STOS Sequel Chapter 7

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Sequel Chapter 7


Since then, the gods immediately returned and restored the sanctuary that had collapsed here and there.

Being treated as having protected the sanctuary, I received the reward of some rise in authority, and was then ordered to return.

That it went as far as cutting down Creasyl’s punishment in this occasion was a little regrettable though.


And so, I once again returned to the world.

I chose a forest near the town as the place to open the gate in order to not stand out.


“――――So, why is it that even you came along with me?”

“How would I know? It is not like I came here because I wished to”


For some reason, who was beside me was Creasyl.

She placed her back on a tree with her usual brazen attitude.


“I have been told my punishment would lighten should I give contribution to human beings, so I reluctantly have come here. I have no intentions to collaborate with you any more than necessary”

“I’ll return the same words back to you”


Yes, Creasyl and I ended up receiving the order from above to crush the group called the sanctuary association.

I didn’t really intend to be concerned with them, but… gods are like an enterprise that consists of some sort of vertically structured society.

Seeing that I’m in a lower position, I can’t oppose their orders.

Although it can’t be helped, I honestly would’ve liked to decline if I could.


“ ‘n So… next would be her then”


There besides us another god seems to have been dispatched.

It’s absurdly unpleasant, but I’ve decided to wait for that one after――――



“Uoh!? What is this!?”

“Out of the wayyyy Setsuuuuu!”



Suddenly receiving an impact from right above me, I collapsed flat onto the ground.


“Yees… it has been too long since I have descended to the world that I saw not my surroundings”

“ …Move aside right away, you”

“Ooh! I am sorry!”


The weight that was crushing me disappeared.

When I tried standing up while wiping away the dust, in front of me stood an unparalleled beauty with jet black hair.


“So you’re going with that look today, Destroia?”

“Yes! My divine powers have already returned, you see!”


Yes, the girl in front of me is Destroia, the god of destruction who had trained me before.

That time she practically had the appearance of a kid, but she has returned to her original appearance after regaining her divine powers.

She was so short and yet, she’s about as tall as me now.

It’s pissing me off.


“Due to the crisis of the world I am managing, I am obliged to collaborate. Allow me to accompany you this time as well”

“Hmph, even though I am plenty enough”

“It is because you are here that I had been dispatched however… Well, it is fine I suppose”


The two with quite the mysterious appearance had gathered.

I went with my usual clothes for moving in this world, but the garments of the two were frilly like the palace from the story of Urashima Taro.

This is going to stand out.


“From now on we will go to Destinea castle town, where there’s seemingly an increase in missing people. But your appearance stands out a bit too much.”

“Is that so?” “Of course there are eccentric lots out there, but you’re eccentric among eccentric even among them. Can’t you go a little more moderate?” 


Creasyl and Destroia looked at each other.

And then at the same time tilted their heads.

Well aren’t you the bosom friends.


“Hum, like increasing the size of our clothes? That would be difficult…”

“Why would it be? It’s possible with divine powers right? Then those clothes too”

“We have no sense in fashion”

“ …That is how it is”


I sighed and took out several gold coins out of my magic bag.

I have enough money.

… I guess I’ve got no choice but to go buy some.


“Wait right here. I’ll go buy clothes for you”


Leaving aside the two who were staring blankly, I headed to the castle town by foot.


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