In this page I plan to add any unique terms for the TL/Editors to keep consistency over the whole novel and for readers to find out what some things does and who is what.

Important words like names of people, skills equipment, races, titles as well as locations will be listed in the current fashion: kanji/katakana; romanized;type of word; accepted translation(for anything other than names/titles); description of person/skill/race/title/location; chapter of first mention.

Words should be ordered by the first syllable.


アイテムボックス; aitemubokkusu; Item; Item Box; An item that works similarly to a lower version of Inventory, expensive; Chapter 8.

アタリメの街; atarime no machi; location; Atarime town; A town four days away from Konoe, Atarime can also mean dried squid; chapter 24

アデル; Aderu; person; Adel; Human slave found in the thieves’ hideout, alwasy looks frightened, has green hair; chapter 25

暗殺術; an satsu jutsu; skill; Assassination skill; ; chapter 6

一般級(コモン); i ppan kyuu(komon); weapon grade; Ordinary grade(Common); first and lowest grade of weapon; chapter 3.

異常種; i jou shuu; status; Abnormal class; a monster with this class is mutated and stronger; chapter 22

イリス;irisu; person; Iris; human slave found in thieves’ hideout, always looks sleepy, looks almost like Midori in both hair color and hair length; chapter 25

詠唱省略; ei shou shou ryoku; skill; Chanting omission; Reduces time to cast by shortening the chant; chapter 4.

英雄の証; ei yuu no shou; skill; hero’s proof; Skill found on Sera, gives the user unparralleled strength in proportion to how filled their stomach is, but stomach becomes a bottomless pit(might as well call it saiyan’s legacy or something); chapter 19

エルディア;erudia;location; Eludia; the kingdom where the protagonist and his schoolmates were summoned in; chapter 1.

エターナルペイン;etaanarupein;magic weapon;Eternal Pain; Cursed sword found piercing Sakuya while she was in captivity, brings the victim eternal pain while keeping them barely alive; chapter 34.

エナジーボール;enajiibooru; magic; Energy ball; Unique magic created by Sakura, converts MP into a nutrient pill, one pill can fill at maximum 20 people.

HP吸収; HP kyuu shuu; skill; HP Absorption; Can absorb HP by touching an opponent, can be used at the same time with MP absorption; chapter 23

HP自動回復; HP ji dou kai fuku; skill; HP regeneration; Automatically restores HP by time, gained at Hero level 2; chapter 12

MP吸収; MP kyuu shuu; skill; MP Absorption; Can absorb MP by touching an opponent, can be used at the same time with HP absorption; chapter 23

MP自動回復; MP ji dou kai fuku; skill; MP regeneration; Automatically restores HP by time, gained at Hero level 2; chapter 12

エリザベート; erizabeeto;person; Elizabeth; A noble who came to repurchase her heirloom dagger from Jin, unknowingly possesses spirit magic, killed by Jin and stored in inventory; chapter 9

怨嗟の大斧; en sa no dai ono; weapon; Broad Axe of Grudges; Cursed weapon used by Doug, strengthens by killing large amounts of people of the same race, rare grade; chapter 6.

斧術; ono jutsu; skill; Axe mastery; ; chapter 6.

織原秋人(おりはらあきひと); ori hara aki hito; Orihara Akihito; one of Kudou Masaki’s acquaintances since elementary school and Hero, Jin’s childhood friend, possesses the gift <Gourmet Festival>, twisted; side story 1


噛みつき; kami tsuki; Bite; ; Chapter 6.

格闘術;kaku tou jutsu; unarmed mastery; ; chapter 6.

格納(ストレージ); kaku nou(sutoreeji); magic; Storage(Storage); a space magic that functions similarly to the Inventory; Chapter 8;

覚醒; kaku sei; skill; Awakening; learned at Hero level 5; chapter 12

鍵開け; kagi ake; lock-pick; ; chapter 6.

カバテ村;kabate mura; location; Kabate village; the first village Jin and Sakura visited, located in Eludia; chapter 3.

カスタール女王国; kasutaaru jo ou koku; location; Kastal Queendom; The second country Jin visited, it is culturally very japanese due to visits of previous Heroes from Japan; chapter 18

家事; ka ji; skill; Housework; ; chapter 10

鍛冶; ka ji; skill; Smithing; ; chapter 12

鑑定; kan tei; skill; judgment (I think appraisal works better on this); chapter 12;

木ノ下さくら;ki no shita sakura; person; Kinoshita Sakura; the female schoolmate who was kicked alongside Jin for not having a Goddess’ gift, considered cute by Jin; chapter 1.

