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Hello everyone! Here’s another chapter of Kanna the Godless. I’ve been struggling in deciding whether or not I should change some terms in this novel to make the differences more clear. I’ve been using several terms that the previous translator used like spirit magic, but now there’s spirit magic and magic, which are two entirely different magic systems from what I read. Strictly speaking, the spirit magic here is literally translated as spirit art/spirit technique(精霊術) and magic is literally translated as magic art/magic technique(魔術), though it’s mostly translated as just magic, but also sorcery. Shall I just change spirit magic to spirit art to make a bigger distinction between the two magic systems? Then again, I also use sorcerer to describe someone who use magic to fight. Please voice your thoughts in the comment section and enjoy the read.


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Chapter 15 When making agreements, check the rules


Mastery in spirit magic is different from magic, but what’s common between the two is the large connection to one’s mind. For magic, the required magic power is refined through force of will and for spirit magic, you use your force of will directly. In other words, there are actions to reduce the impact from magic power during a break of connection between mind and magic in the case of magic and there are none of that for spirit magic. As a result, the stronger and more complex the spirit magic is, the more effect the rebound has on the user when it’s destroyed. For example the reversal of curses in Japanese mysteries.


With my eyes still shut, I vaguely recall what happened to my body.


This time, the image was simple but due to the firmly made ice cage being forcibly destroyed, the screams of the spirits that dwells in there rebounded towards my body. Something similar also happened often in my training with Real. In the beginning, I lost my consciousness over and over in one day. That girl’s offensive abilities are somewhat ridiculous.


While I’m thinking about that, my hazy thoughts are becoming clearer. I regained my consciousness a long time ago, so I open my eyes swiftly.


……… I’m greeted with a closeup on miss Redhead’s face. Her face is so close; a little bit more and our lips would touch. I perfectly lock my eyes to such girl.



“ ………… Close, aren’t you?”



While raising a strange voice, miss Redhead jerked her face away. Her face is dyed bright red like an apple, bordering the color of her hair.


ーーーーDid I just do something regretful? Is what I thought by accident.


“ ………… I’m still somewhat sleepy.”


Maybe my mind’s not completely recovered, my head feels heavy. Even so, I somehow raise up my body on the bed. And accordingly, I realized I’m actually on a bed. I once again look around me and I see this is the room I took in the inn we we’re staying at. It looks like the servants kept their word after I lost my consciousness.


I raised up my body, but I can’t think of what to do next at all. ・・・・・・For the time being, shall I go call Real? I wonder if she’ll let me into the room next door. If not, can I go to the dining room? But my body’s moving slowly. Shall I just go sleep like this?


“Ah, uhm…………”


When I felt like losing to the temptation of going back to sleep Miss Redhead talked to me as if she’s wringing out her words. She became red up until some time ago, but now her face suddenly changed into a timid one.


I wonder if there’s something she wanted to talk about. When I raise my eyes, miss Redhead curls her lips like she’s impatiently trying to form her words.



“ ……………………………………… You see”


“……………………………………… Err”


“……………………………………… Uhm”


You’re kind of looping, you know.


Is this the pattern where I have to wait forever? Afterwards it’ll loop many times over and even if I wait and wait, miss Redhead won’t advance the conversation at all by just leaking out a monotonous voice from her mouth. Shall I blow the fuse?


Before I even opened my mouth, the door of the inn was opened with a big bang.


“Aargh, you’re being sluggish!”


Both miss Redhead and my shoulders shakes in a beat. The one who appeared with a force that broke the door was Real and one of miss Redhead’s servant group. The one whom I exchanged words with just before I lost my consciousness also appeared.



“He-, hey real, good morning”

“Good morning, Kanna. But it’s already past evening, you know.”


So I was unconscious for about four hours.



“I was really surprised you know. Just when I recalled that you suddenly broke into a run, you suddenly lost consciousness and was carried here after all.”

“I worried you didn’t I?”


“Indeed you did,” Real was relieved from the bottom of her heart as she said that.


“Now then, young lady.”


Being called by Real, miss Redhead once again shook her shoulders.


“Didn’t you have something you should be telling Kanna?”


Real strongly says that without going as far as reproaching her or saying it with a loud voice.


“Perhaps he doesn’t care, don’t you think? If I hear the story from the head servant behind me correctly, the 『settlement』has already been completed during that incident after all. The root of his actions was a sense of justice, but he ended up wanting to follow the example of that stubbornness that wished for a profitable result though.


