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Chapter 21 Intellectual type Sorceress


After finishing the clean up, I massaged my tired arms a few times. Although they’re slight movements, my muscles are screaming from the continuous movements and raising my arms is also tiresome. As I resign myself to the fact that I’ll definitely be getting muscle pain tomorrow, I called out to the 『person behind me』.


“So, you satisfied?”


The person’s figure isn’t behind me when I looked over my shoulder. However, I held conviction and said that towards the 『woman』 there.


Several seconds passed and an empty where the starlight is shining on 『warped』. And then when the swaying vanished, appearing at that place was a redhaired woman.


“…………How did you see through my 『Air Stealth』?”


“Intuition, you say…………”


Faima became surprised at the word that was too unreasonable. Sorry, but it’s not all smoke and mirrors, it’s really intuition. It’s just that it was accompanied by a conviction that was evident unlike the time I was in the real world. The sense to perceive presences and magic power of the current me has become sharp. No matter how she tried to erase her appearance, I won’t fail to recognize her as long as she is existing there.



“ーーーーDoes that also have an impact to your trade secret?”


“It may just possibly have I guess.”


“So I suppose you won’t tell me then. Nevertheless, I’ll lose my confidence in my skills. And yet I had the confidence that I wouldn’t be seen through by anyone except a wind user like me or a void magician, as long as I don’t move.”


“My bad for that okay. Just out of curiosity, how did you become transparent?”


“You don’t even know the theory behind it………… 『Air Stealth』is a high grade wind attribute spell that artificially manipulates a space in the air, changing the refractive index of light, as though you become transparent in order to deceive your opponent’s vision, you see.”


Although her shoulders dropped, Faima explained it to me carefully. Listening to her explanation, I put in even more words.



“Although magic is using some sort of bundle of mysteries, its content is awfully scientific, isn’t it.”


“I called it a high grade spell, but it is relatively easy to use it as long as you are able to control the theory of light and the spell to bend that theory you know. Well, most of the practitioners would be frustrated when they finally understood that theory though. In my case, this is about the intermediate level. The old-fashioned people who are obsessed with classical teachings are the only ones insisting on calling them something like high grade spells you know.”


Not sure if it’s because of the shock of being seen through her transparency together with the heat added to her explanation after the shock, but her tone became something different from several days ago.



“…………So that’s the plain you, huh”



When I say that in a whisper, she, who was remembering her own words up until now, closed her mouth with her hand as if she was panicking.



“…………is the theory I have told you about. Were you able to understand what I have explained to you?”

“Err, you were already speaking quite frankly on our first meeting in the first place. As much as you’re trying to keep appearances, you’re late with it at this point.”



She agonized and her face is dyed red in shame. She looks cute like that. Is it rude of me to call the older woman I’m talking to cute?”



“I’m a super commoner from the countryside. You don’t particularly need to have a respectful tone, okay. Rather, I’d appreciate it more if you could use a simpler way of talking like right now.”

“………… I guess. Just like you said, it looks like I’m already late with it after all, right.”


It sounded like it’s accompanied with various resignation, Faima stopped keeping up her appearances and starts giggling.



“I will take up on your offer and talk to you normally, mister Kamishiro.”

“Just Kanna is fine. You don’t have to add mister either, my lady.”

“I understand then, Kanna. Then you too, please call me Faima.”

“This here also understood you, Faima. Once again, best regards.”


We laughed and shook hands out of nowhere.



“So, the escort target went out of town without a single guard around her, what’s up with that?”

“……………………I’m sorry.”


Despite the fact she experienced danger the other day, have these course of events become an everyday habit of her? In this case, I noticed her following me at the time I went out of the inn, so I didn’t say anymore.


“Let’s er, let’s change the subjectーー”


In a terribly pushy way, Faima changes the subject.



“You used the magic that’s part of what you call trade secret in front of my eyes while you knew I was here, didn’t you.”

“Knowing it doesn’t lead to one thing or another you see.”


As you can see, what’s necessary in order to handle spirit arts is the intuition that’s on the border of the five senses that comprehends the logic of this worldーー the spirits. In my case, it started with touching that magic spear sealed in the sacred mountain, but I’m completely ignorant of the other patterns of awakening it and all.


Well, suppose an opportunity comes together, some uncertainty still remains whether or not a person exist who can endure『that』. After all, if I’m carelessーー。


I shake my head after thinking that far. Give it up, I’m here as a result after all.


“As for me, you really can look at me for five hours without even getting tired of it.”


It’s not like she was near me the whole time. Except for the time I turned around, she should’ve been standing at a place much more separated from here.



“『Air Stealth』 isn’t capable of being maintained for long periods of time. It’s because you use quite some magic power even if you optimize the spell. Partway I was observing you with 『Phantom Scope』 from a distance. Do you know about mirages?”


“It’s a phenomenon you can see in deserts or something, right? Where you see a faraway landscape as if they’re right in front of your eyes. I’ve never seen it before though, to be honest.”


“What artificially and locally deploys that is 『Phantom Scope』. That spell and the light refraction utilizing『Air Stealth』 are quite closely related. Despite that, it’s a lot more energy efficient than 『Air Stealth』. Compared to 『Air Stealth』, which needs to be deployed on your whole body, you can deploy the spell to just the part in front of your eyes after all. Except that this one too would consume your magic power like a fool if you don’t understand the theory, so normally none can handle it except for only some of the skilled sorcerers you see.“


“So if you understand the theory, the efficiency of magic would go up?”


“That’s right. Which is easier; Going through all the difficult calculations by mental calculation or memorizing every important points? Naturally, the answer is the latter. If you can define the course that would arrive at the phenomenon regardless of the speed. Solidifying the image is also easy after all.”


