It’s my Second Time Being Summoned to the Other World(Isekai shoukan wa nidome desu)

Being summoned to save the world <Eclair> that was once turbulent by the war between the humans, beastmen and demons, a man rescued the world just as per his mission and returned to the human country. But what awaited him was a trap of the king of the human country who feared the Hero who attained enough power to snatch away his position. Being imprisoned and having the return magic used on him, the Hero was reborn with the figure of a baby boy in modern day.

――――――16 years later, he spent his high school life by the name of Suzaki Setsu. He continued looking for a method to return to the other world once again and even if he was bullied as a gloomy person who always read books, he greedily continued to search.

But suddenly he once again came to step on the other world. That happened to be by the human country’s Hero summon……..this time together with his classmates.

“War again? How toublesome, I pass.”

Fortunately being summoned to the other world that’s five years in the future, he decided to slip out of the human country and meet other people like the demon king and beast king he missed――――――

However, this is a story of a subtly unmotivated former Hero who always ends up getting involved into trouble.



Author: Kishimoto Kazuha

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Previously published translation Chapter 1~15 > Kurotranslations

Current Translator: Jun

Current release schedule: 1 chapter /1 week

Volume 1 – On the Demon Continent

Color illustrations

Volume 2 – On the Beastmen Country

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Volume 3 – Compilations of war

Cover of volume 3

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Volume 4 – On the Human Continent

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