BFTG-NT Chapter 22

Here ya go,  C22.  I’ve been bit busy in many senses of the meaning so I’ve not yet TLC’ed 21 nor 22.  SpecterZe has been busy in the good sense(for readers),  So the releases will get to break the 1 a week pattern again in all odds (there are still at least 2 in the queue I think currently). 😉

I’ll give them their due respect when I update the navigation, etc.  Tho, you don’t want to wait for that level of review obviously.  Editor-chan does a pretty good job so it’ll be fine.  As usual, I’ll keep an eye on the posts and correct anything pointed out.



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BFTG-NT Sidestory Chapter 2

Welp,  with this we have nothing in queue atm, tho I expect there will be no less than 1 new chapter per week.  There have been a lot of releases lately, but that’s not likely to always be the case.   We’ll keep em coming so expect at least one a week would be my expectation with extra chapters when the gods grant them.   Past that, The editor asked me to queue up some of the old chapters, 1-11.  If she’s going to go ahead and start on those in her spare time, I may just put off making an epub so I don’t have to do it twice.


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