木野あいち; ki no aichi; person; Kino Aichi; Hero who went fighting together with Kudou Masaki, possesses the gift <Color Variation>, taciturn; side story 1

騎乗戦闘; ki jou sen tou; skill; Mounted Combat; ; chapter 16

寄生; ki sei; skill; Parasite; ; chapter 22

金貨;kin ka;currency; gold coin; a 100,000 gold coin; chapter 3.

吸収; kyuu shuu; skill; Absorption; Slime skill, allows user to absorb a corpse; chapter 5.

恐喝; kyou katsu; skill; Threaten; ;chapter 6.

希少級(レア); ki shou kyuu(rea); weapon grade; Rare grade (Rare); second grade; Chapter 3.

狂戦士化; kyou sen shi ka; Berserker ; ; chapter 6.

強靭; kyou jin; skill; Toughness; learned at Hero level 5; chapter 12

空間魔法; kuu kan ma hou; skill; Space Magic; ; chapter 8

工藤正樹(くどうまさき); ku dou masa ki; Kudou Masaki; Student council president and one of the Heroes, holds the gift Experience Mastery; side story 1

暗器術; kura ki jutsu; skill; Concealed weapon mastery; ; chapter 16

クリスティア;kurisutia; person; Chrystia; princess of Eludia ; Chapter 1.

クロード; kuroodo; person; Cloud; Human slave found in the thieves hideout, appointed as leader of the slave adventurer’s party, has blue hair; chapter 25

根性; kun jou; skill; Iron will; Allows user to keep 1 HP after self destructing, found on burst apple/pineapple; chapter 22

結界石; ke kkai ish; item; Barrier stone; a Magic item that serves as a barrier to protect villages and towns; chapter 22

契約の絆(エンゲージリンク); kei yaku no kizuna(engeejirinku); Bonds of Contract(Engage Link); Jin’s special power, allows him to make others subordinates and contact and grant them use of his special powers; chapter 7

気配察知; ke hai sa cchi; skill; Presence detection; ; chapter 16

剣聖(ソードマスター); ken sei(soodomasutaa); gift; master swordsman(Swordmaster); Grants the gifted great ability with the sword, possessed by Mizuhara Saki; side story 2

剣術;ken jutsu; skill; sword mastery; ; chapter 2.

幸運; kou un; skill; luck ; ; chapter 15

氷属性耐性; koori zoku sei tai sei; skill; Ice resistance; ; chapter 22

ココ; koko; person; Coco; Beastman(dog) slave found in the thieves’ hideout, wanted freedom, is a golden retriever type and has long golden hair; chapter 25

鼓舞; ko bu; skill; Inspire; ; chapter 4.

コノエの街;konoe no machi; location; Konoe Town; first town Jin visited in Kastal, an adventurer’s town; chapter 20;

混乱攻撃; kon ran kou geki; skill; Confusion attack;found on brown mushroom ; chapter 22

混乱耐性; kon ran tai sei; skill; Confusion resistance; found on brown mushroom; chapter 22


擬態;gi tai; skill; Mimic; Skill found on Metamorphosis slime, can make user mimic an absorbed being, at higher level only requires touching the whole being; chapter 20

ギリウス; giriusu; person; Gillius?; Noble who wanted to buy Dora from the thieves; chapter 15

銀貨;gin ka; currency; silver coin; a coin with the value of 1,000 gold; chapter 3.

言語解読;gen go kai doku; skill; Language Translation; learned first by Maria; chapter 20

幻想級(ファンタズマ); gen sou kyuu(fantazuma); weapon grade; Phantastic grade(Phantasmal); Fifth grade; chapter 3

拷問; gou mon; skill; Torture; ; Chapter 6.

ゴールド; goorudo; currency; gold; the other world’s currency; chapter 3.


裁縫; sai hou; skill; Sewing; ; chapter 12

採掘; sai kutsu; skill; Mining; ; chapter 12

栽培; sai bai; skill; Cultivation; Allows a plant/tree type to grow things on their body, Midori has this; chapter 23

索敵; saku teki; skill; Search; ; chapter 12

作法; sa hou; skill; Etiquette; ; chapter 16

算術; san jutsul; skill; Calculations(we can also go for Arithmetics); Learned first by Maria; chapter 20

執事; shitsu ji; skill; Butler; ; chapter 16

死霊術; shi ryou jutsu; skill; Necromancy; ; chapter 17

忍び足; shinobi ashi; skill; Light foot; User can make soft steps, making hardly any sound, learned first by Maria; chapter 20

身体強化;shin tai kyou ka;skill; body reinforcement; ; chapter 2.