The more I hear about it, the more this so-called magic comes to sound close to science. Is the difference the substitution of the minimum denomination of the phenomenon with a spell? In Faima’s case, she manipulates the windーーair and following up to that, she is artificially bringing about a quasi-natural phenomenon.


“…………By the way, Kanna. You were able to keep up with the conversation normally, but do you understand science?”


Says Faima suddenly as if she just remembered.



“It’ll be hard for me to answer if you ask me how much I understand it, but if it’s my impression.”

“Is that how it is…………”


“I wonder how much” she says as she smiles delightfully.


“It’s the same with the two magics I’ve used today, but there hasn’t been any person around me who was able to keep up with this kind of scientific conversation. That’s why this is somewhat refreshing for me.”


Speaking of which, around when was the theory of 『light』 explained in the real world? I don’t remember, but it shouldn’t have been unraveled in the Edo period as you would have expected. Even if you talk about today’s topics, it may sound gibberish to the people from that period.



“They’re doing it gradually right now, but people have appeared trying to scientifically verify the natural phenomena. However, the majority of the sorcerers sanctify magic like an embodiment of mystery. 『Magic power』 is God’s blessing and the power manifested from that is God’s act for another, or something like that.”

God’s blessing, huh”


I’m at a loss at how to respond to the majestic representation that just suddenly appeared.


“Well, I don’t particularly care about which religion or god the other people believe in. I don’t consider denying them that and it has become something some people could rely on. But I would like them to stop hindering cultural development with that. Thanks to that, it has also become a difficult situation where it moves to the soil of foreign countries from afar.”


Maybe she took offense to that, but this time her expression has become grim. Really, don’t raise your tension by talking on your own, this miss Redhead.”



“You’ve heard it from Rand haven’t you? The reason I am heading towards Diagall”

“Ah, yeah. I’ve did hear you’re interested in the magic spells spread in that country though.”

“Right. Magic spells for contracting magic beasts as well as summoning them, which isn’t often seen in this country, are developed in Diagall you know.”

“Now that’s magic that looks like the embodiment of mystery.”


I recall the magic Real used before, the one that summons that soothing flying dragon. Speaking of which, I haven’t seen it since that one time. Shall I ask Real to summon it next time?



“No matter how many books I can get my hands on, I couldn’t get my hands on the clue to unravel that magic spell. I already have no other choice than to go to the actual place and study it don’t you think? To think I also can’t afford to invite a sorcerer from Diagal to our side.”

“Your aggressiveness exceeds my expectations you know”


By no means is this an answer an aristocratic lady would arrive at.


“I want to know at least which attribute the spells are originally developed you know. I think they’re most likely using the 『sky』 attribute, but if that’s all then there would also be various hard to explain parts. Perhaps, it may possess an attribute beside the eight attributes.



“Beside the…………There are magic beside the eight attributes?”

“Of course. Its users are overwhelmingly fewer compared to users of the eight attributes and also there are many whose effects have some peculiarities and are difficult to use, so they are not really famous. I want to advance my studies in relation to that, but the church’s influence in this country is strong. Like I talked about just now, they are spreading the teachings that magic power and magic spells are blessings granted from god you know, and they avoid studying magic scientifically.

“…………So in every place, touching the realm of God is considered heresy.”


In the real world, science and technology like the cloning technology has been subject to attacks until recently such as blasphemy of life. Nowadays such consciousness is gradually fading away, but as far as a portion of the religionists are conscerned, it’s certainly “Blasphemy towards God”.


Suddenly I found something I’m curious about.



“Speaking of, what religion does this country have?”

“Why that ordinary common knowledge at this point of time…………oh, aah. Now that you mention it, you did say you came from the countryside weren’t you?”

“It was the boondocks in the heart of some nameless mountain.”


Is the setting I’m taking.



“If that is the case, then it wouldn’t be unreasonable for you to not know that. Fine, I shall tell you about it as thanks for letting me silently observe your magic.”


After saying that, she accidentally let out a small sneeze. She sniffled and held her slightly shivering shoulders.



“Uugh, I forgot about it, but isn’t it a little cold around here?”

“Well that’s kind of obvious. I’ve erased it some time ago, but I’ve been spreading ice around here afte rall. The temperature won’t return back with just a little time you know. Rather, I’m amazed you forgot about the coldness.”



It’s different when it’s during the day when sunlight pours in, but I can’t expect that late at night where there’s nothing but starlight. She must’ve forgot about the cold because she got passionate in her talk. So she’s the type who would become more talkative when the thing she herself is interested in becomes the topic.



“No matter how much of an ice user you are, how can you be so nonchalant about it? From what I can see, I didn’t see you use anything like a resistance spell.”

“I’m just persevering. After all, I’m a boy.”

“That made no sense.”


I could only do a foolish laugh towards Faima glaring at me with upturned eyes. The current her is mentally the same as me who just entered the sacred mountains where I met the spirit. I understand how she feels, but I can’t do anything but feeling pity for her.



“Kakakah. Now, it’s already late now, so let’s return to the hotel. Is it fine if we leave your lessons for tomorrow, Prof. Faima?


“I guess. I will end up catching a cold if I keep staying in this cold and even Rand and the others will start worrying if I stay out any longer, won’t they.”


And so, we all went back to the hotel.


Afterwards, mr. Agaht got angry as if it is the end of the world. That much is obvious. A young man and womanof marriagable age went out together that late in the night after all. It’s just that I’m only a little annoyed that the brunt of his anger is limited to me. When I lightly glare at Faima, she would apologize with only a gesture with her hand and a “I’m sorry”. That action was cute, so I’ll forgive her. I’m probably easy.



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