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Chapter 58 

Determined Hero


Within my gradually emerging consciousness, I saw an odd scenery.

In the mysterious altar lodged a sword.

That convinced me.

This is a dream.


“If not, you couldn’t possibly be here, could you―― ‘Sacred sword Savers’ “( セイヴァース ; seivaasu)

“It has been a long time, hasn’t it? Master Adel”


When I noticed it, the sword on the altar vanished and instead, a white haired woman was sitting.

It was a face I know well, the human body of the sacred sword Savers.


“As usual you have a lovely figure… I may end up being charmed”

“Stop it, it’s disgusting”

“Oh dear me, not going along with me is also the usual”


Savers smiled while hiding her mouth.

This smile was eerie and unavoidable since the olden days.

As if she would see through me; that was how I ended up feeling.


“Why did you come in contact with me?”

“I had to intrude into your conscience myself like this because you have cast me aside, you know?”

“I’m not talking about the method… tell me your reason. Now that I don’t need to fight the demon lord, neither you nor I should need each other anymore”

“Oh dear, you have come to say such words to me. I feel so sad”


It was Savers who had cast down her eyes and saying that, but I knew.

That this girl would never be seriously sad from something like this.


“I have come to visit you out of concern for you. After all, you suit my fancy the most among the successive Heroes”


“Let us leave aside on this occasion the fact that you have parted with me. But, at this rate you would come to die sooner or later”


“Yes. You may not have noticed it, but your body is already at its limits”


The instant I blinked, the Savers in front of me disappeared, and by the time I noticed she had placed her body on my back.


“You are certainly superior as a Hero. Because you are superior, you were unable to escape from battles. The result of that, many unreasonableness piled up and have eroded your body”


“An eroded body would break down starting from its magic power circuit and it will eventually result in death. You do happen to know of it don’t you?”


The main factor that triggered me into coming here.

The fact that I became unable to use magic and not even able to operate magic power satisfactorily was fresh in my mind.

Afterwards I lost consciousness and fell in a dream.


“If you make use of an inferior way of using magic power, the magic power circuit would decay with that alone. Eventually you will no longer be able to use magic satisfactorily and pain should run through you just by refining magic power. Once that happens, death will be imminent”

“In the end… what is it that you want to say?”

“I apologize for becoming indirect. In the end I would like you to take me in your hand once again”

“ …”

“If it were me, I would be able to heal your body. Because it is possible for me to support you with sacred magic, in order for your magic power circuit to not decay any further――――Unlike that revolting demon sword”


Revolting demon sword――It must be about Echsdarc.

Actually the black magic power that was transformed by Echsdarc didn’t go well with me.

It’s true that continuing to use it won’t lead to a good outcome.


“I am a sword. As a matter of fact, I am your sword. Wherever you go, how far we are separated, that will not change. I exist in order to support you, and will offer my all to you. I implore you, would you not once again take me up in your arms?”


“Aah, it would be fine if you do not answer immediately. In any case, I will not find my way to you for the present time”


Savers, after making seemingly sad eyes at me, put her hand on her mouth and smiled.

This gesture is one she does when she is truly sad.


“I did sell you after all”

“There is that as well, but… I am currently held onto by a troubling person. It is a rule for the sword not to oppose their owner. I am exerting strength as that person’s weapon”

“Troubling person?”

“I cannot tell you who it is. I cannot sell out my master after all. However――Who I love is you and you alone. Continue to be used by my current master like this is not something I approve of”


Savers embraced me from the front and wrapped her arms around my back.


“Before long, that man will confront you. At that time, please sentence my master and take me back. For that I will wait”

“I won’t necessarily pick you up again, you know?”

“No, you will take me in your hands. That is a settled matter”



Savers separated from me and returned to the altar while showing a faint smile.

Although she has an excessive name which is the sacred sword, her appearance did not suit the word sacred at all.

That is the reason why I think of the sacred sword Savers as eerie.


“It would seem it is soon time for you to awaken. In reality I would not be able to intervene, so this is all we can talk about, I suppose”

“Are you going to intervene in the dream world again?”

“No, I cannot slip into it this way except when you are weakened. It would be possible to meet like this if you were to be unreasonable again”

“ …Alright. I’ll make sure not to be unreasonable as much as I can”

“An earnest judgement”


Savers once again showed a smile and snapped her fingers.

In doing so, the area around the altar crumbled and my foothold gradually narrowed.


“Then, let us meet again. This time, in reality”

“――――Yeah, let us do so”


My foothold crumbled in the end, and I fell into the deep darkness.

While I fell into the profound deep darkness, my consciousness once again dispersed and vanished. 


“I will be waiting for you for as long as you like, master Adel”



“Hmph, so you are awake”


When I opened my eyes, I was in a private house somewhere.

Around the bed I was in were four people: Silvar, Eleira, Leona and Gidara.


“I’m glad! I’m so glad, Adel~!”

“Uoh! Leona!?”


