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Hello everyone! And here is another chapter of Second summon, translated by yours truly. Sometimes I wonder if I’m not spending a bit too much time on a hobby like this. It’s still fun though so I’m not really complaining.

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19 Guild



It’s already been three days since we departed from Evil Barrow. Even though we got lost here and there, we finally reached the port city on the demon continent.

“Hmm…… It’s the nostalgic aroma of salty water, it really calms me down.”


As she is the Sea god, Levia becomes more excited the closer we get to the port city. Now she is in top form, walking in front of me.

“Is that so…… I’m so glad for you……”


…… I am the opposite, my excitement hit rock bottom since yesterday. There’s no indication it’s going to rise back anytime soon.


“ …… Could you at least fix your mood a bit? There’s nothing you can do about that, right?

“Ain’t that exactly why I just can’t get excited……”


This is about yesterday, when I was making a camp and I was casually looking through my magic bag――――――


“――――――That magic bag of yours really does fit in anything.”

“Yeah, pretty much.”


I am beside the open fire, taking the tools I don’t quite know anything about out of the bag and spreading them around. When either of my hands enters the bag, nothing but unknown objects roll out, but occasionally objects filled with memories come out of the bag, making me feel nostalgic.

Why do I even have this thing that looks so much like a dog’s bone……


“Hm? What is this?”



What Levia picked up is a card as large as a driver’s license. I received it while I was filled with nostalgia.


“It’s a guild card from the time I was an adventurer. It’s what you get when you register in the adventurer’s guild.”

“Oh…… but there is nothing written on it”


Just like she said, the guild card I have is blank, not even a single symbol is drawn on it.


“It’s for crime prevention. If I don’t fill it with my magic power, it won’t show anything. It can be abused if it’s stolen, so as long as the owner’s magic power isn’t flown into it, it won’t show any information, you see.


The adventurer’s guild is an organization for adventurers; they’re in charge of almost anything from odd jobs in town to subjugations of calamity scale monsters. Mainly the registered adventurers have a rank attached to them and they’re offered work depending on that rank. The work received can be one rank higher or at most two ranks lower than your own. If for example you are C rank, then you can receive B rank as well as D and E rank works.


And lastly, the adventurer’s guild have a varying quality of service depending on the rank. There are all sorts of convenient things like the reduction to the prices at the arms dealers related to the guild, residence being provided etc.


“―――――In other words, it’s a trick to prevent adventurers from abusing the service of a higher rank by stealing the guild card of an adventurer with a higher rank than themselves, right?”

“That’s how it works. That’s why you do this and――――――huh?”

“What is wrong?”


I’m filling the card with magic power in order to show the contents, but the card does nothing. If it was back then the letters would have shown itself immediately……


“So it wasn’t true that that is the guild card is it? Is that a different card or……”

“No, this is the only card item I have…… Wait, don’t tell me.”


In order to see the magic formation I have inserted into the card, I focus my eyes. Basically, the things called magic item have a magic formation created and inserted in them to give an effect. The guild card also have a magic formation inserted within…… or it should’ve been the case though.


“There really is――――――nothing” 


The magic formation has disappeared. That means it’s just a card without any other effect.

When I have understood that, a “now I’ve done it” kind of feeling swelled up inside me.


“ …… It’s expired……”



If this guild card, which resembles a Japanese driver’s license, isn’t renewed every four years, it will discard all data at that point. It is a system originally created to draw out S class adventurers and the like who have gained a great deal of profit and have retired and also to push work onto adventurers who have come out to renew their card.


The period of time I didn’t renew my card is five years and naturally that means it is the same as passing the deadline and so everything is erased.


“My, my…… SSS rank is……”


I am drained of my strength and I fall on all fours. My body is crushed by the intense feeling of loss that assailed me. By the complete futility of the time and labour I spent going up to SSS rank that was no less than one year――――――This is the biggest shock I received since I returned to this world.


“Can- can’t you just go up again from the bottom!?” 


Even Levia’s encouraging words won’t reach the current me. The night advances as is without her, who had never seen me like this, knowing what to do with the me who isn’t moving on all fours and me unable to recover no matter how much she kept at it――――――


Even after entering the port city by foot, my excitement didn’t go up. The voice of the old man trying to force a sale on his fishes with a large voice didn’t enter my ears and the granny’s voice who seems to be bantering with us entered my left ear and left my right ear.


“For now we should stop by the guild, don’t you think?”



