Retired Hero Chapter 60

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Chapter 60

The Hero gets out of bed


The demon lord and I are similar people.

I’m sure that we’re able to understand each other for that reason.

As if she was part of me; such affinity began to appear.

I don’t want to be separated from her.

The bustling everyday with Isvel floated in my mind and then disappeared.

In order to regain that everyday, I have come to help Isvel.


“――el, Adel!”


I woke up from someone’s voice calling out to me.

When I turned my gaze towards it casually, I made eye contact with Leona who was looking at me with a worried expression.


“Hn… It’s you Leona”

“You had quite the nightmare, but are you fine?”

“Yeah, I’m fine”


I rose up and drank the water that was placed near the bed.

I seemed to have gotten quite some night sweats, so I felt parched.


“ …Are you really okay? You look pretty sick even though you woke up though”

“I’m okay, really”


I averted my eyes from Leona who was looking looking at me.

To be honest, it’s hard to say I’m okay.

The second day since the fight at the harbor, we have now moved to the castle town and have taken an inn.

With this period of two days devoted on information gathering and fixing my physical condition, I’ve grasped several things about my body.

First off, my magic power wouldn’t recover sufficiently even if I sleep.

It looks like the amount of magic power in my whole body has decreased.

And at the same time, though gradually, various senses have started to dull.

My ears and eyes aren’t functioning as keen as they used to.

There is still a long time before they degenerate from its superhuman stage, but eventually they will no longer be fit for battles.

Yes, if I say it in a few words, then my body seems to be undergoing the stage of returning into an ordinary person.

I don’t know if this is a self-defensive instinct in order to protect my own life or if Echsdarc or the sacred sword Savers is interfering with something.

Whatever the situation, it means that there’s not much time left where I can fight.


(If I were to be rash, then one more time I guess…)


I can grasp my limits to an extent.

As long as I don’t cross over it, I should be able to return without problems.

That is if we finish this without me crossing over it though――


“That aside, what about the others?”

“Reconnaissance of the demon lord castle as always. They still can’t enter though”



We tried to get into the demon lord castle as soon as we could since then, but we knew that would be impossible.

The reason is that the demon lord castle was closed.

I don’t know what happened inside, but the present condition is that our means to enter the demon lord castle have completely been cut off.

Soldiers were constantly patrolling around and the gates were firmly shut.

Us, being few, causing an uproar is very much forbidden.

With the point in time where we have to refrain from forcibly breaking through, our pace has come completely to a halt.


“Will we break through it head-on already? I’m quite worried about that girl’s whereabouts”

“Isvel? … I guess so. She went in ahead of us too, I’m also worried that there’s no contact from Phantom”


She strung together words repetitively, but in the end I do understand that just waiting for movement like this is just wasting time.

If the other side doesn’t move, then there’s no other choice but for us to move.

When we were having such a conversation, the door suddenly opened.


“Ooh, you’re awake”

“Gidara… Silvar and Eleira too”


Who entered the room were the others I’ve been moving together with.

When Eleira entered lastly and closed the door, Gidara began to speak while looking at my face.


“ …The gates to the demon lord castle has opened”


“It seems that a speech will take place at the castle town square from here on. I actually do not know what will take place, but it may be our chance for contact”

“No other choice but to go there”


I stood up excitedly and put on a hide jacket.

I put the still deeply sleeping Echsdarc on my waist and got ready to go out.


“Well, don’t be in such a rush. It isn’t that we have understood the entire situation yet. First, let us slip into the speech meeting. They cannot close down the gate completely once they have opened it. We would miss today, but an open seam will come without fail”

“ …That’s true too I guess”


It is true that impatience was born within me.

I relaxed myself so that I suppress that somehow.


“So have we decided? Then, let us go”


Silvar, who had maintained silence until now, spoke while putting back on the hood of the robe.


“We, who aren’t demons, have to conceal ourselves, right?”


Leona, who put on a hood as well, began to walk to the entrance as is.

Following her, Gidara and Eleira went outside as well.


“Just wait for me, Isvel…”


I too silently put on my robe and put behind the room we stayed at.

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