Hiki-NEET Vol 8 Chapter 5

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Vol 8 Chapter 5

Yuuji, commencing the construction of a watering place and reservoir




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“Ookay Alice, let’s do it here then!”

“Okay, I got it Yuuji-nii!”


Third day since Yuuji had returned home.

It is the summer of the fourth year since coming to another world.

Yuuji, Alice and Kotarou were southwest of their house, near the tent of the beastkin family.


“Good, if it’s here then the water from our house will reach it so it’ll be A OK! Now Alice, please!”


It appears Yuuji was planning to construct a watering place here.

Though one could say construct, he would just be relying on Alice’s magic. There was no helping him. Rather than with Yuuji who was in the process of changing into a human heavy machine, indenting the ground with Alice’s earth magic was by far more efficient. Our gracious little magical girl.


Kotarou watched over such exchange of the two. With the fact that the fence, though wooden, had been made and the number of people having increased, her vigilance within the fence turned lax and her walking along with the two like this had become more frequent.


Living in the pioneer land at present are Yuuji, Alice, Kotarou; the beastkin family; the married couple, scout and tank of the former third rank adventurers party; woodworker Thomas and his two apprentices; six homes, twelve people and one dog. Furthermore, one house will comprise of the seamstresses before long. And it was planned eventually that the smithing craftsmen and Kevin are to take up their residence here. With just those decided, it would be 9 homes and a little less than 20 people.

Having received Kevin’s advice, Yuuji, who ought to construct a watering place and a pond using his house’s water supply, began to take actions. No, Alice and Kotarou began to take actions.


“Okaaay, Mr Earth, go down a looot!”


Alice put up both hands, swung downwards and smacked the ground.


She dented the ground in a circle with a diameter of three meters and a depth of two meters. It appears that as Alice’s rank rose, her power over earth magic rose similarly to her fire magic.


“Amazing, you’re amazing, Alice! We can make it immediately if we go like this!”

“Ehehe~ really, Yuuji-nii? Alice is amazing?”


In a good mood, Alice smiled slovenly. She restrained her time spent frolicking, but she seems simply happy being praised. Even if she had beat her sister, she is8 years old in the end. She was simple. No, age has no relation to being pleased when being praised. Alice is already a young lady after all. Ordinary young ladies can’t use magic to begin with though.


Kotarou ran around Alice, barking and barking. “Amazing, Alice” she seems to be saying as praise. It was as if an older sister was delighted seeing the growth of her younger sister. She is a dog though.


With the crowbar like object Yuuji carried in his hand, he drew a line on the ground. While murmuring “If I put the water jug around here and it overflows, then it will fill it here, so indent the ground until around here” he drew a line with scratching sounds. He seems intent to request maintenance of the place, where a large hole will be produced by Alice and a water jug will be placed on, to his dogkin slave Marcel. He was a useless man. No, he may be challenging the pointing out without working himself. He is the pioneer leader at any rate. He is Yuuji though.


“Okay Alice, now next is around here!”


Towards Yuuji’s words, Alice raise both her hands and responded “Okaay!” She is a good and obedient child.


Thus, the watering place and reservoir utilizing Yuuji’s water supply and hose was completed in an astounding speed of three days. With Alice’s great efforts.

  □ □ ■ ■ □ ■ ■ □ □


“Wow… Missy, you’re amazing…”


Around the completed watering place, everyone living on the pioneer land gathered. Water forced through the hose from the fully opened water supply and was filling the earthenware pot with glugging sound and the overflowing part streamed into the large hole that became a reservoir.

With the former adventurer party leader in the lead, all gathered unanimously praised Alice. Alice showed a proud smile. Kotarou was also in a good mood.


“Oh yes, she’s amazing. So with this the water will be fine for the time being right?”

“That’s right, Master Yuuji. It’s just that if you think about the fact the residents will increase eventually, I believe it is better to either connect to a river while it’s early or to begin digging a well. Either way it will take time so…”


Wagging his tail happily, the dogkin Marcel gave such advice to Yuuji. In the case the pioneer land enlarges, they will need as much water as they need for their living and for their agriculture. However excellent Alice’s magic would be, both the construction of the ditch and the well will take a vast amount of time. Marcel’s words were based on that. Marcel will be able to buy himself in five more years, but he considered the future of the pioneer land and gave advice. Apparently he had grown attached to this land.


Beside Marcel was his son, the dogkin Mark. “I will protect dad, mom and Alice-chan” is what he decided and began training. It seems his face had become more gallant, but his body was unchanged. He was a bipedal golden retriever. He heard Alice created a reservoir with magic and showed a somewhat mortifying expression. He was thinking then I won’t be really useful. He was a diligent boy.


“You’re right I guess. There’s also what I should do with this reservoir and drainage too. The building of the fence is also done for the time being, so afterwards Mr Thomas and the former adventurers will begin building houses, Marcel’s group the farmwork, and Kotarou, Alice and I will begin building the ditch. Of course with the course of helping out when someone has it difficult.”


Towards Yuuji’s words, the group unanimously returned words of acknowledgement with “Yes, Aight, woof” and such.

Though imperfect, Yuuji seems to be functioning as a pioneer leader.

And so, no longer would any of the pioneer group retort towards the fact Kotarou responded nonchalantly. Familiarity is a frightening thing.


It was roughly a one day walk through the forest from Yuuji’s house to the river.

And so, the bulletin board residents’ rampage began at another place and Yuuji began on a large project, which is the creation of a ditch, until Kevin brought along the seamstresses.


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