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Vol 9 Idle talk 8

Bulletin board chapter 

The “this and that” of the verification thread and offline meeting part1


[What about the mystery barrier?] “Did he go to another world along with his house?” Verification thread part 18 [what about language?]

1: Cool NEET

Here is the thread to verify: Are the information, images and videos Yuuji uploaded really another world? What if it’s processed or CG?

Idle chat and Yuuji’s latest information are on the main thread.

Reproduction is forbidden.

Main thread:

[In the middle of subjugating] I kind of got to another world along with my house when I went out of my house after 10 years part 42 [the juice actors] 

The collection of images and videos Yuuji uploaded:


The person posting >>950 opens the next thread.


147 : Verifying Anonymous NEET

It’s no use!

I don’t know the actress of Elf-chan!


148 : Verifying Anonymous NEET


Let’s just accept it already

There are no evidence to deny that he went to

another world even after you investigated it this much


149 : Verifying Anonymous NEET


Should be the opposite

You have no evidences that can deny that it’s a fiction

therefore this is fiction


150 : Verifying Anonymous NEET


Look at reality, why don’t you!




151 : Yuuji

The house’s restoration function

I’ve explored it just like I was told, you know~

-I tried taking away the mirrors, windows and doors

 They did not get restored to normal

 I restored it to normal myself

 Taking it off and putting it on was incredibly difficult…

Here, the video of taking it out and waiting for the restoration



152 : Verifying Anonymous NEET



So our super-rich plan with mirrors and window glass is a bust then!


153 : Verifying Anonymous NEET

Well, it’s not like Yuuji’s troubled with money anyways

It’s an enviable thing

Over there AND over here you know!

I wish he could just dye!


154 : Cool NEET

So multiplying infinitely by removing it is impossible, huh

Yuuji, what would happen if you were to break it and take a portion of it?


155 : Yuuji

I tried it with the garage that’s used as chicken coop

-I broke and took away a portion of the chicken coop wall

It was fixed!

It was incredibly, incredibly difficult though!

The sword I got from Mr Kevin before is bent

It’s the one we’re not using right now, so it’s fine though…

This is the video of breaking it and restoring it



156 : Verifying Anonymous NEET 



If you’re in need of materials, you can just destroy your house I guess!


157 : Anonymous ETNE


What is this, which city mayor?

Could this be the bonus stage?


158 : Anonymous MEAT


It’s not the car, but the garage!

He’s not a city mayor, but a village head!

Huh, this looks quite similar…


159 : Well-informed NEET

That’s good news!

Then, the likelihood that the mirror or the window glass would be fixed if we break them?


160 : Verifying Anonymous NEET

Looks flimsy and

breaking the garage wall was also difficult wasn’t it…


161 : Cool NEET


That may be the case, but

If we think about when it doesn’t get fixed, it’ll be hard to try it out

If we can be convinced that it gets fixed

then we would have various usable materials if we destroy the house though…


162 : Verifying Anonymous NEET


Ain’t you just greatly disturbing the chickens!

Animal abuse!


163 : Verifying Anonymous NEET

They must be making a cute face

I think it’s a lie

They’re eating them you know

Preparing them for cooking


164 : Yuuji

Breaking the house is a little…

Then, wouldn’t it become useless even if it’s restored?


165 : Anonymous MEAT

I know Yuuji!

You told us the gate gets restored right?

Destroy it!

Even if the gate doesn’t get fixed, you have the mystery barrier!


166 : Verifying Anonymous NEET



167 : Verifying Anonymous NEET



168 : Verifying Anonymous NEET


A surprisingly good idea from a shitty NEET!


169 : Anonymous MEAT


Ain’t a NEET!

Like, I’m a dreamer!


170 : Verifying Anonymous NEET


I ain’t retorting to that!

Because this is the verification thread!


171 : Verifying Anonymous NEET


Infinitely get solid gate!

…What will we use it for?

Take them to the scrap wood recycling dealer?

They purchase in weight, you know?


172 : Infra worker


The other world doesn’t have that kind of dealer, don’t you think!?

You should be able to sell them though

Look, like pillars of houses they’re constructing

or reinforcement of the village’s outer wall

or if once the smithy is done, dissolve it to use it?


173 : Verifying Anonymous NEET

Can you… dissolve it?

Can the other world’s furnace put out that sort of temperature?


174: Verifying Anonymous NEET

There they could, hey, do that thingy with a magical thingy!


175 : Verifying Anonymous NEET


Too sloppy!

Well sure, I’m curious about Alice-chan’s fire magic though


176 : Yuuji


Breaking the gate is incredibly difficult though

That is…


177 : Cool NEET

Solid metal should be useful

Break it with fighting spirit, Yuuji


246 : Yuuji

First, I’ve broken the gate and took it out

It got repaired!