進堂仁;shin dou jin;person;Shindou Jin; protagonist of this story, had no Goddess’ gift, but various special powers instead, likes punching in the stomach, OP; Chapter 1.

神話級(ゴッズ); shin wa kyuu(gozzu); weapon grade; Mythical grade(Gods); Weapon’s sixth grade; chapter 3.

心眼; shin gan; skill; Mind’s eye; learned at Hero level 3; chapter 12

シシリー; shishirii; person; Sicily; Human slave found in thieves’ hideout, sticks close to Coco, brown shoulder length hair; chapter 25

狩猟; shu ryou; skill, Hunting; ; chapter 12

生殺与奪(ギブアンドテイク); sei satsu yo datsu(gibuandoteiku);special power; Power of life and death(Give and take); one of Jin’s special power, allows him to give and take away stats and skills of people; Chapter 2.

精霊術; sei rei jutsu; skill; Spirit Art; skill found on both Elizabeth and Yuria; chapter 9

精霊魔法; sei rei ma hou; skill; Spirit magic; skill found on both Elizabeth and Yuria; chapter 9

千里眼(システムウィンドウ); sen ri gan(shisutemuwindou);special power; Clairvoyance(System window); one of Jin’s special power, allows him to check and compare statuses, see the map and use the help system; Chapter 2.

セバスチャン; sebasuchan; person; Sebastian; Elizabeth’s butler; chapter 9

セラ; sera; person; Sera; Jin’s third slave, a former noble sold because of food costs, possesses <Hero’s Proof>, can easily wolf down food for 20 people and wields greatswords like a one handed sword; chapter 18

セルディク;serudiku; person; Saladin; Sebastian’s true name, a former S-rank adventurer and teacher of Joseph and Doug, killed by Jin and stored in inventory; chapter 16

創世級(ジェネシス); sou sei kyuu(jeneshisu); weapon grade; World Creation grade(Genesis); Seventh and highest grade; Chapter 3.

槍術;soujutsu;skill; spear mastery; ; chapter 2.


自爆; ji baku; skill; Self-destruct; found on burst apple/pineapple; chapter 22

呪術; ju jutsu; skill; Enchantment(maybe curse magic, since first character is also curse); ; chapter 4.

十人十色(カラーバリエーション);juu nin to iro(karaabarieeshon); gift; Several men, several minds(Color variation); Creates bubbles of different colors to hinder enemy movements, similar to a support magic, possessed by Kino Aichi; side story 2

従魔;juu ma; Monster follower; monsters that are tamed will receive this title along with the name of the tamer; chapter 7.

ジョセフ; josefu; person; Joseph; Master of the guild in Tizo; chapter 8

状態異常耐性; jou tai i jou tai sei; skill; Status abnormality resistance; found on rainbow mushroom; chapter 22

乗馬術; jou ba jutsu; skill; Riding; chapter 16





達人の妙技(マスタリーエクスペリエンス); tatsu jin no myou gi(masuterii ekusuperiensu); Goddess’ gift; Master’s exquisite skill(Mastery experience) (translated as Experience Mastery); Kudou Masaki’s gift, increases rate of skill experience acquisition; side story 1

縦ロール;tate rooru; nickname; Curling hair woman(maybe vertical rolls is fine too?); Nickname used by Jin when referring to Elizabeth; chapter 9.

タモさん; tamo san; subordinate monster; Tamo-san; Metamorphosis slime tamed by Jin for its mimic ability, is light blue; chapter 20

縮地法; chichi michi hou; skill; Blink; User can cover large distance with just one step, about 5 meters at level 1, increasing by 1m every level; chapter 16

忠誠; chuu sei; skill; Loyalty; Receive various buffs when acting on orders of a higher rank, learned first by Maria; chapter 20

跳躍; chou yaku; skill; Jump; should be self explanatory; Chapter 5

調剤; chou zai; skill; Compounding; Skills for creating medicine and the sort; chapter 12

ティエゾ; tiezo; location; Tizo; a town Jin visited after freeing and taming Dora; chapter 8.

鉄貨; tetsuka; currency; iron coin; the coin with the lowest denomination, is worth 1 gold;chapter 3.

手加減;te ka gen; skill; Show Mercy; Victim will not have their HP drop to 0 when the user attacks, useful for taming; chapter 20

敵性魔法無効;teki sei ma hou mu kou; skill; Hostile Magic Immunity; Found on Sera, nullifies incoming hostile magic; chapter 19

闘気; tou ki; skill; Fighting Spirit; ; chapter 16

逃走; tou sou; skill; Escape; first found on Yurika; chapter 21

統率; tou sotsu; skill; Leadership; ; chapter 4.

