyteller just came up with it. No record about it in the book at all.

Q: Where is Elf storyteller?

A: In the elf’s hometown. It isn’t possible to meet without permission from the patriarch.

Q: Where is the elf’s hometown?
A: It is on the map.

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  1. Well now i get it. The author love to troll people -_- the answer really make me … ah whatever and thanks for two post in a day ~_~

  2. Am I misunderstanding something here? Reading the previous chapter I thought he couldn’t get answers about the goddess because she’s also kinda outside this world, just like special skills. But these questions… Help-sensei can’t answer anything about the goddess because some elf storyteller decided so, like a story, and there’s a book. It’s like this whole world is a story by that storyteller. That’s what the 3rd from last QA is saying.

  3. Thanks for the chapter~!

    I like the last Q&A; it’s like the System Window got annoyed with playing 20 questions and just said RTFM!

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