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Chapter 67

Clothes of Evening Flames



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“An insect after all! Could this be all?”



Yuuhi who was fighting Luna, grew tired of attacking now.

The reason was simple.

None of her attacks reached her.


“<Evening Shot>!” (夕弾; yuudan)

“It is useless! With your social standing of an insect!”


Yuuhi released a human sized flame sphere, but that could not hit Luna in any way.

In front of her eyes, all of her attacks dropped down.


“As long as I have this <Gravity Magic>, you can’t win against me, you know.”


The <Evening Shot> crushed on the ground did not exhibit its actual effects and dispersed like that.

Having observed that state, Yuuhi began thinking while checking her remaining magic power.


(I shot five times until now… whichever angle I shot, it got crushed… If the place with strong gravity surrounds her like a barrier, then my attacks really won’t reach her… hitting her with an attack that can’t be crushed would be… outside her awareness… shall I go around the back then)


Concluding the gist of her thoughts, Yuuhi broke into a run.

Her legs strengthened by magic power was quick, exceeding that of humans.


(She is fast isn’t she…)


In reality, Luna felt a sense of danger from this situation.

Her magic was unique, but it happens to have a weakness.

First, in exchange of crushing anything, it was limited in range and scope.

It was easy if it is a level of creating a barrier of gravity around herself, but depending on the scope one can increase gravity at about two locations.

The range was at most 10 meter.

At that range it is possible to instantly press the enemy.

Except, it was impossible to catch the current Yuuhi moving around at high speed.

Originally Luna had never shown that much of a result on a single horseman.

Her true worth was shown for the first time with an ally.

The one who created this situation was none other than herself and she had to take responsibility and crush Yuuhi, but she was already cornered into a situation where she was forced to use her trump card.


(Kuh… it is difficult to hit my enemy if there is no one who could obstruct their movements for me…!”


Luna invoked her spell.

The downpouring rain became stronger only in that section and the ground there was indented.

However Yuuhi was no longer there.

Even so, she smiled sneeringly.


“Behind me isn’t it!?”

“ …!”


Just like she thought, Yuuhi attacked from the back and was trying to release her magic.

However having easily seen through those thoughts, that was as Luna wished.


“I will certainly be late in invoking my spell if you get right behind me! But it would be a different story if I knew you were coming from there you know!”


If her magic was invoked late, then the scope will not be large.

If that is the case then she had no other choices but to predict her enemy’s movements in order to hit them.

There she indirectly exposed the fact there was an opening behind her on a routine basis, letting them aim for it on purpose.

And like that the insects who jump on it――――――――――――.


“Will be killed like this! <Gravity Hammer>!”


It was too late when she thought about escaping.

Yuuhi who stopped her feet for attacking, was immersed in outrageous pressure from right above her.


“Gu… uugh…”

“Struggling is pointless. You won’t escape from that gravitational pull.”


Her body sunk into the ground.

Sounds of her body breaking began to be audible, she seem to be becoming one with the ground before long.


“Now, break”



In the end, Yuuhi’s body was completely crushed.

It was a shocking sight to see… however an unusual event occurred.




The body of the girl who was supposed to be crushed, began to burn.

No that was not it.

That body was fire.

That which was thought to be Yuuhi’s body dispersed and vanished on the ground.


“――――――――You completely got caught by my <Flame clone> didn’t you?”

“A- above me!?”


Luna raised her head.

Right above her was Yuuhi.


“If your magic increases gravity, then I’ll be safe right above you right?”



If the opponent challenges to a mid-long distance battle, then Luna would display immense defensive ability.

However, if they brought the battle to short distance even once and chose to go right above her, then her magic will become almost powerless.

The reason was because if she were to use <Gravity magic> to her opponent right above her then even she would end up crushed herself.


“<Evening Shot>!”



She released an intimate Evening Shot.

Along with a certain sensation it detonated and raised water vapors.


“It was effective… right?”


Having landed after taking some distance, Yuuhi waited for the steam to clear up.

The Evening Shot had certainly hit.

However there were no sensation of having robbed her of her life.

“As long as you can’t confirm their death, don’t let your guard down,” this was one of Elka’s teachings.

And then, sure enough, Luna was alive.


“Haa… haa… this… inseeeeeeeect!”

