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Chapter 51

The Hero returns to the harbor


“What is the meaning of this… There are three Onettes”

“They’re all dolls. We’ve battled one at the harbor, but the inside was hollow”

“So the rumor that Sadore is a doll magic caster was true… I see, so these would all be dolls then?”

“Yeah, they should be”


When I answered so, Gidara took a step forward with his staff on the ready.


“The fact that I was being deceived by a member of the same organization is making me this angry… I can no longer forgive him”


The three Onettes simultaneously leapt towards Gidara.

Gidara, while pointing his staff towards them, closed his eyes.


“Teleport Magic――”


Immediately following that, the Onettes’ body movement grew dull and dropped to the ground.

The Onettes’ body structure is strange somewhere.

Their arms went to their feet and their feet to their arms.

Their bodies became all disconnected like there was a mistake in putting up their parts.


“――Shuffle. If they’re inorganic substances, then look, I can deal with them this easily”

“Like always the outrageous magic isn’t it”

“You do not have to praise me so. More importantly, go crush their heads immediately”


Gidara’s magic was a teleport magic that shifts something with something.

In order to shift the location of a living being, you seemingly need large amounts of magic power.

However, if the targets are inorganic substances, then not that much magic power seems to be necessary.


“As expected of you, Sir Gidara. No matter how many bodies Onette tries to attack with, they are powerless before Sir Gidara”

“If I am against inorganic substances, then I can break as many as I like. It’s just that against living creatures I will begin experiencing some difficulties… I cannot win against my old age”

“A subject that is difficult to touch isn’t it”

“Eleira, you are less reserved in your language than I imagined…”


I thought so as well.

Being frank is a good thing and it’s different when towards me, but having those responses even towards the number two of the demon lord army is awe striking.


“Excuse me for that. Since, after all, my superior is Sir Phantom”

“That could not be helped I suppose”

“Are you sure that cannot be helped…”


There sure are full of places to retort to with him being how he is though.

I went to break the head of Onette using Echsdarc.

It seems they can no longer move, but it should be better to destroy them completely, just in case.


“This is the last one”


Having broken two of them, I swung down Echsdarc on the last one.

That moment――


“Kuh kuh kuh… Well, I can’t deal with you at this level can I”



Suddenly, Onette’s mouth opened and a voice resounded from there.



“Oh? That voice… So you were together, Eleira. I intended to aim only for Sir Gidara, but this would be more and more lacking against the both of you. I say, that was rude of me”


――It looks like he wasn’t able to secure vision.

In that case, he hasn’t noticed me yet.

It should be safer to say nothing.


“You’ve done well at the harbor too. I thought that a fellow vice captain would be a little more of a good match to you though”

“Fellow vice captain you say… Despite not being a demon first of all”

“Discrimination is not good you know. Onette should have been living in his own way”


I see, this guy is overwhelmingly more ‘unpleasant’ than Phantom.

There’s nothing inside his words.

Malice, hostility, intimacy, nothing.

A feeling of emptiness, as if you’re talking with the air.

Not a speck of anything called substance can be seen from this man.


“Well, there was no content though. How dare you kill such Onette. Even I have run out of patience from this”

“So what are you saying”

“Due to excess anger, had sent in several Onettes, but… it really was futile against you, Sir Gidara. Now that it’s like this, I have no choice but to vent my anger”


“Right right, putting that aside, I’ve begun keeping pets recently. Since all of them became oversized and I wasn’t able to keep them in this continent, I reluctantly let them run free, but… I suddenly wanted to meet them today, so I’ve called them back to the harbor”


Oversized pets…

I’ve got quite the bad feeling about this.


“I’ve called the exceptionally rowdy ones among my pets, you know? They surely would be too happy about being able to meet me, so they may end up acting violently. The harbor is vast, so they would surely accept them however”

“You… What do you intend to do…”

“Nothing in particular. I only called my pets”

“Gh! You are one man I thoroughly cannot make light of”

“Kuh kuh kuh, please play as much as you can with my pets! They will surely be happy about it!”


Sadore’s loud laughter resounded.

After laughing for a while, Onette feebly hung his head.

It seems the link has been severed.


“Kuh… What is Sadore trying to do…!”

“I have some idea about it”


“Before I got here, I battled with an octopus of an impossible size. If they move those things――”


A tortoise that was mistaken for an island.

A bird of a size that could end up hiding a city.



“――a dragon of a size capable of destroying a mountain with one of his claws”


I can’t come up with anything except for that among the stories I’ve heard.

If such out of standard monsters come attacking, then the harbor could end up destroyed instantly.

And if we’re unlucky, even the castle town…


“If they’re going to send such monstrous beings-!”

“We will have to return to the harbor without delay… There is no choice. You two, come near me”


Eleira opened her eyes wide to those words.


“Sir Gidara… uhm”

“What is it?”

“Will that be fine?”

“I have no problems with it. In exchange, I will have you stand in the frontlines if we are fighting at the harbor”

“Gh! Yes sir!”


Teleport magic. Like I have said before, the magic power to transfer living creatures are incomparable to that for inorganic substances.

Things that can’t be done if you don’t use the naturally scarce transfer magic stones, Gidara could transfer whenever he likes, wherever he likes.

Naturally, the burden put on the now elderly Gidara is unfathomable.


“I truly do not want to age!”


Gidara put his staff on the ground.

In doing so, a blue-ish magic circle spread with Gidara at the center.

I’ve become used to seeing this light itself from the transfer stones, but the number of times I’ve seen the magic circle itself can be counted by one hand.


“Teleport magic――<<Transfer>>!”


When he shouted the name of the magic, a floating feeling wrapped our bodies.

It’s the same feeling I get with the transfer stones.

Once I blinked once, this place was no longer the castle town.

It’s the scenery of the harbor, where we were at until this morning.

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