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Chapter 61

The Hero is found out


Along the road continuing to the demon lord castle was a public square where various people come and go.

It had a stage of sorts for the demon lord to announce official notices and there were crowds of people around it.


“There are surprisingly many of them… does it always get like this?”

“This sight would be normal when it comes to notices from milady demon lord. The  ones who have recognized the strangeness of the state of affairs should only be us”

“They cannot announce that Isvel is gone after all”

“Yes they can’t. If they were to announce that, the castle town would fall in a state of panic.”


While listening to Eleira’s explanation, we slipped into the crowd.

Due to the number of people we were not able to move forward easily, but with difficulty we reached a location where we could see the top of the stage.

The others ended up being somewhat apart from me, but they seem to have managed to confirm the top of the stage.

On the stage were still only several demon soldiers.

Therewere no signs of anything happening at the moment.


“Everyone! Silence!”


Just when I thought like that, a soldier near the crowd of people raised their voice.

And responding to that, everyone stopped chatting and focused on above the stage.


“Starting now, we will have an important announcement! Take care to listen to it carefully!”


When the soldier stepped back from the center, that made its appearance from the other side of the stage.




I doubt I’m the only one who gasped.

What appeared was the figure of Isvel affixed on a cross.

Being made to wear a tattered piece of cloth, there was none of her king-like appearance remaining anymore.

It was the soldiers who were moving Isvel in such affixed state, but next to them stood a man I’ve never seen before.


“He is the second unit commander, Sadore Paragon” ( TL: サドール・パラガン; sadooru paragan)

“ …So he’s the one”


Eleira, who was waiting near me before I was aware of, told me the identity of the man.

It means that the traitor has finally appeared before my eyes.


“Shall we start?”

“ …No, we can’t yet. They can look out over all directions from the top of the stage, so a surprise attack would be difficult. Seeing that we cannot do a surprise attack, it would be troubling if they were to take the populace and Isvel herself as hostages”

“I see”

“Even if we did, it would be after we finish clearing away the people somehow. 


His commander position would mean that he won’t be much different from Phantom in terms of ability.

Against such powerful person, even we won’t be able to keep the damage within limits.

Taking them head-on itself could be possibly reckless, even more so for the current me.


“Adel, release your fists. They are going to become unfit for its purpose as it is”



Being told by Silvar, I looked at my fists.

Perhaps due to having gripped quite strongly, the flesh was torn by my nails, and blood flowed out.

Since when had I been exerting so much strength?

I took a breath and relaxed my fists.


“Well, I don’t think there are any people who wouldn’t get angry having their friends being made into a public humiliation though”

“ … My mind was calm though”


It’s a bad habit of mine from my time as a Hero.

My emotions and thoughts won’t mesh well.

The more extreme the situation becomes, the more my rational part would appear.

Because I wouldn’t have been able to survive otherwise.


“How wonderful of you to have gathered for us! Demon ladies and gentlemen!”


When we went for a wait and see approach, Sadore’s voice resounded in the public square.

Everyone’s attention was gathered above the stage.


“Who is here is as you ladies and gentlemen know, the demon lord Isvel. However, her title as demon lord is already bygone days. This person is a traitor who had been hatching a plan to ruin our nation in the shadows!”


While loudly declaring that, Sadore hit Isvel with a whip.

A groan resounded in agony.

Naturally the citizens were in unrest by the words that the lord herself was a traitor.

They exchanged glances with people near them and some of them even burst into tears.


“After uttering nothing but hogwash…”

“How could he do this to milady demonlord…!”


Gidara was shocked and Eleira gritted her teeth and endured her anger.

Anymore than this will be the limit of patience even for us.

We have to clear away the people by causing an uproar even if forcibly, and secure Isvel.

It will be somewhat difficult to escape, but that should be inevitable on this occasion.

It’s much better than letting them escape here.

I tried to unsheathe Echsdarc like that and as I continued to do so, Sadore’s voice resounded.


“And those supporting this demon lord’s scheme are mixed in this crowd of people!”


Sadore, while pointing his finger towards us, asserted so.

The looks of the people gathered towards us and naturally created space around us. 


“Soldiers! Arrest them!”


Pushing their way through the masses, the armored soldiers surrounded us.

The initiative was completely taken from us.

Being surrounded just like that, each of us got weapons thrusted at us.


“Well, look who we have here, Ser Gidara and Eleira. I am in sorrow. To think that you, who are supposed to be our comrades, would turn into foes who will ruin our country”

“Now you are one to say, despite you being the traitor”

“The enemy is jesting. Them acting together with humans is good proof of that”


――So they found out that much.

We took off our now meaningless hoods and revealed our real faces.

With Silvar and Leona reluctantly taking off their hoods, unrest once again ran among the citizens.


“If you let yourself be arrested obediently, we will not act violently. How about gallantly be arrested here?”

“ … Arrested gallantly? Me, of all people?”


Who responded intensely to Sadore’s words was Silvar.

It appears that he was unable to endure being spoken with a condescending attitude.


“Hey Adel. Now that it has come to this, there is no need to hold back, is there?”

“… Yeah. I was thinking the exact same thing”


This time I definitely unsheathed Echsdarc.

If it turned to this either way, then we probably should’ve done this from the beginning.


“Well, he did expect this to happen, I suppose. Palette, Campus”


Sadore said, and two demons appeared in order to block our way front.

Their eyes without light pointed straight towards us.

They were terribly empty eyes.


“Now, how about we first go and see what the traitors have in store for us”

“ … Bring it on”


Each of us got ready to battle and confronted the two leaping demons.

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