“Even though you’re more like an insect with that much vitality”


Perhaps she barely shifted the direct hit; the right half of her clothes was burned out and with the exception of bearing terrible burns here and there, there were no conspicuous external injuries.

The damage was severe.

However her eyes were burning with anger and will to fight.


“I will absolutely kill you… ! <Limit Break>!”

“Wha-… !?”


Together with a shout of anger, Luna’s magic power gushed out like an explosion.

Her appearance did not change.

However Yuuhi grasped a clear sense of discomfort.


“My body is… being pulled from the sides…?”
“<Parallel Gravity>…! You will be falling to the sides from now on!”


It felt as if the ground was slanted.

Yuuhi’s feet easily lost resistance and began to fall horizontally.


“Ugh! <Air Walk>”


Having nothing nearby to hang onto, Yuuhi immediately landed on empty space.

<Air Walk> is a magic that enables you to walk on air.



“Such useless resistance! It does not apply to my world!”


The gravity was once again changed for Yuuhi.

This time her body began falling towards the sky.




At that time, Yuuhi felt impatience in this fight for the first time.

Falling towards the sky additionally means falling towards space.

She hadn’t heard the story that there was space in this world, but she could at least see stars.

Although she hadn’t done so as expected, neither Yuuhi, nor even Setsu felt like living in outer space.


“Gravity is absolute power! Fall like that… in whichever way!”


Once again Yuuhi made use of <Air Walk>.

However, Luna was not one to allow for that.


“It’s pointless!”


Once again the gravity changed and Yuuhi once again fell to the sides.

In addition――――――――


“Even insects couldn’t expect such movements could they!?”



After Yuuhi landed three times with <Air Walk>, Luna suddenly appeared in front of her eyes.

A high speed movement making use of the direction of gravity; it was a technique she, who manipulates gravity, could make use of like breathing.


“<Heavy Leg>!”


An ax kick strengthened by magic power was struck at Yuuhi.

Although she avoided a direct hit with her arms, the direction of gravity was changed as well, greatly breaking her posture.



“One more!”


There the <Heavy leg> of her other leg bursted.




With the ax kick towards her abdomen that turned defenseless and the gravity that had returned to normal, her body struck the ground with high speed.

An impact that could stop your breathing.

If it was Yuuhi who had just come to this world then she would have died through this attack.


(This is bad…! My insides and bones are hurting… I have to recover…!)

“I’m not done yet!”


Without the time to recover, Yuuhi’s body separated from the ground.

Towards the girl who began falling towards above once again, Luna too began falling down with normal gravity direction.

In other words, due to the twofold gravitational pull, it means the two were approaching each other with quite the velocity――――――――


“It’s the end! <Gravity Break>!”


A kick with all her might that rode the twofold gravitational pull caught Yuuhi’s abdomen.

Intense pain that seemingly could make one lose consciousness ran through her and the damage towards her had finally accumulated to a dangerous area.




Ending the direction of the gravitational pull in a timely manner, Yuuhi was again struck to the ground.

Creating a large dent on the ground, she spat out large amounts of blood through her mouth.

Never mind her internal organs being damaged, she knew something ruptured.

She could no longer move her body.


――――――――――So Luna judged… however.


“Ah… guh… that hurts you know…”

“Yo-you… you can still move… !?”


Her bones were crushed and her internal organs destroyed.

Even then her judgement of her being incapable of combat was mistaken.


“ … My bones were broken many times over by Miss Elka”


Many times were her internal organs destroyed.

Many times had she lost her limbs.

Many times was her body burned and frozen in ice.

Many times was her body torn to pieces.


“I had her once destroy just about everything of my body. I even had gotten… something insignificant like this, but it wasn’t something where I can’t move.”

“A-are you… a monster?”

“ … Nope, that’s wrong.”


This much was far off from a monster.

He, whom she loved and continued to run after, was a monster.

Yuuhi wanted to become that.

She wanted to become a monster in order to be by his side.

She wanted to become the greatest woman who can support Setsu.


“I’m not a monster. That’s why… you will lose against a “person””


Yuuhi’s magic power set a vortex inside her body.

That gradually increased in size and eventually it overflowed the inside of her body.

And then it began burning.


“――――――――――<Limit Break>”


Yuuhi’s whole body went up in flames.