Being pressed by Leona who suddenly clung to me, I once again was brought down to the bed.

Though I was overpowered by Leona who clung onto me like a cat, I asked Gidara for an explanation with my gaze.


“You did not wake up for a while day after collapsing at the port”

“A whole day? Was I that fast asleep…”

“It wasn’t as if you exhausted your magic powers and the cause is unclear, but… I am glad that you have woken up”

“ …Looks like I’ve made you worry. I’m all fine now”


I gently parted with Leona and went to sit on the bed.

I tried to circulate magic power in my body, but I was able to do it without any sort of resistance.

I tried lighting a fire on my fingertips with a simple fire attribute magic, but that too went successfully. 

My magic power and magic are available without any problems.

It doesn’t seem like there’s any problems anymore.


“Since Mr Adel has woken up, I will arrange for the preparations to depart”

“Yes, I will leave it to you Eleira. There is something I have to talk about with Adel, about his physical condition”

“Would it be better if we step outside too…?”

“I suppose. It’s also partly that Eleira would be short of hands if it is just her. It will save us trouble if we could have your assistance”

“Alright then. Adel, see you then”


Following after Eleira, Leona too left the room.

Who remained in the room was just Gidara, Silvar and me.


“Talk about?”

“I have told you didn’t I? It is about your physical condition”


Gidara opened his mouth while looking straight in my eyes.


“Your magic power circuit has already begun decaying. It would be better not to exercise your magic powers any more than this”

“ …How did you know?”

“It is the same for me after all. By overusing many years of magic powers, my magic power circuit had decayed. I am already running out of lifespan”



I opened my eyes wide.

The man in front of me said that he was close to death.


“I will not say anything bad. Stop fighting already”

“ …”

“If you use your magic power any more than this, you will someday become the same as me. However, it should still be good enough now. You should at least be able to live the life span of an ordinary human”


Certainly, if I spend my life while making sure not to use magic ever again, I would be able to live uneventfully.

If I go back to the village and spend my life truly modestly, I should be able to have a peaceful life until my lifespan runs out.



“That is impossible for me”

“ … Why?”

“Because there is something I want to get back”


I stood up from the bed and wore Echsdarc who was nearby.


“I decided to try living selfishly for a while since quitting as a Hero. I felt my life with Isvel enjoyable. That’s why I will cut my way through here… and take back my life with her”

“――Hah, I have mixed feelings about this as the minister of the demon lord army. Very well I guess, we had such promise had we not? As promised, once this matter is resolved, you may leave with milady Isvel. But until then, I will have your cooperation”

“Right. You too old man, please don’t overdo it”

“I have decided this event to be my place of death. There is value in overdoing it”


Laughing while throwing out his chest as he said that, Gidara’s eyes were dyed in resolution.

He is truly trying to make this battle his last.

Well, I guess I’m the same, trying to make this my last.

Let’s make this battle our last.

If Isvel loses any ill feelings and is able to return together with me, then I would completely lose my reason to fight.

If so, then this time we will live a truly peaceful life.


“Have you finished with your conversation, my retainers?”

“I do not remember becoming your retainer!”

“Silence. If I call you my retainer then you are my retainer”


As always, Silvar is acting without consideration for others.

However, not paying attention to the needs of others that much feels conversely better.


“If you have recovered your physical condition, then we should go already. We do not have any time to spare, do we? I have heard of the situation while you were sleeping”

“Ah, that’s right. Thank you for cooperating with us as well, Silvar. It will be a big help”

“It is fine. My retainers’ battles are my battles.”

“ …You really are a wonderful king”


The three of us went out of the room.

First we will join Eleira’s group and prepare for our departure.

Because an intense battle is likely waiting for us from here on――





When we went out of the house, Echsdarc called for me.

When I stood still to respond to that, little by little, Echsdarc began to speak.


‘My powers, it erodes you does it not…?’

“… Why are you saying that?”

‘The conversation inside your dream, I’ve also heard of it. Savers’s conversation… with you’


Echsdarc too is my sword at this point.

A sword with a will are able to intervene into its owner’s inner psychological world.

For that reason, there was a moment where I called out by Savers’s name and where Echsdarc was called a demon sword. 


‘Would it be better if――I am not with you anymore?’

“ …”


It was a voice like she was clinging onto me.

No sword would not feel shaken, knowing they damaged their owner.

But I, as her lord, have to properly deny those words.


“You’re also one of the things I cherichs already. It may be difficult to swing you to my heart’s content from now on, but I will absolutely not let you go”

‘Hk! Is that so…! Is that so… If I could be with you milord, then a life where I am not sufficiently treated as a sword may not be bad!’

“Yeah, I’ll properly use you in farmwork”

‘Please spare me from that’


While we do trivial talks, we once again walked.

――It will be fine.

Because I’m already in a position where I don’t have to let go of anything.

To hold fast my treasured things with these hands of mine… that is what I have resolved myself to do.

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