She must be talking about the remuneration for the inconvenience. I have no complaints for now if I’m able to receive the things I can receive.


“However, that is only completed during that time. Legally, you are supposed to go through someone well-informed.ーーーー I was thinking that talk was over during the time Kanna was unconscious, but don’t make me repeat it.”



It feels like miss Redhead was scolded by Real from the flow of the conversation. I wonder if miss Redhead experienced the imperial wrath of miss Elven ears. But nevertheless, Real doesn’t really get angry. Her aura feels similar to that of a mother scolding a child whose manners are unacceptable. There shouldn’t be any children like miss Redhead around though, age wise.


ーーーーShe’s overflowing with motherhood though, thanks to the voluptuous fruit that is her chest.


No no no. It can’t be true that boobs=mother right? There really is still no motherhood within her. She’s more on the wild side.


…………………… I really have been thinking about nothing but boobs since last night.


It’s completely because of the appearance of miss Magnificent melons, Real and miss Redhead. I’m not at fault. What’s at fault are the violent boobs. Wait, I’m thinking about them again.


Within the extremely serious mood, when only one person is immersed in nothing but stupid thoughts, miss Redhead faced me as if she is resolved.


“My name is Faima. This may be selfish of me, but I will be concealing my family name.”


Miss Redhead bows when she gives us her name.


“……………………………… I would like you to forgive my impoliteness so far.”


I can understand those words didn’t come from the outside, but from the bottom of her heart.


“You have saved me not only once, but twice now. Despite that, I wasn’t thinking about anything save satisfying my curiosity and had forgotten even the least amount of gratitude.”


I certainly didn’t get a thank you from miss RedheadーーFaima. I had no 『expectations』 from the beginning so I completely forgot about it.


“It is truly too late for this, but thank you for saving me. Had you not been there, I wouldn’t have been able to express my gratitude in this place.”

“…………………… You’re welcome.”


Being thanked by a beauty isn’t bad either. My face naturally loosened.


We negotiated again with the head servant and received a certain amount of 『reward』. Real said we got a lot more than the cost of hiring a short term escort, but it’s an appropriate price if you take into account the included inconvenience fee. When you rip someone off underhandedly or you conversely restrain yourselves, the relationship between the two of you will become complicated. It’s a reasonable line don’t you think?


Faima expressed her gratitude for saving her and also expressed her apology for unnecessarily chasing me around.



“So why were you out in the middle of the night without taking your servants in the first place?”

“Once in a while I consider taking a walk on my own.”


Though they’re guards, I guess you’ll still feel depressed if the slovenly male servants cling onto you around the clock.


“………… Afterwards, I was severely scolded by them though.”


The head servant shows a face that is sour to the eyes. It doesn’t look like he’s an attendant who’s just a yes-man to their employer. If she’s already scolded, then I have nothing to say.


According to the servant, she herself seems to be quite a high ranking sorcerer and in a perfect situation she wouldn’t seem to be held back by those kinds of hoodlums. Actually the girl was trying to repel the hoodlums calmly at the time she got involved with them. But she was attacked from behind by one of their fellows hidden in the back alley, was strangled by an arm and panicked or something. If I didn’t take that road or if I’m even a little bit later, she would choke like that and faint. And then she would be dragged deep inside the back alley that has become quiet andーー oops, speaking any more about that is meaningless now. I mean, I happened to be there during her crisis and as a result, I was able to repel those bunch of hoodlums.


Incidentally, the bunch of hoodlums I smashed (literally) were handed over to the soldiers’ post that maintains this city’s public order by the servants or something. Their bad behavior wasn’t limited to Faima and they seem to have done quite a lot of harm to the citizens here. This is the first time they attempted rape, but for some reason they had an eye on things like theft, leaving the restaurant without paying and violence. It’s just that they are fast on their feet as befitting to small scoundrels and they would escape each time during the time between the reports from the townspeople and the time the soldiers come running. As for the culture of this world, assembling a case to arrest people seems difficult unless they are caught red handed. But the servants properly restrained them with Faima’s fresh testimony and the fainting on top of it, so their delivery was done smoothly and the last days of the bunch of hoodlums swiftly caught up to them. For now, I hope they won’t come out until they reflected from the bottom of their hearts.


