BFTG-NT Chapter 36.5

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Chapter 36.5 A day in Dora’s life (Kastal’s arc)


Let’s go back a little.


About the time that Jin was dealing with the demon in the castle, other members are spending their time as they pleased. Of course, they are still required to help if needed, but it can’t be helped as it is Jin and Alta.  (That the others won’t be needed)


Of course, Dora couldn’t offer any help. Well, if one doesn’t count sitting on Jin’s lap as an important job for her……

So, let’s record a day in Dora’s life.




When Dora wakes up in the morning, she is being used as a hugging pillow by Jin, or one of the other members. Using his power as the master, Jin can use Dora as a hugging pillow every two days. Of course, being Jin’s hugging pillow is the happiest moment for Dora. Although she doesn’t hate to be hugged by the other members…….


This is generally what happens when Dora wakes in the early morning. Of course, as a child, she has to sleep earlier. She usually wakes up at 6:00 AM, while Jin usually wakes around 7:00 AM.  She wakes up an hour earlier. But Dora is always clinging to Jin until he wakes up.


Jin usually hugs her in her dragon form. But he won’t hug her if Dora isn’t in that form. This makes Dora feels lonely. So, she uses her human form to cling to him until he wakes up and it makes her happy.




And then, she returns to dragon form when Jin wakes up. In short, there is a dangerous scene of Jin hugging a small girl without notice for an hour every two days.


After that is breakfast. Most of the members in the Kastal capital’s mansion will have a meal at the same time in the morning. As you can expect, butlers and maids are the ones who do the serving. Sakuya, the queen of this country also stays in this mansion. It is quite lonely for Dora as her priority seat on Jin’s knees is threatened by her recently.


After the meal, Dora makes potions first. It doesn’t mean she has to meet the quotas from other members; she was told to do as she wants. Dora is responsible for potion making. She usually made five a day, but if Jin praised her, she could make ten a day.


Potions that Dora makes are too high quality so they can’t be sold normally. However, it won’t be a problem for other members to use the high-quality potions she makes. The other day, her quality had already reached 155% efficiency. Jin praises her, but his face is somewhat sad.


<<I’m not good enough~>>


Thus, Dora is going to put more effort and reach 160% efficiency today.


During the day, Dora is either basking in the sun with Midori or working as an adventurer. Today’s activity is as an adventurer.


Dora is prohibited from adventuring outside the mansion alone by Jin. Honestly, she doesn’t know how much trouble a five year old girl like her could cause. Today’s request is supposed to be done together with Lusia and Cloud. Cloud and his team are famous rookies in the capital recently. And a little girl who joins them will stand out by all means. Especially when she is a lot stronger than those rookies.


The request was a simple subjugation. First one is to defeat several orcs. They go to the destination using a carriage which was borrowed from Jin. Since Cloud and others had heard from Jin before, they weren’t t surprised when Dora uses breath. Of course, they were surprised once in the beginning.




An orc was killed with a single breath. Thus, it wouldn’t be training for Cloud and the others. It couldn’t be helped that they made Dora watch over the carriage. Also, talking with Tamo-san who has slow response time is very boring, so she becomes sleepy eventually. She woke up by the time they returned home.




There are a lot of things to do during the day, but a lot of people prefer to have lunch at the mansion. Right now, the maids’ cooking skills are good enough to satisfy Dora. But Mio is still the best, after all. Of course, it can’t be said since it is too rude towards the person who cooks for them.


Since Dora couldn’t eat delicious human food at her hometown, she is engrossed with eating human food. Since she is accustomed to Mio’s food from before, she is quite picky. Dora suddenly realized she couldn’t return to her life as it was before.


She has completely forgotten the harsh life of her hometown. She can’t remember anything except training for <Draconic Magic>. Well, since she is happy now, just leave those trivial details for another time.


She decided to bask in the sun with Midori at noon. Midori is quite sensitive, basking in the sun is quite pleasant. It seems there is a lot of shade there. They happily stay there without talking at all. Her relationship with Dora is quite good even if they don’t talk.







It’s too bad that today is a little cloudy; they decide to stop basking in the sun. Dora decided to sit on Jin’s knee and have a good time.


She can use “Portal” to enter the castle’s working room without permission. Where Sakuya is sitting on Dora’s special seat. Jin notices her and lets Dora and Sakuya sit on each of his knees. It is acceptable for Dora.


Dora stays on Jin’s knees until his work is done, completely satisfied. It was uncommon for her to stay like this until the end without being removed. And when they return, she rides on Jin’s shoulders. Since it isn’t something Sakuya has done yet, she just watched her with envy.




The main dinner was a hamburger. Handmade by Mio. Since there are a lot of people here, Mio has to cook a lot. Hamburger steak with oozing gravy is popular amongst children. Of course, it is Dora’s favourite dish.



After dinner, she enters the bath. Since this place was Sakuya’s summer mansion, it has a big bath, so she enters together with Sakura and Mio. Since Sakuya was the owner, the male bath is slightly smaller. Even so, the sex ratio in this mansion is completely unbalanced with males being the minority……


She hadn’t noticed the virtue of bath before, but it is impossible not to notice it after adventuring with Jin. She shuts her eyes tightly when Sakura washes the soap off of her hair.


Mio just makes middle-aged man-like moan “Ah~”, something that Dora doesn’t understand.


Sera enters later. She enters with pride, while concealing her body. Dora’s eyes are attracted to her shaking breasts and look at her own. Alright, she will have them in the future for sure.


Dora only wears her panty when getting out of the bath. When there is nobody around, she uses “Portal” directly to Jin’s room. She will sleep with Jin 2 days in a row today.


Jin doesn’t react to a half-naked Dora. He was used to it already.


Jin was lying on the bed while reading documents. He seems busy. Dora just sits on the bed and watches him. Doing nothing but watching.



[Let’s sleep soon. Dora, come here.]


When Dora heard Jin say that, she transformed into her dragon form. Her panties dropped immediately.


<<Master, good night~>>


[Good night.]


Thus, the day in Dora’s life has ended.



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  1. Dora:master i finnaly reached the 200% with my potion
    master: oh really good come here let’s try it
    master:ok put it here in this little cut that i have in the arm
    Dora:here ……… ehmmm?
    master:Dora why i have another arm grow in my arm …………?
    Dora:it look like it was a bit too powerfull

    i wonder why i can see a scene like this after i read about the 160% XD

    1. Nope, it will be:

      Dora finally managed to even reach 200% efficiency in her potions.
      But heJin looks even gloomier than ever before.
      Dora starts to despair if she still cannot meet Jin’s expactations.

      On the other side Jin’s thought at that time:
      [She was already exceptional with the over 150% efficiency of her potions before but now she even reached the 200% mark.
      Compared to that I am still stuck at ca. 80% efficiency because I have no suitable disposition for making potions… SIGH…]

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      1. Umm, hey there! I’d like to ask, at what chapter is this Death March novel translated? *Too lazy to look it up myself*

  3. New Year Bun Delivery~
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    So Jin slept with a naked loli for 1 hour every 2 days… *calls police-sans*

  4. …Lolicon.You have so many child slaves and you even sleep with the adorable Dora 2 times in a row before letting another person sleep with her for a day using your authority as her master.

    Its still “okay” even if you do that cause Dora is in her dragon form but you still continue hugging her when she transforms back into a little girl and she’s nude…!

  5. Is one of Jin’s unknown special powers something that entice lolis? I feel like the title should be: One day in the Hikaru Genji’s proyect – Dora edition.

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