We can multiply infinitely, but it takes half a day to break it with the three of us…

it’s too tough…

The video:



247 : Verifying Anonymous NEET

Couldn’t you just destroy the joints

and not break it from the middle?


248 : Verifying Anonymous NEET

Even without a gate you have the barrier!

Yuuji, that one next


249 : Verifying Anonymous NEET

Hey, didn’t the pioneer citizens get

inside the mystery barrier as if nothing happened!?


250 : Verifying Anonymous NEET


Go look at the main thread

After they increased in people with Elf-chan

they were letting in the first pioneer citizens, you know


251 : Verifying Anonymous NEET


If anything, Yuuji

is living together with Alice-chan and Elf-chan!


252 : Verifying Anonymous NEET

I wish he could dye!


253 : Verifying Anonymous NEET

Calm down you all!

This is the verification thread!


254 : Cool NEET


That’s good news

Yuuji, what happened with the inspection of the mystery barrier?

Did you finally do it?


255 : Verifying Anonymous NEET

From peddler Mr Kevin’s story

-The resident leads them by hand

-Does not possess a weapon

-Does not have hostility or malice

are the supposed conditions to be able to enter the mystery barrier


256 : Verifying Anonymous NEET


Thanks for the summary!


257 : Yuuji

Then, first from the beginning!

Who are able to go in and out alone are

me, Kotarou, Alice and Riese

Even if the pioneer land’s residents have entered,

they can’t enter if we don’t lead them by hand


258 : Well-informed NEET

I’m curious as to whether or not Elf-chan 

was able to enter on her own after staying a night

Do you remember Yuuji?

And besides Yuuji, 

can Alice-chan and Riese-chan let someone in by leading them by hand?


259 : Verifying Anonymous NEET


When Kotarou nonchalantly gets counted as a person


260 : Verifying Anonymous NEET


Don’t mention that part!

Well, but we do have to inspect Yuuji and Kotarou’s language competence


261 : Cool NEET


That is a topic of discussion after this

Yuuji, how was the presence or absence of weapons?

What about farming tools?

What about tools?


262 : Yuuji


How did it go with Riese…

Alice was holding her hand the whole time for a while and guided her through the house and pioneer land, so…

Alice and Riese can let people in if they lead them by hand

As for Kotarou, it’s unknown

Can dogs walk even if you take one of their hands?


They can’t enter if they hold a weapon even if we tried to lead them by hand

But hoe and spades are OK

Axe was NG

Tools like ropes are also OK

Honestly, I’m not sure…

We’re able to use weapons that are inside the mystery barrier

We were able to attack people and the building too with the hoe we took in

We were able to use the rope too when we were breaking the gate


263 : Verifying Anonymous NEET


Ain’t this plot twist just absurd!?

So this means that even if they don’t have hostility or malice when entering

it could become whatever they like after entering!

Means that even Yuuji and the others aren’t completely safe, huh?


264 : Verifying Anonymous NEET


Yandere Alice-chan…

How nice!


265 : Cool NEET


So the presence or absence of an edge is the standard?

Or is it the recognition as a weapon?

I’m curious what would happen with poisonous substances or hidden weapons


266 : Verifying Anonymous NEET

Did this guy read too much manga?


267 : Verifying Anonymous NEET


It is a world without a good public order

so wouldn’t there be at least assassins?

They’re essential parts for royalties and titled nobilities right?


268 : Verifying Anonymous NEET

Well at any rate, it means vigilance is necessary

You all make sure to lock up your doors and windows too, alright!?


269 : Verifying Anonymous NEET


Thank you mister friendly neighborhood association!

Hey, it’s soon time to say watch out for fires to someone, you know!

Don’t forget the wooden clappers, okay!


270 : Verifying Anonymous NEET


Shut up you hillbilly!

They don’t have those stuff in the cities anymore!


271 : Verifying Anonymous NEET


No, the cities have them too you know

By the way, the residences in ward 23 that is

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7 thoughts on “Hiki-NEET Vol 9 Idle Talk 8

  1. “I wish he could just ‘dye’!”

    “I wish he could ‘dye’!”

    Is this a joke by the author or is ‘dye’ supposed to be ‘die’?

    1. The japanese word was an internet slang that’s born from the bulletin board. With the kanji that represents the honorific -shi(which roughly means Mr.) and the hiragana ‘ne’ and the same meaning of ‘to die’, which is also spoken as ‘shine’ but with other kanji. I wanted to make it somewhat different so I decided for ‘to dye’.
      I hope people know what I’m talking about though. I don’t know what would be similar to it in a cultural sense. Maybe kys?

    1. I don’t think the slangs are the worst. It’s the endless amount of references you see especially in the BB chapters. I can recognize a line to be a reference, but I can’t always find what the reference is right away.

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