Kanna the Godless; the Summoned Heretic is a Scenario Breaker

The huge breast loving boys’ high school student [Kanna] is called [Incompetent] by both himself and the others. Whether it’s by mistake or by some sort of fate, he was summoned to another world without advance warning, disregarding his obviously protagonist character childhood friend.

Even in the other world, the title [Incompetent] wasn’t for show and he was about to get disposed of as a [useless person] by the (pitch black) princess who summoned him. He was somehow able to escape together with a silver haired knight beauty with elven ears and huge breasts who was imprisoned by the princess. And then he leaves on a journey to search for a means to return to his former world.

That journey is packed with events like getting abilities, getting to know (numerous huge breasted) girls, (physically) crushing plots, bathing (making out) together and even his childhood friend (an inept pretty boy Hero) gets summoned before he was aware of it.

-This is the heroic tales of the [Unwanted child], who unconsciously opposed the [Destiny] written by god-



Author: Nakanomura Ayasuke

Original webnovel: http://ncode.syosetu.com/n3877cq

Glossary: https://scarletmadness.org/kg-shsb-glossary/

Previously published translation Chapter 1~11 > Futile Struggle

Current release schedule: dropped indefinitely

Volume 1 The world that started going crazy

  • Chapter 01 – I suddenly escaped the castle – – An explanation of the situation on top of a soothing flying dragon
  • Chapter 02 – Accomplishing the mountain crossing with one step before freezing to death
  • Chapter 03 – I don’t like pimps, so I go out searching on a snowy mountain
  • Chapter 04 – Reconfirming the reality of this world
  • Chapter 05 – Girl discovered. And then I got myself locked up
  • Chapter 06 – Ice giant appeared
  • Chapter 07 – I learn the reason because of「Kanna」
  • Chapter 08 – In this case, should I use the term gorgeous grandma?
  • Interlude 1 – The desired appearance
  • Chapter 09 – Nobody said that I can’t use defensive gear to punch with
  • Chapter 10 – I just couldn’t hold it in

Volume 2 An unorthodox encounter

Volume 3 The one who disturbs harmony