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Vol 11 Idle talk 1

[11-17] The three seamster apprentices, spending their busy every days in the pioneer land


The village settlement two days away from Premie city.

There were three girls.

And the three girls of similar age were a source of worries for their parents and the village head.


It was not that they had bad attitudes.

They helped in farm work and they helped with needlework at home in the dark night and winters.

They got along well since they were very young and they had no big fights with the other villagers.


There was just one problem.

They were all women.

And by chance there were no men in this village in their generation.


It was something that seldom occurred in small rural villages even in Japan of old. Well in modern era Japan they would end up moving to a nearby metropolitan region, so that would not become a problem however.

Fortunately the three women who had no men in their generation were raised happily until now, without being trafficked to reduce the number of mouths to feed.

If life in the village were to become difficult, the three would be the first candidate to be sent away.

This village settlement seemed to be reasonably stable.


“Mom, we’re thinking about looking for work in the city of Premie”

“Eh? Are you leaving the house?”

“Yup… It’ll be lonely, but we can’t marry in this village right? It looks like the village head has been looking for people from some village who would marry into us. So I want to try living in a city at least once, you know!”

“There’s probably no other way I guess. To think that us three got pregnant and that all the three children born are girls… that’s one mischievous god we have, good grief. Then, I’ll go ask the village head if there are any prospects of work in the city”

“Hehe, actually we already asked! The peddler mister that came to the village said he will go talk to Kevin company! Mom, you remember the peddler Mr Kevin, who was in this village before? That person created a company and has a large business he said!”

“Oh dear, that peddler, huh? Really, this girl is being smart”


Autumn, when the three girls turned eighteen, exchanged this sort of conversation at each of their family.

After having finished the autumn harvest and entering winter but before the village was locked in snow.

A peddler and his escort appeared for the purchase of produce and before winter sales. Accompanying them on their way home, the three girls departed to the city of Premie. With their feelings expanding in anticipation.

  □ □ ■ ■ □ ■ ■ □ □


“Interesting, you’re raised in a village settlement, so you can do farmwork and needlework… How about reading and writing and calculations?”

“Just a little reading and writing… Calculations is…”

“I can do calculations too!”

“Ah, that’s sly of you!”


City of Premie, Kevin Company parlor.

There was the company president Kevin and three girls.


Overwhelmed by the mixed colors of the city of Premie and the various races, the three showed even more surprise after catching sight of Kevin Company.

Kevin company, where the three were brought to by the familiar peddler, was by far a larger building than they expected.


“Wonderful! By the way, are you three aspiring to work together?”

“Yes, well, if that’s possible…”

“I see, I see. Come to think of it, there are a lot of people in Premie city and it doesn’t have great public order compared to the pioneer land everyone lived in, right?”

“That’s right, I was about to lose money a short while ago! It went well because the peddler’s escort caught the criminal though…”

So that happened”


Kevin heard their story with a friendly smile. It unfolded exactly as Kevin had expected.

However, the three who were brought up in a farm village did not notice that. They had never thought about every negotiation.


“That’s right, currently Kevin Company is putting effort into clothing and accessories, so we’re recruiting seamsters. How about you first learn simple writing and reading as well as calculations while working as company clerks?”

“Eh? Is that okay? Then by all means, pleased to be working with you!”

“Yes, pleased to be working with you. Once it turns spring… I will provide a safe residence where you will be able to live together with a seamster teacher.


Kevin broadly smiled and announced.

Hearing Kevin’s announcement, the three went “Yay!” delightedly shouting cheers of joy.

Learning reading and writing and also calculations, taking lessons in serving customers as clerks and then working as seamsters. Moreover being offered a safe residence, it was a great joy to them. They were simpleminded. 

Concerning the work location starting spring after their training period ends, Kevin did not touch on. There were no labor standards act in this world.

Rather, Kevin was a gentle manager for providing safe residence to his company employees. In this world that is.

  □ □ ■ ■ □ ■ ■ □ □


“*sigh*… Just when I thought he would let me live in the city…”

“Geez, we can’t do nothing about this at this point, don’t you think!?”

“That’s right, and besides, look, they said the settlement got four former third rank adventurers and five fifth rank adventurers! Isn’t it safer than our village and this city!?”

“But you know… just when there are plenty of cute boys and studs…”


“Lo- look, those men over there are going to the settlement right? Aren’t they… cool…?”


The three studied simple reading, writing and calculations and served customers as clerks at Kevin company during winter. Having finished their training period so to speak, the three had gathered in front of the gates to Premie city.


They were given travelling clothes and daily necessities, and were then informed by Kevin.

“Now, the seamster teacher is in a settlement. We will have escorts, so please do your best as a seamster in a safe settlement” 

It was a job relocation in which there was no use in arguing about.

Well, the three were the ones who accepted it after hearing the wages that were brought up and the military strength of the settlement however.

There was no Labor standards act in this world.

Or rather, Kevin was a fine employer for splurging in their wages.


“Ah, look, Mr Kevin is here! Could those people be one of the pioneers? Eh?”

“Those girls… aren’t they, aren’t they wearing very cute clothes?”

“What is with those girls!? The two of them are too cute!”


The three became excited, blowing away the gloomy mood up until now.

Perhaps because they were eighteen year old girls, or due to their occupation being seamster apprentices.

