BFTG-NT Chapter 55

Hello everyone!

Here we are with the next chapter of Blessings from the goddess again! A long chapter as usual. I’ve gotten a new editor for this novel who will be helping me out in the future, Am I Undead! Hopefully I don’t have to spend as much time as I do right now.

Enjoy the read! Let us know in the comments if you find any typos or anything else wrong in the chapter.

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BFTG-NT Chapter 53.5

Hello everyone!

Here’s Jun with the next chapter of Blessings from the goddess! I was on vacation for three weeks so I was actually more occupied with my own novels, but since there were no other editors to check and correct things while I was gone, I had to edit this one myself either way. The chapter is smaller than you’re used to though.


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BFTG-NT Chapter 53

Hello everyone!

The next chapter is up, though late. It was kinda done two weeks ago, but I finished checking the translation last week and speedphoenix was supposed to do the final check afterwards, but he’s too busy with exams, so we decided to release it now and change fix it when he’s not busy.


Edit:btw, I(Jun) won’t be checking the translation for at least this month and the one after. I’m behind on my own work and I’m also going on a holiday for 3 weeks in may. If anyone wants to volunteer, feel free to comment. Speedphoenix will be editing the chapters alone for the time being. 

Madpinger: Your catchy phrase ~~

Vote now to support giving imaginary friends rights.  They’re real people too !  

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BFTG-NT Chapter 52

Hello readers! Here’s our next chapter of blessings of the goddess! Thought I could get it out last week, but meh. 

Question now. We’ve translated 四天王 to “four heavenly kings”, but it can also be translated to the “big four” or the “four Devas”. Any preference? Heavenly king sounds strange for demons either way.


Enjoy your read~


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BFTG-NT Chapter 51.5

Hello readers! Here’s our next chapter of blessings of the goddess!

Translation took a long time due to busy times during the chinese new years and sickness, which is why it took a while. The next chapter is already translated too, so we can get to work on it immediately. Got a week off work so I might be able to spend more time on this. Maybe as early as next week. Don’t take my word on it though.

Enjoy your read~


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BFTG-NT Chapter 51

Hello readers! Here’s our next chapter of blessings of the goddess! 

We’re going to do the narration in past tense, see how it reads. Hopefully you can give any feedback if you find things that bothers you during your read, be it verb tenses, phrasing or anything else. They’ll help us all in improving the quality of our translations/edits.



Enjoy your read~


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BFTG-NT Chapter 50

Hello Readers! At last we’re bringing you the next chapter of blessings from the goddess! It was pretty big compared to even the previous chapters so it took a long while to translate and edit. I hope our efforts are worth it though ^^’

Let us know if you see any mistakes and we’ll correct it as soon as I can.

~~Enjoy the chapter!

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