“Speaking of which, Kanna. Why did you also go outside on your own?”


The brief explanation on the circumstances ended and Real also had understood what happened last night. That remark is an extremely natural question.


……………………I can’t tell her that. Things like going to some erotic lady’s place that is.



“He certainly did shout something at that time. Uhm, something about nyannyaーー”

“Miss Faima stooop!”


I interrupt miss Redhead with a scream when she was about to blurt it out.



“What’s wrong Kanna? Why did you suddenly interrupt her with a loud voice?”

“…………Look Real, there are times that men too want to be silent and alone.”

“…………? ……………………Is that so.”


From my earnest tone of voice, Real stopped the conversation without prying further into it.


That, that was dangerous. Last night I shouted quite some words. They’re at the point where even I would walk away from myself when I think back about it. Faima even swallowed my desperation and shut her mouth.



“By the way, both of you. I can see you appear to be traveling, judging from your appearances.”

“Correct. We only stopped by this town to replenish our supplies. We will be departing tomorrow”


Faima already heard what Real stated straightforwardly.



“Uhm…………If you don’t mind, can I ask where you will be heading to?”

“Hm? Our destination would be the Empire of Diagall (diagaru) though?”

“Is that true!?”


Woah. The moment she was told our destination, miss Redhead takes a big bite at it.


“Excuse me” says Faima along with a cough.


“The truth is, I was hoping I could count on you on this request I have”


Faima seems to have an unparalleled enthusiasm in regards to magic. She says she took her servants who are working in her house and right now she is on a journey in order to further extend her deep knowledge about magic. This time, the ice magic I use just like that was too unorthodox and her curiosity took a full swing or something.


Currently the place the girl is heading towards to is strangely enough the Kingdom of Diagall, just like us. She is in the middle of a journey in order to acquire the secrets of magic that is handed down in that place.


As a matter of fact, the Kingdom of Deagall is Real’s birthplace. Perhaps, since the place of destination never came up until now, she added that information.



“However, one person is rendered unable to escort me because of today’s attack.”

“Was it that serious of an injury?”

“His life is certainly saved, but his sword arm was strongly cut off. It will return to how it was before, but I was told by the healing magician that a treatment period of at least two to three months is necessary for that.”


It’s really amazing that it can return to how it was before. If this is the real world, then the treatment at worst would be to amputate his arm to protect the rest of his body if there are no medical facilities with proper equipment for things like joining of the bones and stitching of the nerves. That’s healing magic for you. But it looks like returning it immediately is also impossible for them I guess.


“It would have been fine if it was for one week, but we can’t stay in this town for more than a month. I feel sorry for him, but we will go ahead of him to the country and have him devote himself to the treatment in this town. Naturally, his living and treatment expenses will be taken care of however.”


It looks like she doesn’t have the least amount of intention to toss him away when he becomes useless. I wish the pitch black princess black would follow her example.


However, the gap he left open with this is not small. Having said that, I have no plans to employ someone new whose name we don’t even know. I will certainly not reveal my name however, my house is a house of 『fairly well』 renown. It doesn’t stop at people approaching us who harbors bad intentions to aim for that reputation.”


I’m troubled in deciding whether I should call her extravagant or careful. I want to say “Isn’t it fine if you just go back home obediently?”. I have a blunt way of saying things though.



“Therefore we have this conversation with the two of you.”

“…………In other words, you would like to form a contract with us?”


As Real had anticipated, Faima nods “Yes”.



“Calling this fortunate would be strange, but the two of you are in the middle of heading towards Diagall. If possible, I would like to ask if you could take up the duty of escorting me on the way. Naturally, I will compensate you for everything in addition to the remuneration; the living expenses during the escort as well as the treatment expenses from injuries as a result of fights.”

“That is quite thorough of you.”


If you properly employ one person and end up being in charge of all the necessary expenses, it won’t be cheap. It’s an extraordinary treatment if you’re employed with full compensation.



“Hmm, so there is no need for us to go over our large traveling expenses. What shall we do, Kanna?”

“You’re letting me decide?”


Real shifts her focus to me who was listening intently until the end.


“I can’t just arbitrarily form a contract without asking for my partner’s opinion, now can I?”


From my point of view, Real is my 『guardian』, but my status seems to have gone up to one with an equal relationship before I noticed.


“Even if you say that to me…………”


For now, all I could do is scratch my cheeks.

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