投擲術; tou teki jutsu; skill; Throwing skill; ; chapter 16

突進; to sshin; skill; Charge; skill first found in mad boar; chapter 6.

闘神; tou shin; Combination skill; God of War; Combination technique of Berserker and Fighting spirit; ; chapter 16

トルテの森; torute no mori; location; Torute forest; Forest near a farm village near Konoe town, also the location Yurika dies; chapter 22


大金貨;daikinka; currency; large gold coin; coin with the value of 1,000,000 gold; chapter 3.

大銀貨;daiginka; currency; large silver coin; coin that has a value of 10,000 gold; chapter 3.

大銅貨;daidouka; currency; large copper coin; coin that has a value of 100 gold; chapter 3.

伝説級(レジェンダリー); den zetsu kyuu(rejendarii); weapon grade; Legendary grade(Legendary); fourth grade; chapter 3

銅貨;douka; currency; copper coin; coin with the second lowest denomination with the value of 10 gold;chapter 3.

ドーラ; doora; person; Dora; The feather dragon and dragonewt tamed by Jin; Chapter 7.

毒攻撃; doku kou geki; skill; Poison attack; found on purple mushroom; chapter 22

毒耐性; doku tai sei; skill; Poison resistance; found on purple mushroom; chapter 22

ドラゴニュート; doragonyuuto; race; Dragonewt; A race who can change between dragon and human; Chapter 7.

ドリアード; doriaado; monster; Dryad; Spirit of the wood monster. A tree that has been living for too long will turn into this; chapter 23

ドルグ;dorugu; person; Doug; Leader of the group of thieves Black Wolf, killed by Jin; Chapter 6.

ドル; doru; person; Dollar; Lisa’s dead husband; chapter 15;

奴隷術; do rei jutsu; skill; Slavery technique; skill needed to create slaves out of others; Chapter 10

泥棒;doro bou; skill; Thievery; ; chapter 6.


庭師; niwa shi; skill; Gardener; ; chapter 16

ネクタール; nekutaaru; item; Nectar; A holy wine that can cure all sickness, created by Midori using Special medicine mixture; Chapter 23

ノット;notto; person; Knot; Dwarf slave found in the thieves’ hideout, a really small boy, has brown hair; chapter 25


覇気; ha ki; skill; Ambition; gained at Hero level 1; chapter 12

憑依術; hyou i jutsu;skill; Possession magic; Chapter 4.

飛行; hi kou; skill; Flight; ; Chapter 6.

火属性耐性; hi zoku sei tai sei; skill; Fire resistance; ; chapter 22

秘宝級(アーティファクト); hi hou kyuu(aatifakuto); weapon grade; Treasure grade(Artifact); third grade; Chapter 3.

秘薬調合; hi yaku chou gou; Special Medicine Mixture; A skill found on Midori, allows her to create Nectar through…a secret method; chapter 23

封印; fuu in; skill; Seal; Demerit skill that renders all skills of the possessor ineffective if their level are below seal level, born Heroes automatically possess a level 10 seal; Chapter 12

複合スキル; fuku gou sukiru; skill; Combination skill; a skill derived from using two skills that amplifies each other ; Chapter 16

不動; fu dou; skill; Steadfastness; learned at Hero level 5; chapter 12

不老; fu rou; skill; Eternal Youth; Skill found on Yuria, gives her a long lasting life; chapter 25

ファイアボール;faiabooru; magic; Fireball; ;chapter 5.

フェザードラゴン; fezaadoragon; race; Feather dragon; Dora’s race; chapter 7.

ヘルプ先生;herupu sensei; help sensei; Jin’s Clairvoyance help function; chapter 2

宝剣・常闇; hou ken – toko yami; weapon; Treasured sword – Everlasting Darkness; Artifact class weapon found in the thieves hideout, given to Maria; chapter 24

咆哮; hou kou; skill; Howl; skill first found in fang wolves; chapter 6.

胞子; hou shi; skill; Spore; found on mushrooms; chapter 22


伐採; ba ssai; skill; Lumbering; ; chapter 12

美食の饗宴(グルメフェスティバル); bi shoku no kyou en(gurumefesutibaru); Goddess’ Gift; Gourmet feast(Gourmet Festival); allows one to gain abilities from what they eat, including humans and monsters, possessed by Orihara Akihito; side story1.

分裂; bun retsu; skill; Divide; Slime skill ;Chapter 5.