Either way I want the guild card. It’ll be my defeat if I give up here. No matter what, I can’t be defeated by something like the guild system. Even if, for example, I have to restart at E rank, I’ll once again ascend to SSS rank――――――*sigh* ……


“Ah, isn’t this the place?” 



I raise up my face from Levia’s voice and I see there is a wooden two storied building.  Seeing traces of repairs making it unrefined here and there, but it is indeed the guild building that appears in stories. There are basically adventurer’s guilds everywhere you go, but this is the first time I visited this town’s adventurer’s guild. It’s perfect for a new start――――――*sigh* ……


As we go in, the adventurers who are gulping down beer in the guild tavern are staring a hole into us. What, within the many gazes, many of them already captured Levia. It can’t be helped since her appearance would make ten out of ten people look back. I was stuck with begrudging looks for walking alongside a girl of that level.


For now I’ll ignore all of these looks and head towards the reception counter.


“Welcome to the adventurer’s guild! How can I help you today?”


At the reception counter there is a ponytailed woman wearing a red and white checkered apron. This apron is a popular work cloth for receptionist women. It seems that it’s fine if it looks a little plain.


“I’d like to issue a guild card……”

“Ye-, yes. Certainly sir!”


The receptionist falters for an instant from my unusually negative aura. Being poked from the flank by Levia, I reluctantly withdraw my aura.


“*sigh* …… If I had come here a year earlier……”

“? Uhm, excuse me, but have you passed the renewal deadline?”


The receptionist picked up the few complaints I muttered. When I said yes while looking down, the receptionist starts saying something unthinkable.


“I can reissue the expired cards with one gold coin, you see? That is only if you still possess the expired card though ……”

“What did you say!?”


I quickly jump at her words.

A gold coin is 10000 gold and in converted to japanese yen it is also worth 10000 yen. If reissuing becomes 10000 yen, it’s considered a lot I think, but it’s not that much money in my case.


“It’s a skill made about three years ago though…… It’s a magic to restore vanished information, would you like me to reissue the card?”

“Yes, and right away please!”

“Ce-, certainly sir”


I take out the white card from my magic bag and almost throw it at her. Although the fruits of my labour is coming back, something like 10000 yen is too cheap for this. Naturally I also handed her one gold coin along with the card. I don’t know who he was, but good job setting this up.


“Are, aren’t you glad with this……”



Whether it was really in good form or not, it can’t be helped that the two of us are drawing attention. It’s a necessary sacrifice.


“Well then, the reissue is――――――――――――――――eh!? SSS rank!?”


The information revives and the receptionist’s mind was blown by the displayed rank. There are so few SSS rank adventurers in this world that you can count them with the fingers of both your hands, so this reaction is justified, I guess.

Maybe the receptionist’s voice was loud, but she makes a commotion in the surroundings and the adventurers starts making an uproar. This looks troublesome.


“Is the reissuing complete?”

“Ye- yes! Here it is, sir.”

“Thank ya”


When I fill the returned guild card with magic power, information is displayed similar to just then.



Name: Setsu

Age: 23

Race: Human race

Adventurer’s rank…… SSS

Accepted orders…… “None”



My age have become strange…… It’s probably the information from my old body as it is I guess. When I was sent back to Japan I’m sure that I was 18 years old, so that’s why 5 years later I’m 23 years old. I see, it all comes together.


“Alright, my work here is finished. We’re going!”

“I’m coming I’m coming…… You’re really too excited now, you know that? Good grief……”


While Levia is amazed, I leave the guild behind. I also thought about looking at the requests, but it’s bad to take my time looking for an interesting looking request, so I go outside through the guild door just like that.


After Setsu and Levia left the guild, a big uproar was made about his rank.


“Yo hold it there, that brat is an SSS rank? Ain’t that some kind of mistake?”

“But you know, you can’t fake a guild card and would you really fake it as an SSS rank on purpose?”

“Well, that’s true I guess……”

“More importantly, you saw the woman next to him right!? What the hell’s with that face and style!?”

“That guy her boyfriend? Damn him!”


Many let out their complains about Setsu, from the violent people reeking of alcohol to the people neatly putting on their equipment.

Within the uproar, a single girl was standing in the corner, listening to the conversations. She has an appearance of a typical adventurer, with a fair skin peculiar to demons and black hair that is cut short evenly. She is likely around Ruri’s age and has a pretty face with some remaining childishness.


“SSS rank…… if it’s such an amazing person then……I’m sure of it”


The young girl stood up and started running after Setsu and Levia. There was not even one person in the guild who took notice of that.


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