Isekai shoukan wa nidome desu Vol 4 Color illustrations

Vol 4 cover

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Jion and RaminaFrom left to right: Five great demon general: Ramina Sephyr; Five great demon general: Jion Lace

Elka, Tia and Glain

From left to right: Ice-earth magic swordswoman-Elka Versoe, Expert sorceress-Tia Amarette, Sword master-Glain Armony.

Elka: … Do you all… not care about it? Master Setsu… vanished in front of our eyes…

Setsu and Destroia in a town
From left to right: Hero Setsu- Suzaki Setsu, God of Destruction- Destroia

Setsu: Still, I ain’t satisfied about it
Destroia: About what?
Setsu: About the fact I’m not the strongest you know

Desastre imagining a sceneDemon king: Desastre Seleine
Desastre: Setsu and I are linked…