Seeing Alice and Riese appearing at the meeting place blew away their agony until now.

And then the former fifth rank adventurers were immediately judged a failure by their looks. Wishing them a speedy recovery.

  □ □ ■ ■ □ ■ ■ □ □


“Hey hey, so how were the two from yesterday?”

“Uhm, they care for me and treat me like a girl, but… they’re somewhat off”

“Those two too, huh… I guess there’s nothing you can do about it like I thought when they’re former adventurers”

“Well, isn’t it a good thing that they’re not used to socializing with women?”


Settlement-Houjou village’s formerly residential complex. Now it was a building used as residence for the women among the pioneers and seamster workplace.

Inside it became a place for girls’ talk.


There were five people.

The three single seamster apprentices who had migrated.

The one who bought herself out of slavery and became Dominique’s wife.

And the lone man in the group, Valleri, the seamster instructing the four apprentice seamsters.

Under Valleri’s instructions, the four moved their hands.

Even while moving their hands, the three young ladies of the same generation were moving their mouth. Skillful.


Incidentally, Valleri would not say anything to the girl group as long as they were moving their hands. It wasn’t that he was afraid of something being sewed on by his new wife Yurshelle. He knew that in a workplace full of women, it would be better to become an ornament as long as he is not talked to. It was the special skill that Valleri continued to polish ever since he started his work as a seamster.


Recently the topic focused about the investigation of the settlement vicinity.

Well, it was not about the investigation itself, but about the five single men accompanying them in rotation.

One from the former third rank “Dark Green Wind”, two from the five fifth ranks, one of the apprentice seamsters and one from the master blacksmith team. 

Around every other day, they created a five man group and investigated whether there were useful things around the settlement. So far they had not found anything valuable it seems.

The goal was to look for things that seemed useful. By no means was it a formal marriage interview. Probably.


“Come to think of it… Dominique is that quiet one right? How were you courted?”

“He… worried about me. Not with words, but with actions”


“Kyaah!” The three ladies got excited hearing such words.

They were noisy but Valleri was silent. The girl group’s hands were still moving.


“A- and? How was his confession like? Is it after all, like this… putting his hand close to the wall, with a bang?”


It was the slam on the wall (TL: the act of slamming against the wall behind someone to stop her from leaving, apparently viewed as romantic)

It’s neither the slam in the wall to hit out of overwhelming jealousy nor the slam in the wall to let them know they were annoying.

It was the slam on the wall known in women’s magazines.


“On a certain day, he brought a bouquet and kneeled in front of me. Said he wished to marry me”

“Wow, isn’t that pretty blunt of him!? Not to mention he hadn’t really talked with you, right?”

“Yes, but I knew of his kindness”

“Kya~! And so, and so, how did you answer?”

“I said I am a slave. So someday, when I’m no longer a slave”

“Wow, how I kind of yearn for that! So this is what is a slave of love!”


It is probably wrong. It’s also too old fashioned.


The girls’ talk was going in full swing, but Valleri did not say anything.

Even when they were so absorbed in the talk, the group of women were still moving their hands.

It was already magic. There were women who could at times use something like magic in modern Japan as well though.


“How about you girls? Have you found anyone good I wonder?”


While smiling, Dominique’s wife asked the three women. It was the composure of a new wife who actually felt loved.


“Well, not yet…”

“Everyone’s kind, but there aren’t any winners you know”

“I’ve made up my mind! I’m going with Mark-kun!”

“Eh? That boy’s a dogkin you know”

“Besides, he’s younger, right?”

“We’re only four years apart, isn’t it!? What’s the difference in age when there’s love! Besides, that fluffy tail is nice, you know… he said he won’t let anyone touch it except his family or lover, so…”


The woman spoke with ecstatic eyes. It appears one has decided on her aim. 


“Re- really… do your best, okay?”

“He-hey, wouldn’t he be delighted if you made him trousers that would make it easier to let out his tail?”


The two girls replied while looking a little drawn back. It seems the three were from the same village, but one of them was a furry. (TL apparently ケモナー;Kemonaa is someone you call in japanese who loves anthropomorphised characters, so the english furries in other words)


“Ah, in that case I’ve already gotten a design. Let’s see, ah, here here”


Valleri, who was silent from start to end, stopped his hand and picked out a sheet from a collection of designs.

The design picture and pattern paper that was given by the bulletin board residents and the american group. There were still a few that had been stitched into clothes and the amount of clothes awaiting production were large.


“Wow! What is this, it’s too cute!”


The girls snatched the design image that he presented and stared at it with intense concentration. As one would expect they stopped their hands.


“This isn’t that difficult you know. That’s right, if you study seriously, then you will be able to make them during summer I guess”


Said Valleri, and quickly took back the design image. He raised his line of sight and looked at the four women.


The collection of designs depicting clothes they had not seen before in the village and the city. And the words saying that they would be able to create them themselves if they studied like this.

The four apprentice seamsters had sparkling eyes.


Valleri, the male seamster who had been left behind by Yurshelle.

It appears that he knew how to place himself in a workplace full of women and how to raise their motivation.


The settlement’s spring.

The faint awakening of love of the three girls and their interest in dressing up went towards their motivation for work.

The business in clothing and accessories which will become one of Houjou village’s main industries accelerated even more.

With the single Yuuji not there.


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