棒術; boujutsu; skill;blunt mastery; ; chapter 2


ポータル; pootaru; magic; Portal; Unique magic developed by Sakura, allows the user and their group to return to a location the magic has been set in the past; Chapter 18




魔石;ma seki;item; demon/magic stone;

魔族; ma zoku;race; demon race; demon; self-explanatory;Chapter 2.

麻痺攻撃; ma hi kou geki; skill; Paralysis attack; found on green mushroom ; chapter 22

麻痺耐性; ma hi tai sei; skill; Paralysis resistance; found on green mushroom; chapter 22

魔法創造(マジッククリエイ); ma hou sou zou(Majikkukurieto); Magic Creation(Magic Create); Sakura’s special power, Allows her to use MP to create a unique magic andpass its magic to another person; Chapter 8

魔法の道具(マジックアイテム); ma hou no dou gu(majikkuaitemu); magic tool(Magic Item); ; chapter 22

魔道具作成; ma dou gu saku sei; skill; Magic Tool Creation; First found on Yurika ; chapter 21

魔物調教; ma mono chou kyou; skill; Monster taming; Allows user to tame monster when certain conditions are met; chapter 6.

マリア; maria; person; Maria; one of the first two slaves bought by Jin, a catkin and Hero of the beastman; chapter 11

ミオ; mio; person; Mio; one of the first two slaves bought by Jin, labeled a crime slave due to mayonnaise and is reincarnated person, also a loli(8 yo); chapter 10

水原咲(みずはらさき); mizu hara saki; person; Mizuhara Saki;  one of Kudou Masaki’s acquaintances since elementary school and a Hero, Jin’s childhood friend, possesses the gift <Sword Master>, cheerful; side story 1

緑(ミドリ); midori; monster follower; Midori; A dryad tamed by Jin right when she was born. Is lazy. Can make special medicine through a…lewd way?; chapter 23

無詠唱; mu ei shou; skill; No chant; Reduces casting time significantly by omitting the chant completely; Chapter 4.

無限収納(インベントリ); mu gen shuu nou(inbentori); Infinite Storage(Inventory); Jin’s special power, allows him to store items in or withdraw them out of a separate space ; chapter 7.


勇者; yuu sha; title/skill; person chosen to save the world from the demon lord, can also be a skill that give various skills by improving this skill; chapter 1/12.

ゆかり; yukari; person; Yukari; Apparently Jin’s first love; chapter 7

ユリーカ;yuriika; person Yurika; Half elf who has a talent with making two potions simultaneously with no quality loss, most likely ambidextrous, killed by a monster and stored in Jin’s inventory; chapter 21

夜目; yo me; skill; Night Vision; ; Chapter 6.


リサ; risa; person; Lisa; Woman who wanted to repurchase her dead husband’s wedding ring from Jin; chapter 15

リバイブ;ribaibu; magic; Revive; Magic created by Sakura, Can restore lost body parts but not bring a dead person to life; chapter 11.

リラルカの街; riraruka no machi; location; Lilaluke Town; Town that is on the border between Eludia and Kastal; chapter 18

竜魔法; ryuu ma hou; skill; Dragon magic; ; Chapter 6.

竜人族の皇女; ryuu jin zoku no kou jou; title;  Dragon race’s imperial princess, Dora’s title; Chapter 7.

料理; ryou ri; skill; Cooking; ; chapter 10.

ルーム; ruumu; magic; Room; Unique magic developed by Sakura, allows user to create a door to a room in an alternate dimension, door can be stored in inventory and can also be placed in a carriage, a shut-in’s greatest treasure; chapter 18

ルセア;rusea; person; Lusia;Slave bought by Jin in the captial of Kastal, was formerly a Queen’s knight; Chapter 31.

霊刀・未完; rei tou mi kan; weapon; Spirit sword – Incompleted; Legendary sword held by Saladin, increases all stats and can cut magic; chapter 16

冷凍ミカン; rei tou mi kan; weapon; Frozen Orange; name given to Spirit sword – Incompleted by Jin. Is pronunciated the same way in japanese; chapter 16

連続魔法; ren zoku ma hou; skill; Continuous magic; Allows caster to cast magic continuously; Chapter 4.

ロロ; roro; person; Roro; Human slave found in thieves’ hideout, the first girl to take off her clothes to show the slave crest, has red hair braided on each side; chapter 25


ワープ; waapu;magic; Warp; Unique magic developed by Sakura, allows user to instantly move to another location, can move without chanting but uses more more MP than with chanting; Chapter 18






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