Flames coiled around her body and began changing its shape as though it were clothes.

They were clothes of orange colored flames.


“<Clothes of Evening Flames>”


Finally flames glimmered even from her skin.

Her hair too flickered like flames.

That which made one sense beauty and terror, was exactly like the sun.


“What… are you hurting yourself by wrapping yourself in flames? Your trump card is terribly rowdy isn’t it!”


Having landed slowly on the ground, Luna put on a brave front even while dripping in cold sweat.

Yuuhi wasn’t perturbed, she just had a blank expression.


“――――――――――――――Want to try out?”



Luna instantly applied strong gravity on Yuuhi from the sides.

Take distance at any rate, her instincts told her.

If it was now where she had used <Limit Break>, then there wouldn’t be any distance limitation.

If she fought long range then she should be able to win safely.

These instincts and thoughts were proof of the fact she held fear towards Yuuhi, but Luna’s pride was not low enough to be conscious of.


“It’s useless you know”


However, Yuuhi did not even twitch at that place.


“Wh- why!?”

“Because my body right now is… made of flames”


Yuuhi said with an expressionless face.

Unlike the magic like <Evening Shot> where she condensed and then released high energy, her body was now the very massless flames itself.

The flames itself had no weight so in other words, it is hardly influenced by gravity.


“Wha- what about it! If that is the case then you can’t even put your hands on me can you!?”

“… You still haven’t noticed?”

“Hah… what are you say――――――――――”


Luna was about to laugh away through her nose, but she noticed in the middle of it.

The fact that the rain that was downpouring so much, didn’t hit her body at all.

And then… the fact that the ground that should have turned swampy was dried up.


“No, you can’t mean…!?”


The air had already become high in temperature.

That too still continued to rise.


“Because this magic turns me into flame, I become unable to move at all. In exchange I’m able to strike up the atmospheric temperature of this place to one where people can’t live.”


Temperature where falling rain evaporated in midair and even pools of water dried up immediately.

At the point the water evaporated, the atmospheric temperature had at least exceeded 100 degrees.


“Wha-what… that much won’t dry me up you know!”


It was a level where ordinary human beings would instantly die, however Luna was different.

She, whose body was repeatedly modified over and over, had become impossibly strong from her skin to her constitution.

So long as it’s not dropped into flames, her skin shouldn’t screech.

That was how it was supposed to be.


“H- huh?”


Luna went on her knees.

Before she knew she lost not just the strength to stand up, but even the strength to use <Gravity Magic>.

Even though the atmospheric temperature hadn’t reached the vital limits yet.


“Breathing, is tough right?”

“Ugh… “


She became unable to breathe.

No, she could breathe a miniscule amount of oxygen.

However, it had become difficult to breathe enough to be able to move decently.


(Could it be… the oxygen in the atmosphere is…!?)

“Fire won’t burn if there is no oxygen right?”


Luna noticed something dreadful inside the dimly working consciousness.

Oxygen was fundamentally limitless.

There was supposed to be that many living things, but oxygen supply won’t make it to this place.

Right after it is supplied, Yuuhi would end up using it as her own fuel.


“Haah… haah…”


Luna crouched.

Sweat gushed out and simultaneously evaporated, but just by repeating that didn’t lower her body temperature.

Finally even her clothes began burning up, her skin already began bearing burns.

The strength to shake it off or separating from this place, she no longer had that in her body to do so.


“Even though… I can’t… lose…”


Her body turning ablaze, Luna began muttering incoherently.


“In order to be acknowledged… by master Touma…”

“… ”


Yuuhi didn’t say anything anymore.

Even seeing her appearance did not move her emotion, she didn’t let her emotions move.

It was because she would not be able to maintain shape if she let her emotions move, due to this magic that turned her body into flames.

That was why, she could not say anything.

While noticing the possibility that she could have been on the opposite side, Yuuhi did not open her mouth by any means.


“To be… by… master… Tou… ma… ‘s side…”


Finally, she caught fire from the inside.

Yuuhi watched her, who turned into a lump of flames whose single mutters could no longer be heard, until she burned out.


“You’re… like me you know.”


Perhaps the form of feelings towards her loved one must have been something she had understanding of.

In front of the lump that had become charred remains, Yuuhi muttered the few words.




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